Beat Saber – How to play Crystallized (EXPERT)(EXPERT+WIP)

Beat Saber – How to play Crystallized (EXPERT)(EXPERT+WIP) 1 -
Beat Saber – How to play Crystallized (EXPERT)(EXPERT+WIP) 1 -
A guide explaining how to play Crystallized. Currently we only have expert, but eventually we’ll add expert plus. If you want a guide for another song, please tell me in the comments.


What song is it

Crystallized is a default song built in to the game. Crystallized is in the Camellia Pack, which is known to contain hard songs. 



A quick rundown



There tends to be a lack of consistency in difficulty on expert and expert+, and sometimes hard. When someone who is fairly good at expert songs gives Crystallized a try, and then overestimates their ability, it simply turns into chaos. Afterwards, when one looks at expert difficulty, you have to ask yourself, “it this pack 1 expert, or is this Camellia pack expert.” Then once you get into expert+, it gets to a point that it boils down into a general category, like it should, but in the wrong way. The reason Crystallized expert is unique is due to the sometimes questionable patterns, such as at 1:19, which we’ll cover later. For now, be ready to see some, once again, questionable patterns. 



Is this even possible omg my arms

Yes it’s possible. And there is a solution to your suffering. Watch a video of someone playing Crystallized on your difficulty, and then ask yourself, “Did I understand what I just saw?” If yes, good, keep trying the song. If no, then use practice mode, 50% speed, and play through it until you both understand the patterns, and can play through the entire song without dying.Beat Saber - How to play Crystallized (EXPERT)(EXPERT+WIP) 

0:00-0:44 (Intro)

This part is fairly simple, involving 3 stages. Some beginning notes, some vertical notes, then some rhythm, practically running you up in difficulty slowly. 


If you completed Crystallized on expert, you should be able to do this. If you are failing, you need to work on split attention with your sabers. (Also look out for the vertical notes they have a little tricky timing) 


This is where the difficulty makes its first appearance. In this section is a vertical drumroll starting on the 2nd and 3rd lane, then moving into the 1st and 4th. for context, notes are in lanes of 4 horizontally, in this case from left to right. The drumroll on the inside has you moving down and up four times, then moving to the outside, where it does the same except twice. These beats start on the right hand side first, followed by the left, or blue then red. 


First drumroll that’s hard, and it’s not the last one either. It will start with you slicing two blocks in the middle, make sure to focus on the drum roll and make sure to keep your sabers independent, in the drumroll it will start with red blocks then blue blocks in front, so try not to get out of that order. Around the 9th-10th row of blocks the center becomes inverted, so make sure to change up your swings to up and to the right/left, to diagonally. 


Barely and diagonal notes, this section is all about vertical and horizontal notes. There are certain moments where you are squeezed into a gap between two walls and have to hit some red notes. use your wrist and you’ll be fine. there’s a moment with the blue saber later on where you have to hit multiple back and forth horizontal notes, again use your wrist and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, practice mode is your friend in this part. 


This is at the same difficulty as expert Crystallized and is not notable, just keep up your wrist movement and you’ll be fine. 


This part has a common pattern alternating between lanes 2 and 3, with occasional high notes stroking up in lanes 1 and 4. The pattern in lanes 2 and 3 will always stroke down first, and end with a down stroke. for most of them, you only stroke up once. but for one and only one of the bits does it double, going up twice instead of once. This extra bit happens on the right side. The pattern melds down into very tall vertical drum roll, with each swing up and down it changes to a different 2 lanes. 


This part is relatively easy until the 1:14 , before then you just to the side a couple times and cross over your sabers, no big deal. But once you see the pattern in 1:14, it’s all about knowing what your looking at. First you just keep your sabers together and do simple drumroll, then you transition into a red drumroll for 2 blocks then come together with blue. You then do the same pattern in the middle of the pattern, then the same on the right, then bring both of your sabers to the left with the same pattern. After that there is a little more make sure to get that pattern right, if you are struggling you can just go into practice mode and knock it out in 5 minutes. Not the toughest of patterns but it’s a little fast. 


I have no words to explain the pattern. The colors stay on their own side with no crossing, and between the weave or pretzel patter, there are moments where your blue saber and red saber switch directions in circles. Use practice mode for this one. 


Up until 1:34, you should have no problems, the worst you get is the beginning where you swing in that circle formation. But when you hit 1:34 you actually have two options here. Number one, just wing it, just swing from the left to right with the red saber and right to left on the blue, works like a charm, swinging back and forth works perfectly. The other strategy is to follow the pattern you can basically pretend like you have one saber and just follow the way the blocks take you. Just letting you know though I found the first method to be more easy and consistent. (And of course if you have problems slow that pattern down in practice mode) 


This pattern is annoying. I often get mixed results with it, (as you can see in the video) But my best advice is to pay attention to the red notes on the left. This will help you at the very least hit some notes Once again, practice mode. 





Practice mode it, otherwise, it’s a deformed drumroll that swerves side to side, then at the end expanding to fit all 4 lanes. 





Quite similar to 0:46-1:06. blending in to the tall vertical drumroll from before. After this part is the “scary” part. 





You have 2 options

    1. Human mode 
    2. Ape mode

    Ape mode is where you try to wing it and fail miserably, where you either go to human mode or keep trying hoping a miracle happens. Now, lets suppose you took option the first option. This part is very fast paced, never giving you a break to breathe. Due to the, y’know, difficulty, i cant explain, so back to practice mode.





same pattern 1:19-1:41 Until the end, where a pattern plays alternating between dominating blue and red sides. Use practice mode for it. 





Fairly straightforward ending notes, nothing special. 




Written by iGotTwixNCaps

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Beat Saber – How to play Crystallized (EXPERT)(EXPERT+WIP); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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  1. I saw this after i finished. I was able do beat it on expert except for the 2:47 part but i just practiced a lot in practice mode

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