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Table of Contents

A guide for the main quests in Bugsnax.

Quest Types

There are three types of tasks in Bugsnax:
Main quests progress the story. Once you get a Grumpus back to Snaxburg and do their interview, you’re done with their main storyline; everything you do for them after that is optional.
Side quests are bonus quests for more story, character development, relationships, and such. You don’t need to do them, but having each Grumpus’s side quests completed will help insure you get the best possible ending to the game. You’ll know you’re done with an individual’s quests when you talk to them one last time, then the screen fades to black, and you wake up in your house just before midnight.
Mail requests are a new addition, along with the Isle of BIGSnax update. They involve various random tasks, such as catching or feeding a Grumpus certain Bugsnax, scanning specific things or occurances, finding lost items, et cetera. Completing these also aren’t necessary, but each one you do is rewarded with new furniture and decor for your home.
This guide is focusing on Main Quests.
SPOILER FOR ENDGAME (but important enough to be worth mentioning as a warning just in case):
There is a possibility that a Grumpus can die during the final stretch. The fewer quests of theirs you do, and the more Bugsnax you feed them, the more likely it is they will not make it. If you want to guarantee yourself the best possible ending, do everything you possibly can, and feed everyone the absolute minimum. The only Grumpus guaranteed to survive is Filbo, so he is best to use for sidequests that ask you to feed a Grumpus ‘x nubmer of snax’.


Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Prologue - DD0D60E
On starting a new game, you’ll be on your airship, flying toward an island through the rain. You’ll be knocked off by a massive mysterious creature, and fall to the ground. The first part is very basic, teaching you the controls for movement. You can also bring up your camera to scan a few of the objects along your path. The route is very straightforward — just follow the trail, and pay attention to the control instructions on the top of the screen.
When you reach the end, you’ll see the flying creature that knocked you off your ship fly overhead. In your distraction, a quake will have you falling from the ledge, and you’ll be knocked out on a stone below. Fun fact: This is the only time falling has a negative effect on you!
While you’re passed out, you’ll see a cut scene, explaining why you’re here, and showing you how dialogue works in the game.
One last bit of instruction while you wake up, and then the game proper starts!

Filbo Leads the Way

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Filbo Leads the Way - 8925731
When you first wake up, you’re met by a little red creature that quickly runs off. You’re told how to stand, and then you can make your way forward to an open area, where you’ll find a blue Grumpus on the ground. This is Filbo Fiddlepie, the mayor of Snaxburg. Speak to him to progress.

Getting Started


  • Scan the Bugsnak!

Open the Snakscope, and scan the nearby Bugsnak. This is the little red creature you followed.

  • Report to Filbo!

You’ll acquire your first tool, the Snak Trap.

My First Bugnak!


  • Catch one Bugsnak!

Filbo will show you how to use it to catch the Strabby.

  • Feed one Strabby.

Afterward, you’ll be asked to feed him the Strabby you just caught, with surprising results.

More Bugsnax!


  • Catch three Bugsnax!

Filbo’s still hungry, and asks you to catch three more snaks. There are four total in the area at the moment, one of which, the Green Lollive, you won’t be able to trap yet. Follow the stream past the rock cliffs to find a Rootle. When you set the trap down here, the Lollive might try to steal it. Follow the game’s instructions to retrieve the trap, and the Lollive will be scared away, allowing you to catch the Rootle. Go back to Filbo and catch the Strabby near the waterfalls. The left waterfall has a cave underneath; head inside, and follow the path to the upper ledge to find another Strabby. The Lollive is here now, so if it grabs the trap again, just retrieve the trap to scare off the snak and try again.

  • Feed three Bugsnax to Filbo!

After you feed Filbo the snax, he’ll open the way to Garden Grove, where you’ll meet Wambus.

Gone Home!


  • Follow Filbo to Snaxburg.

Beffica will let you know there’s no point in sticking around as all the snax have been scared off. Approach Filbo where he’s standing by the bushes, and he’ll open the way to Snaxburg. He’ll lead you to the center of town, where you’ll need to conduct your first interview. You’re then given a choice to go see Beffica again or find Gramble. (If you want, take a moment to interview Wambus, but it’s not time-sensitive.)

Wambus Goes to Seed

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Wambus Goes to Seed - 45C77B4
This is the second Snaxburg resident you’ll meet, Wambus Troubleham the farmer.

Bull Pen!


  • Lure the Bunger into the pen.

After a bit of a cutscene, you’re given your second tool: The Sauce Slinger. Wambus asks you to lead the Bunger to the corral nearby. Step over to the flower and pick it clean of Ketchup. Don’t try to trap the Bunger, it’s your first experience with an untrappable snak. Lay a trail of Ketchup to the pen — two or three should do the job — and Wambus will close the gate once the Bunger is inside. Talk to Wambus to finish the quest.

That Had to Hurt!


  • Check on Filbo.

