Blox Fruits – 9 NOOB to PRO Tricks, 2023 Level Guide

Blox Fruits – 9 NOOB to PRO Tricks, 2023 Level Guide 1 -
Blox Fruits – 9 NOOB to PRO Tricks, 2023 Level Guide 1 -

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Choosing the Right Fruit for Grinding

If you’re in the first season, the light ice or magma fruit are the best choices for grinding. Both these fruits have their own unique abilities that make grinding much easier. The light ice fruit has a sword that can do passive damage, so you don’t have to upgrade your sword. On the other hand, the magma fruit does some extra damage and leaves magma behind that can hurt enemies who step on it.

While these starter fruits are good for beginners, you’ll need to upgrade to better ones as you progress in the game. But for now, stick to these fruits to make your grinding experience much smoother.



Enchantment is the most essential ability you’ll need to buy from the abilities teacher. You can find him in the cave on the winter island. Once you have enchantment, you’ll be able to hit high-level NPCs who have elemental time fruits. Without enchantment, you won’t be able to damage them at all.

Moreover, enchantment also does extra damage when turned on, making it a must-have ability for any player who wants to progress in the game. You can also buy other abilities like flash step and sky jump, but enchantment should be your top priority.


Grinding vs PVP

One of the most important things to know in Blox Fruits is which fruits are best for grinding and which are best for PVP. For example, the magma fruit is great for grinding, but the dough fruit isn’t as effective. On the other hand, PVP abilities like the dough fruit are better suited for player-versus-player fights. Since you can only have one fruit equipped at a time, I recommend getting a grinding fruit first and then going for a PVP fruit once you’ve completed the game.


Double Mastery

Double Mastery is one of the best game passes in Blox Fruits. With this pass, you’ll be able to level up your fruit, combat style, or sword much faster than you would normally. This pass is particularly helpful when trying to quickly level up a new fruit. Another game pass that I recommend is Double Money. With this pass, you’ll be able to buy many things in the game and progress much faster.



Codes are a great way to make your XP farming much easier in Blox Fruits. There are plenty of codes available online that you can use to get double experience for a limited amount of time. Just search them up, and you’ll find a lot of them. And if you combine all of the codes, you can get at least five hours of double XP, which is enough to level up quickly.


Roblox – Blox Fruits Codes – Free XP Boosts, In-game Titles and Stat Resets (March 2023)


Server Hopping

If you’re in a boss quest and want to kill the boss again, you don’t have to wait 20 minutes for it to respawn. Instead, you can server hop. Just click on the server hop button and join a new server. There’s a good chance that the same boss will be right there waiting for you. This makes it much faster to grind XP. And to guarantee that you don’t join the same server again, just block someone from your game before you server hop.


Fighting Style

Always use the correct fighting style when grinding XP in Blox Fruits. There’s a big difference between the default fighting style and Water Kung Fu. After buying Enchantment, you should save up for Water Kung Fu. It’s probably the best fighting style for the whole of the first sea, and later on, you can upgrade it to Sharkman Karate. These two fighting styles are the best for grinding in this game because they don’t have a delay between the third attack. And when combined with the Butter Fruit, it makes grinding so much easier.


Awaken Buddha

When you get to the second scene, the first thing you should do is awaken your Buddha. This is the best devil fruit awakened version for grinding in the whole game. Once you awaken your Buddha, the range at which you can hit enemies increases by a good amount, and the damage you take while in the transformed Buddha form reduces from 40 to 50. It makes grinding enemies much easier.



Upgrading your stats can significantly affect how fast you level up in Blox Fruits. If you have the Light Ice or Magma fruit, then you probably want to upgrade your melee defense and devil fruit equally. But if you’re taking a different approach to grinding, like with the Buddha fruit and a combat style, then you want to put around 80 percent of your stat points into your melee and the rest into defense. And one thing you want to avoid is splitting your stat points evenly between all five stats. This is because the gun is utter trash.


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