Blox Fruits – The BEST STATS Guide – Roblox

Blox Fruits – The BEST STATS Guide – Roblox 1 -
Blox Fruits – The BEST STATS Guide – Roblox 1 -

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Optimizing Your Blox Fruits Stat Points for Maximum Power

Are you new to the world of Blox Fruits and wondering where to put your stat points? Look no further! This article will discuss the different types of stat points available in Blox Fruits and the best ways to optimize them for maximum power.


Understanding Stat Points in Blox Fruits

First, let’s start with the basics. Stat points are the points you earn each time you level up in the game. You can then allocate these points into different categories, including melee, defense, sword, gun, and blocks fruits. Each category has a specific purpose, and it’s important to understand how they work to maximize your gameplay.

Melee increases your energy and punch damage, making it essential for PVP when you reach the max level. Defense increases your health, while swords and guns increase the damage those weapons deal. Finally, blocking fruits increase the damage dealt by your devil fruit abilities.


The Three Main Builds in Blox Fruits

Now let’s talk about the three main builds in Blox Fruits: devil fruit main, swords main, and the gunman. Each build focuses on specific categories of stat points and is optimized for different gameplay styles.


Devil Fruit Main

The devil fruit main build maximizes points into blocks fruits, defense, and melee. This build provides the maximum defense possible in the game and the maximum damage dealt by your devil fruit and fighting style. This build is perfect for players who rely heavily on their devil fruit abilities for damage output.


Swords Main

The sword’s main build maximizes points into melee, defense, and sword. This build allows players to deal significant damage with both their sword and fighting style, making it perfect for players who enjoy sword combat in PVP.



The gunman built maximized points into melee, defense, and gun. This build is highly effective in PVP, as guns deal significant damage and can take down opponents quickly. However, it requires a lot of skill and practice to master.


Avoiding Hybrid Builds

One common mistake players make is trying to create a hybrid build that mixes multiple categories of stat points. However, this approach is not recommended, as it spreads out your points too thinly and does not optimize any particular category. Instead, focus on one of the three main builds we’ve discussed.



In conclusion, allocating your stat points in Blox Fruits is essential to maximize your power in the game. Choose one of the three main builds based on your preferred playstyle and focus your points on that build. Avoid hybrid builds that spread your points too thin, and practice to master your chosen build. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the world of Blox Fruits!


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