Wambus will lead you down to the next section where you’ll find Filbo; check on him to progress.

The Chips Are Down!


  • Catch one Fryder.

Fill up on Ketchup, and scan around. There’s three Snaks in this area: Bunger, Shiskabug, and Fryder. The Fryder is on the roof of a small cave beneath Wambus’s garden, too high for you to reach. Put down the Snak Trap, cover it in Ketchup, and the Fryder will come right to it, letting you trap it.

  • Feed one Fryder.

Toss it right into his gob.

Pest Control!


  • Catch two Shishkabugs. (2/2)

Wambus now wants two Shiskabugs, but these are a little trickier. When you get close, they’ll hide in a nearby bush. Set your trap down next to the bush, and use Ketchup to lure a Bunger. When you cover the bush in Ketchup, the Bunger will charge it, and knock the Shishkabug loose. If the Shishkabug doesn’t emerge under your trap, reposition the trap and try again.

  • Feed two Shishkabugs.

Down the hatch!

Burger Time!


  • Catch one Bunger.

You’ll get your third tool, the Bug Net, to catch the next Snak, a Bunger. But, these have to be stunned in order to pick them up. Lay a trail of Ketchup to get the two Bungers close, and cover one (or both, if you can manage it, though be careful they don’t go in the water or they’ll be washed clean) in Ketchup. They’ll charge, and at least one of them will be dazed so you can pick it up.

  • Feed one Bunger.

bunger bunger bunger bunger

Get Wambus Back to Snaxburg!


  • Convince him to go home.

This one’s finished automatically after a cut scene, as Wambus realizes that Garden Grove isn’t really a good place for an actual garden. Once he returns, you can interview him.

Beffica Gets Bored

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Beffica Gets Bored - 49DFEA7
After feeding Wambus, the broken tree is knocked over to give you a path to the next section, where you’re introduced to Beffica Winklesnoot.

Return to Beffica!


  • Go see what Beffica wants.

Head back to Garden Grove and speak to Beffica.

Higher Learning!


  • Pick up the journal!

When you reveal you don’t have your journal, Beffica offers to let you have the one in her cave. Pop in and snag it from the shelf by her bed.

  • Talk to Beffica!

She’ll give you an introduction to your journal.

  • Open the journal!

You’ll learn about all the pages in the journal.

Scope the Grove!


  • Scan six types of Bugsnax!

You’ve been asked to scan all the snax currently in the area. You’ll see Sweetieflies zooming around nearby. Cross the bridge and head up to Wambus’s farm to see the other two, a White Strabby and Weenyworm. To avoid some backtracking, go ahead and catch the Weenyworm.

Pop Quiz!


  • Scope out Beffica’s favorite Bugsnak!

Beffica wants to eat her favorite Bugsnak, but you’ll need to figure out what it is. There’s a nice big hint on the wall of her cave above her sleeping bag, you probably saw it when you were getting your journal.

  • Feed Beffica her favorite Bugsnak!

But in case that was too subtle: It’s the weenyworm. Go ahead and feed her one.

Dig That Dirt!


  • Find out what Wambus does between 10PM and 1AM!

You can sleep in a bed to skip time. If you head back into Snaxburg, Filbo has found your airship, where you have a cot on board. If you don’t want to wait, go ahead and sleep til midnight, then hurry to Wambus’s house by the farm. Once he stands up and moves to the other room, sneak up to the doorway, and you’ll see a cutscene (poor Wambus).

Get Beffica Back to Snaxburg!


  • Convince her to go home.

She heads back as soon as you tell her what Wambus was doing. Take the time to for a quick interview when you get the chance. You’re now done with Beffica’s main quests.

Gramble Loses Sleep

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Gramble Loses Sleep - C507B91
Gramble Gigglefunny is a rancher who sees Bugsnax as his family. Unfortunately, this puts him at odds with the other residents.

Find Gramble!


  • Find Gramble somewhere near the beach.

When you enter Simmering Springs, turn right, and you’ll find Gramble and Wiggle. Once you’ve sat through their cutscene and had a small chat with Gramble, this quest will be completed, and you can follow him into the next area.

Have a Ball!


  • Guide the Buggy Ball through the course.

This one’s easy enough to do. You can either guide Sprout manually on the path, or hit points for him to aim for and he’ll follow his own route as best he can. Guide him to the pad at the end of the course.

  • Pick up the Buggy Ball!

Pick up the Buggy Ball, and talk to Gramble again. Congrats, you now have a new Bugsnak-catching tool!

Roll Out!


  • Catch three Orange Peelbugs. (3/3)

Gramble’s three pet Peelbugs have gotten lost. There are four Peelbugs in total. One is in a tunnel right next to Gramble’s campsite, you should see the sign with a Peelbug on it. Place your Snak Trap on one end of the tunnel, then set down Sprout and guide him into the other end. Quickly switch back to the Snak Trap to trigger it once the Peelbug is catchable. The other three are down on the beach. One’s inside a log on the side closest to Gramble, another is in a second log on the eastern section of the beach, and the fourth is through another tunnel set in the wall in the far end of the beach. Use Buggy Ball to catch any three of these.

  • Talk to Gramble!

Turns out the Peelbugs don’t like being trapped. Go figure.

Bug Wrangler!


  • Sauce Buggy Ball with chocolate!

Now you get to learn how to lure Bugsnax with the Buggy Ball. There are four chocolate plants on the beach, so filling up your Sauce Slinger won’t be any problem. The Kweebles are on the beach, but you’ll have to be careful of the Crapple — if you don’t catch it, it could steal Sprout, and make your job harder. Place the Buggy Ball down near one of the Kweebles, and cover it in chocolate.

  • Lead two Kweebles to Gramble without trapping them.

Personally, I found it easier to climb on the tall rocks in the center of the beach, and guide Sprout from overhead, much like you did with the training course. If you get too near the Kweebles, they’ll run and hide, and if the Buggy Ball sits still too long, one of the Kweebles will send it flying with its spoon nose.

Return Gramble to Snaxburg!

At this point, Gramble agrees to return to town. When you return, head towards the barn for a short cutscene of a confrontation between Gramble and Wambus. Go ahead and interview Gramble.

Filbo’s Cold Welcome

Small Celebration!


  • Filbo wants to talk to you!

This quest will show up in your journal automatically once Filbo, Wambus, Beffica, and Gramble are back in town. Talk to Filbo to begin a little party around the campfire.

  • Mingle with the party guests!

Take the time to speak to each one of the Grumpuses. After a few dialogues, things get really personal, and not in a good way. Once everyone splits up again, talk to everyone a second time, saving Filbo for last if you want more story dialogue. Once the party’s all done and you’ve recovered, the gate to Scorched Gorge is open.

Wiggle Rocks the Beach

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Wiggle Rocks the Beach - 0BA72FE
Wiggle Wigglebottom is the last Grumpus you can talk to before Filbo’s party. She’s on the east end of the beach, near the wooden ramp. You’ll be able to interact with her after her cutscene with Gramble when you first arrived in Simmering Sands.

Pen Pineapple!


  • Turn Wiggle’s hair into a Pineantula!

Pineantula are buried in the sand, and you can’t get them out yourself. Instead, cover the one on the beach with chocolate. The nearby Crapple will yank it out of the sand, carry it toward the water, and toss it at the Crapple’s lair. The Pineantula will be stunned, and you can grab it with your net. Feed it to Wiggle, and direct it to her hair.

Green Day!


  • Catch one Grapeskeeto!

Green Grapeskeeto only come out in the evening, between 4 PM and 4 AM; you can sleep in Gramble’s old camp or in Wiggles’ hammock. until 5 PM. They’re also a bit more difficult to catch, as they will dodge away from your trap, even if you cover it in sauce. Shoot chocolate at a nearby Razzby, and the Grapeskeeto will come down to drain the Razzby. This will leave the Grapeskeeto bloated and unable to fly, so you can pick it up in your net.

  • Feed one Grapeskeeto!

It doesn’t matter where you put this one, at least.

Pop Music!


  • Catch Two Popticks! (2/2)

Unless you’ve talked to Filbo and had the party, the gate to Scorched Gorge will be blocked. After the party, you’ll be able to head through. Popticks are unique in that, at first, they’re too small to catch in the trap, and you can’t pick them up with the net. There’s two places in the canyon to find them: Along the right wall near the entrance, and far in the back at the end of the stream. The two at the stream will be easier because they path far enough away for the Scorpenyo to keep it from burning your trap. Stand around the corner, near the hiding bush, and when the Poptick is half way between you and the water, cover the Poptick in hot sauce. The Scorpenyo will shoot fire at it, which will pop it, and you can catch it in your trap.

  • Feed two Popticks.

This is the last thing Wiggle asks of you while on the beach.

Get Wiggle Back to Snaxburg!

Once she returns, you can interview her, and you’ll be done with her main questline.

Triffany Bones Up

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Triffany Bones Up - EBE42A7
Triffany Lottablog is found in Scorched Gorged. From the gate to Snaxburg, follow the right wall (be careful of the Scorpenyo and the Spuddy) to reach Triffany at her archaeology site.

Dem Bones!


  • Catch three Ribblepedes. (3/3)

These are clinging to the walls and ceiling of the three buildings nearby. Set down your trap, cover it in hot sauce, and the Ribblepede will run right to it.

  • Feed three Ribblepedes. (3/3)

Catch three, and feed them to Triffany.

Ruin Ruiner!


  • Break open the entrance to the ruins.

This doorway is on the east wall, closest to the canyon entrance. You don’t have a way to break open the rock wall yourself. Instead, stand in front of it, and let the Spuddy charge you. Duck out of the way before it hits you, and it’ll impact the wall, crumbling it down and opening the way.

  • Talk to Triffany.

Let Triffany know the room is open to get a bit of story.

History Lesson!


  • Find and enter the hidden ruins.

Across from Triffany’s camp, on the south wall, is a narrow gap splitting the central plateau. Pass through, and turn right to see the windmill, with the blocked doorway just below. Use a Spuddy to open this one as well.

  • Catch one Shy Weenyworm.

Like the regular Weenyworm, these will run from you, but you can just set your trap down in its path to eventually catch it.

  • Feed one Shy Weenyworm.

Feed it to Triffany, and after more dialogue, she’s ready to go home.

Get Triffany Back to Snaxburg!

Once you turn in the previous quest, you’ll have a conversation with Triffany, after which she’ll head back to town. After this, you can go interview her.

Cromdo Cashes In

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Cromdo Cashes In - A7D7CA5
When you first enter Scorched Gorge, follow the left wall, and climb up the ramp to the upper level. Cromdo Face will yell for you to follow him. He wants to sell you a… bridge?

Don Quixote!


  • Knock three windmills into working order!

Cromdo’s windmills are stuck with webbing, and you need to use the Lunchpad to free them. Pick up a rock, and set it on the pad. Switch to the Lunchpad in your tools radial, aim it, then fire to knock away the webs.

Caveat Emptor!


  • Catch three Cheepoofs. (3/3)

The Lunchpad is now yours! You need to use it to catch three Cheepoofs that are flying around. These never land, so you can’t catch them from the ground. Both regular Cheepoofs, which spawn in the daytime, and White Cheepoofs, which come out at night, will count. Place down your Lunchpad, set your Snak Trap on top, aim at the Cheepoof, and launch. Trigger the trap when you get the alert to snag the snak. Catch three of either flavor.

  • Feed three Cheepoofs. (3/3)

You know the deal by now.

Fry With Me!


  • Catch one Sweet Fryder.

The Sweet Fryder Cromdo wants is on a tall cliff without any visible way to reach it. The Lunchpad can get you up there, but there’s to point to it, since you can’t catch the Fryder with your net. You’ll have to stand on the edge of the cliff near Cromdo, set down your Lunchpad, and launch your trap at the Fryder. The wind will blow the trap down to the lower level, where you can pick it up easily.

  • Feed one Sweet Fryder.

Nom nom

Cold Feet!

Turn Cromdo’s feet into Bopsicles or Big Bopsicles.
Since one Big Bopsicle will split into two regular Bopsicles, that’ll probably be the easier way to go. The Bopsicle is in Sugarpine Woods, so you’ll need to do Filbo’s Ghost Stories! quest to open the way, if you haven’t already. Once in the area, head to the left of the ramp that leads up to the cabin, and you’ll see a Big Bopsicle pacing in circles. This is your first encounter with a frozen Bugsnak. They can’t be caught without thawing them first, or they’ll turn you into ice. Fortunately the Big Bopsicle is aggressive, and will charge toward you as long as you are in range. Lead it out of the cul-de-sac and around the bottom of the ramp to the hot spring nearby. Once it’s in the warm water, keep leading it in circles until the timer above its head counts down. Afterward, it’ll split into two regular Bopsicles, which will be stunned and can be caught with the net. Head back to Scorched Gorge, and feed them to Cromdo, putting one on each foot.

Get Cromdo Back to Snaxburg!


  • Convince him do go home.

Once his feet are cooled down, you finally own your very own bridge, and Cromdo hoofs it back to Snaxburg, where he can be interviewed.

Snaxburg Gets Spooked

Ghost Stories!


  • Filbo wants to talk to you!

After you return Wiggle Triffany to Snaxburg, it’s time for another party!

Ghost Stories Part 2!


  • Get some firewood from the mill.

After some dialogue, you’re asked to go get some firewood. It’s in a pile on the corner where the mill is closest to Gramble’s barn.

Ghost Stories Part 3!


  • Check if Filbo’s okay in the bathroom.

The outhouse is in the back corner, against the wall half way between Garden Grove and Simmering Springs, against the rock wall behind Beffica’s house.

  • Return to the fire…

Things are getting really spooky now.

Ghost Stories Part 4!


  • Investigate the noise in the mill.

A scary noise interrupts the party this time, which prompts you and Filbo to go check out the inside of the mill. Enter through the smashed doorway, and head upstairs to meet one of the missing residents, Chandlo. Return to the campfire for the last time, get a little more dialogue, and then the party finishes. Now the way to Sugarpine Woods is open!

Chandlo Lives Large

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Chandlo Lives Large - AAFA6CD
Chandlo Funkbun sends you to talk to Snorpy, before leading you to his dunk zone, where you’ll begin your object-throwing and Snakgrappler training.

Hoop Dreamz!


  • Put Chandlo’s basketballs into the basket! (3/3)

The basketballs are scattered out of reach. You’ll need the Snakgrappler to grab each one. Then just aim for the basketball hoop, and toss each one through the net. Ball 1 is on the rim of the net. Ball 2 is on the cliff behind Chandlo. Ball 3 is in a tree off to the side of the cliff’s dropoff.

  • Return to Chandlo.

Talk to Chandlo, and he’ll point out a Cinnasnail near the tree that held the third basketball.

Slow your Roll!


  • Catch one Cinnasnail.

Launch your Snak Trap at the Cinnasnail with the Lunchpad. The trap will stick to the rock, but you can use the Snakgrappler to retrieve it.

  • Feed one Cinnasnail.

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Chandlo Lives Large - 506FA5F]After feeding the Cinnasnail to Chandlo, he climbs out of the area, but the stationary lunchpad is broken. Look up next to the hoop where you shot the basketballs, and you’ll see a raised bridge with this icon on it. Anything you see with this icon can be grabbed with the Snakgrappler: Bridge handles, loose stones, Bugsnak parts, et cetera. Grapple the bridge handle to lower it down, then open the wall of stones.

  • Meet Chandlo at the cabin!

Once you’ve made it out, return to the cabin to talk to Chandlo.

Cheat Day!


  • Catch two Cinnasnails.

One wasn’t enough, so now Chandlo wants two more. You can see one on the far end of the plateau, across a gap where the Big Bopsicle is. Launch you trap and grab it with the Snakgrappler. The second one is to your left, closer to the gate to Snaxburg, near the Hunnabees. Catch it the same way.

  • Feed two Cinnasnails.

Feed both to Chandlo.

Carbo Load!


Catch two Hunnabees.

Hunnabees are fairly easy to catch by launching your trap at them, but they’ll stick to any surface they land on, so you may need your Snakgrappler to retrieve them if they hit the wrong spot.

  • Feed two Hunnabees.

Chandlo’s ready to return home now, but he won’t leave without Snorpy.

Leg Day!


  • Get Snorpy to go home!

Once you’ve finished all of Snorpy’s quests in this area, he’ll be ready to go.

Get Chandlo back to Snaxburg!


  • Convince him to go home.

Chandlo and Snorpy return together. Seriously, they’re the most adorable couple in the game. Now you can go interview both of them.

Snorpy Goes Outside

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Snorpy Goes Outside - 06777D0
Snorpy Fizzlebean won’t trust you until you ask Chandlo to return to Snaxburg. Chandlo will say he won’t return until Snorpy does, and tells you to tell Snorpy he sent you to talk to him.

Get Hooked!


  • Talk to Chandlo

When you speak with Snorpy, he’ll give you a new tool: The Snakgrappler. It’s a long-range grabber that can pick up things like small stationary snax, your Snak Trap, or the Buggy Ball. Talk to Chandlo, and follow him to begin his quests.

Don’t Trip!


  • Get the tool from the Bugwatch Tower!

Once you’ve finished Chandlo’s quests, he’ll send you to Snorpy. The first task is to retrieve the new tool. Use the stationary Lunchpad in front of Snorpy’s cabin for a shortcut to the upper ledge, then the second one on your right to get to the top of the watchtower. Grab the tool – an alarm will sound and you’ll be locked in. Select your brand new Trip Shot, place it on the stand where you found it, and aim for the target extending off to the side. The flying Charmallow will fly into it, get stunned, and this will disable the alarm. (On a side note, don’t try to pick up the Charmallow; it’s still on fire.)

  • Return to Snorpy.

Talk to Snorpy to continue.

Sweet Tooth!


  • Turn Snorpy’s teeth into Kwookies.

Kwookies can’t be caught by the Snak Trap, and they’re too fast for your net. Scan a Kwookie to see its path, then place your Trip Shot using trees and rocks, extending it over the Kwookie’s route. When it hits the tripline, it’ll be stunned, and you can catch it in your net. Feed it to Snorpy, and direct it to his teeth.



  • Catch two Charmallows.

Charmallows are nocturnal, so you’ll either have to wait til 4 PM, or use Snorpy’s bed to sleep until 5 PM. Charmallows are always on fire, but there are two you can extinguish easily. The first one is behind Snorpy’s cabin. Use the Lunchpad to trap the Charmallow above the hot spring, and when it lands in the water, it’ll be safe to pick up. The second one is on the same plateau as the watchtower, but on the opposite end (when you take the stationary Lunchpad up, turn left instead of right). You can catch it the same way, but it might be tricker because of the Bopsicle that’s hanging around.

  • Feed two Charmallows.

Feed these to Snorpy. Afterward, he’ll say he’s ready to return to town, and will ask you to meet him outside.

Get Snorpy back to Snaxburg!

After a short cutscene between Snorpy and Chandlo, they’ll both head back to town, and you can interview them both.

Snaxburg Isn’t Safe

Break Time!


  • Filbo wants to talk to you!

Once Chandlo and Snorpy are back, Filbo suggests you go to bed early tonight. When you do, you’re awoken by a scream from Beffica. Follow him to the path next to Gramble’s barn for a cutscene.

The Intruder!


  • Scan the area for clues. (6/6)

1: Pawprints on the ground right in front of you.
2: The back of the Snaxburg sign.
3: Spade on the ground in front of the barn.
4: Broken lock just inside the barn door.
5: More paw prints on the path between Wambus’ farm and his and Triffany’s house.
6: Bugsnak tracks in front of the outhouse.

  • Talk to Filbo.

After you tell everyone what you found, the group has a discussion, and you’re sent to find Floofty and Shelda. This finally opens the way to two more areas: Boiling Bay and Sizzlin’ Sands.

Floofty Changes Everything

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Floofty Changes Everything - 335F2DB
Floofty Fizzlebean is Snorpy’s sibling, and can be found in Boiling Bay. You actually meet them on your way to find Gramble and Wiggle, though they’re only known as ‘Mystery Grumpus’ at first.

Mystery Grumpus!


  • Turn their left foot into a Strabby.

When you first enter the Simmering Sands, you’re met with a strange Grumpus only known as ???, who gives you a new device: The Snaktivator. It lets you direct Bugsnax to specific bodyparts when feeding them to a Grumpus. They’ll leave without you getting a chance to speak or scan them, but it turns out to be Floofty, one of the missing Grumpuses, and this is technically the first quest you get from them.

Find Floofty!


  • Find Floofty in the Boiling Bay.

From the gate, head along the beach toward the shipwreck, where they’ve made their home. Watch out for the Paletoss, though.

Get Hopping!


  • Turn Floofty’s hand into Red Banopper.

There are two Red Banoppers in the area: One in the trees on the small islands, the other by the middle lava floe. This second one will be the easiest to catch. Set your Trip Shot on the lava rocks on the east side, and aim it for the ship mast that’s extending over the beach. This should be right in the Banopper’s path. Feed it to Floofty, and aim it for their right hand.



  • Turn Floofty’s hand into Strabby.

Floofty modified your Snaktivator. Switch to the Snaxperiment interface, aim it at their arm, and change it into a Strabby.

Legtwork Continued!


  • Turn Floofty’s peg leg into Strabby.

They really are a mad scientist, aren’t they.



  • Turn Floofty’s leg into Cocomites. (4/4)

Thanks to the Snaktivator, you only need to catch one Cocomite. A little east of their boathouse, you’ll see a palm tree with the Snakgrapple icon on it. Hit it, and knock down a coconut. Find a place where you can set your Trip Shot close to a point where a lava floe runs into the water. Toss the coconut into the lava close to the water to catch it on fire, and it will eventually pop into a Greater and Lesser Cocomite. These can’t be trapped, and have to be stunned to catch them, so once they’re no longer on fire, stun them with your Trip Shot and pick them up. Feed one to Floofty, and use the Snaxperiment to change all four limbs (one part of each limb).

Use Your Noodle!


  • Turn Floofty into Noodler.

The Noodler is in the lava pool in the cave next to Floofty. Head in, and use hot sauce to lay a trail to lead it toward the shore. When it gets close to the water, the La Sodieux will extinguish it, and you can catch it in your net..

  • And Cocomite.
  • And Red Banopper.
  • And also Strabby.

These three you can change at any time using snax you already fed to them.

Get Floofty Back to Snaxburg!


  • Convince them to go home.

With this, their experiments on the beach are done. When you return to town, you’ll get to see a talk between Floofty and Snorpy, then you can interview Floofty.

Shelda Speaks in Riddles

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Shelda Speaks in Riddles - B0C65B7
Shelda is the second ‘vegetarian’ Grumpus… for now.

Find Shelda!


  • Find Shelda in Sizzlin’ Sands.

There are two ways to get to Sizzlin’ Sands.
1) In Boiling Bay, head into the cave near Floofty’s boathouse. On either side of a lavafall are four Cocomite statues. Activate them in order by the number of straws, 1-2-3-4.
2) In Scorched Gorge, head up to the broken bridge Cromdo ‘sold’ you. Chandlo has fixed it for you.
Once you’re in Sizzlin’ Sands, you can find Shelda meditating next to the oasis, on the side facing the pyramid.

Hunger Pains!


  • Get cheese sauce for Shelda. (3/3)

Since Shelda isn’t eating Bugsnax, she needs sauce to eat. The only place to find cheese sauce plants is in the mouth of the giant Grumpus statue. Use your Snakgrappler to stock up.

  • Return to Shelda.

Talk to her for a bit of wisdom, and your next quest.



  • Crack two Egglers. (2/2)

You’ve probably seen Eggler shells laying around — they’re basically giant eggs. Like the Cocomites, these need to be broken open. There’s one next to you, in Shelda’s lean-to. Toss it onto the sand nearby, cover it in hot sauce, and the Incherrito will knock it into the air. When the egg lands, it’ll crack open. The next closest egg is on the pyramid, and you can do the same thing.

  • Return to Shelda.

More wisdom, and another quest.

Legend of Shelda!


  • Break two Preying Picantises. (2/2)

There are two of these in the area, both on stone platforms on the north side of the oasis. The lower one can just walk off its platform, the other you’ll have to launch off with the Lunchpad. Have each one chase you into the water, which will extinguish their fire, and they’ll break apart.

  • Return to Shelda.

Even more wisdom, and more questing to do.

The Path!


  • Guide a Black Razzby from the under ruins to Shelda.

This one needs a bit of setup. From Shelda, head back south to the corner of the pyramid closest to Boiling Bay. On the ground is a circle of broken rocks. Cover this with ranch or hot sauce, and the nearby Buffalocust will divebomb it, breaking open the entrance. There will be four doorways: One with a small room with some chocolate plants (go ahead and stock up), one with a balcony overlooking the area with the Razzby, and one with a Snakgrappler handle on it. Go ahead and open this last door, and go down that path. You’ll need to open a second door, a rock wall at the opposite end of the circular walkway, and a second rock pile at the far end of the last room.
Return to the first balcony, toss your Buggy Ball down, and cover it in chocolate. With this, you can lead the Black Razzby through the gauntlet and to the stationary Lunchpad at the end.
Note: You might want to hop down and take the time to catch the Incherritos in the first room. Splash some hot sauce on the flat rocks, and when they come out of the sand, get close to make them stun themselves and you can pick them up. This does mean you’ll have to run to the end of the course, then backtrack along the upper path, or stay below and try to lead the Razzby from there, but you’ll constantly have to worry about it hiding from you if you get too close.

  • Return to Shelda.

Take the Lunchpad to the surface, and speak to Shelda.

Get Shelda back to Snaxburg!


  • Convince her to go home.

When you return to Snaxburg, you can watch a conversation between Shelda and Chandlo, then interview Shelda.

Eggabell Keeps Her Cool

Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Eggabell Keeps Her Cool - AAD133B
Eggabell Batternugget is Lizbert’s partner, and Snaxburg’s resident doctor. You first encounter her in person in Frosted Peak, in a cave just above the frozen pond.

Mountain Climb!


  • Search the Frosted Peak.

When you arrive in the area, go straight up the ramp ahead of you. She’s in between the two flares. Once you get close, she speaks to you, and you get some dialogue options you can choose.

  • Ask her all the questions.

Go down the list one at a time. Once you’re done asking everything, she tells you to leave, and runs off.

Mystery Egg!


  • Follow Eggabell to discover her secrets…

Leave the cave and head to the right, following the path along the base of the mountain, feel free to jump off the cliff to the lowest path. Eggabell is standing in front of a strange stone door. Approach, and once she’s done muttering to herself, you can talk to her again.

Crack the Code!

You need several key items, all given to you by returning Grumpuses to Snaxburg, then interviewing them.

  • Find Lizbert’s journal.

You get the journal from Triffany, but it’s locked. You’ll need the Diary Key from Gramble to unlock it.

  • Find the missing page.

Cromdo gives you a map for Boiling Bay. Follow it to the area where the Sherbie is, and you’ll find the missing page on the ground.

  • Find Liz’s device notes.

Wambus gives you this one after his interview.

  • Find notes on the mountain.

Snorpy gives you a Frosted Peak map that leads to the mysterious door.

The Sunny Side!


  • Activate 3 Bug Statues.

There are six total, but you only need to do three. Pick which ever you find easiest. Once you’ve done your three, Eggabell will return to do hers.
Flutterjam: Top of the mountain, daytime – shoot it with peanut butter from your Sauce Slinger, and you can pick it up when it hits the ground.
Scoopy: The most difficult one. Lure the Scoopy Banoopy close enough to either have it walk into a campfire or a Trip Shot attached to the fire. Once the Scoopy Banoopy is burned, it’ll count down, and pop into a Banopper, a Cheery, and a Scoopy. The Scoopy goes up to the ledge near the cave where you first found Eggabell. I found it easiest to lure it into the cave with chocolate, and have it jump at the Stewdler. This both thaws the Scoopy and extinguishes the Stewdler, so you can catch both.
Chippie: This is another one of those Snax you can’t catch in your trap. There’s one that goes through a Stewdler cave near the mountain top. Set your Trip Shot across the entrance to the cave, and the Chippie will get stunned.
Stewdler: Either catch the one along with the Scoopy, or wait until night and lure a Chillynilly to it with chocolate.
Mt Sodie: This Sodie is in the frozen pond. You can’t catch it in the water, because it’ll freeze. Set your trap down at the top of one of the ramps leading into the water, and lure the sodie out with a trail of any sort of sauce.
Chillynilly: These only come out at night. It’s easiest to catch this one along with a Stewdler by splashing the Stewdler with chocolate.

Shell Shock!


  • Ask Filbo for help.

Head back to Snaxburg and talk to Filbo. You’ll both return to Frosted Peak, and follow Eggabell to the door. There’s a bit of story, and then you’re done with the main quests!

Help Eggabell!


  • Try to convince her to go home.

Even though Eggabell never actually returns to Snaxburg, this is considered complete.

Filbo Brings the House Down

NOTE: THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN! Once you start this quest, you can’t do anything else, period! No quests, no mail, no collecting hats, no feeding Grumpuses, nothing! Make sure you’ve done everything you need to at this point. This begins the end game, but once it’s all done and the credits roll, you can reload the game to this point in time, but you can not go back!
Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Filbo Brings the House Down - 22D0F13

Major Celebration!


  • Get everybody to dance! (11/11)

Approach each pair of Grumpuses, and you’ll see a little conversation between them. Take the time to talk to every Grumpus, and ask them to dance. You’ll get hints about what it’ll take to get them on the dance floor.
Beffica: Change the music on the boombox to her song.
Wiggle: Give her a cup of bug juice.
Wambus: Give him a cup of bug juice and follow him to hear his talk with Gramble.
Gramble: Joins with Wambus.
Cromdo: Talk to him after giving bug juice to both Wambus and Wiggle.
Shelda: Throw an object (bug juice cup / basket ball / toilet paper / Filbo’s plushie) at the confetti ball over her head.
Triffany: Talk to her a second time after you speak to Floofty, and suggest she go talk to Floofty. Follow to hear her talk with Floofty.
Floofty: Joins with Triffany.
Snorpy: Talk to him after Floofty and Triffany leave. Follow him to hear his talk with Chandlo.
Chandlo: Joins with Snorpy. (seriously, the most adorable couple)

  • Talk to Filbo.

Head up to the balcony above Lizbert and Eggabell’s house, and you’ll be pulled into a chat with Filbo.

The Quake…


  • Figure out what to do now.

Everyone gathers around the town center to talk about plans. Once it’s all hashed out, the group splits up, and the party is over.

Lizbert Goes Missing

The Hunt.


  • Open the mysterious mountain door.

Follow Eggabell and Filbo to Frosted Peak. Fast-travel via the map has been disabled, so you’ll have to take the long way. They’ll lead you back to the mysterious door. You’ll automatically follow inside once it’s open.
When you land, you’re surrounded by pieces of your broken tools. The only thing that still works is your Snaxscope. There’s only one way out, so follow that tunnel. When you rejoin Filbo, follow him to continue along the path. When you reach the end, you find Lizbert at last. Approach for a lengthy conversation.

Learn the Truth.


  • What happened to Lizbert?
  • What are Bugsnax?
  • What’s happening to Snaktooth?

You’re finally able to interview Lizbert, and find out what’s actually going on. Once it’s all over, you’re sent back to Flavor Falls, and have to make your way back to Snaxburg. Talk to Filbo when you find him.

Escape from Snaktooth

Escape from Snaktooth!


  • Follow Filbo!

When you reach Snaxburg, approach Filbo for a conversation between him and Snorpy.

Defend Filbo!


  • Defend Filbo!

Start down the path a bit and you’ll trigger the next event. There’s a narrower place between the stone on the left and the wall on your right where your Snak Chop can cover the whole width of the path. Place it there and chop up all the snax.

Help Shelda and Floofty!


  • Help Shelda and Floofty!

Continue down into Gramble’s barn to the next part. You’re given an upgraded Snak Grappler to use to punch the oncoming snax away.

Help Chandlo and Snorpy!


  • Help Chandlo and Snorpy!

This time you’re working with a new and improved Trip Shot. Chandlo will throw logs for attaching the Trip Drone lines.

Help Beffica and Cromdo!


  • Help Beffica and Cromdo!

The Lunchpad hasn’t been changed. This time, though, you’re launching explosive barrels of Snakwater. If you aim right (or get lucky), you can take out several snax in one shot.

Help Wiggle and Gramble!


  • Help Wiggle and Gramble!

Sprout’s gotten an upgrade as well, and fortunately, he hasn’t joined the snak revolution. Guide Sprout around to splat the oncoming Bugsnax.

Help Wambus and Triffany!


  • Help Wambus and Triffany!

While the Sauce Slinger hasn’t changed either, you do get an upgraded sauce to use with it. Grabbing from the plant next to you once will completely fill your inventory. Load up, and get ready to fire.

Escape from Snaktooth!


  • Get on the balloon!

Continue along the path to the balloon. You’ll get another cutscene as you take off with everyone you rescued.

Once you land, head down the beach. You can talk to everyone who came with you. Once you’re done, talk to Filbo one last time, then follow him up the path.
Congratulations, you’ve reached the end!
Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Escape from Snaktooth - 84F1B4C
Bugsnax - Main Quests Guide - Escape from Snaktooth - B6672B1

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