Apex Legends – WHAT do APEX PREDATORS pick? S9 Legend TIER list

Apex Legends – WHAT do APEX PREDATORS pick? S9 Legend TIER list 1 - steamlists.com
Apex Legends – WHAT do APEX PREDATORS pick? S9 Legend TIER list 1 - steamlists.com
A description of each legend and where they sit



This guide is not META or some kind of voodoo, this guide is based on how well the legend ranks as a ‘one man army’. The ability to wipe squads, provide options/flexibility and solely winning matches by outplaying opponents.

These are the legends that solo-win, not what some streamer, EA, pro-player, whoever, is told to say is good for whatever reason.

Apex Legends - WHAT do APEX PREDATORS pick? S9 Legend TIER list

S Tier – The OP


These are the currently OP legends, they outperform every other legend in a ‘one man army’ capacity and wipe the floor with other legends if played properly.

Horizon – Even with the massive nerfs reducing her abilities in S9, longer cooldowns and reducing effectiveness, the most OP ‘one man army’ currently in.
Bloodhound – Has only gotten more OP over time. The ability to locate squads through walls plus the ungodly ultimate. However only a ‘one man army’ with the ultimate activated.

*You still have to actually be a skilled player for the benefits of using an OP legend, keyword utilising their stupidly high mobility, you would be better off just going GUNS GO BRRR with an A Tier if you have no idea what this means

A Tier – The OK


These are the currently OK legends, they perform well and usually have slightly quirky playstyles which diminish their ability to be a ‘one man army’

Octane – Can go fast, but lacks the mobility, team mobility and ability throwable that Horizon offers.
Fuse– Legend based on using his abilities to score kills and win matches, which are currently nerfed to sh*t
Revenant – If you enjoy the playstyle, it doesnt disable the enemies guns however…
Wraith – Recent ability nerfs have made her playstyle far less aggressive, no longer OP
Pathfinder – You should be playing Horizon now
Gibraltar – You have to enjoy taking the match slowly, far better in a premade squad
Valkyrie – Fun to play, good mobility, useful abilities. MUST TRY ONCE legend
Lifeline – You have one job, that is to be a revive machine, that is it
Bangalore – Smoke is cool but ends up hindering your own squad, somewhat just bland all around
Caustic – Similar to Gibraltar, you have to really like playing slowly and MUST utilise gas, your only job is gas
Mirage – Unique abilities and playstyle, requires too much effort for what you get in return.

F Tier – The TRASH


These are the currently TRASH legends, they perform at a lower level then other legends in regards to be a ‘one man army’. They have very unique playstyles that only work in very limited situations. Normally you would be better off just ‘shooting and engaging’, instead of actually using them the way they were designed to be played.

Rampart – In a game where going fast = win, being able to build walls and stand around defending them is a terrible, terrible, terrible idea.
Watson – Similar to Rampart, you would be better off just engaging rather then trying to build your ‘electricity network’. Plus Caustic provides better defensive abilities and is much simpler to play
Crypto – #stopasianhate wont save him. Again, would be better off engaging rather then hiding in a corner on the drone, even the drone is super easy to shoot down. Much better in a premade, but then again just picking any A tier legend offers so much more.
Loba – All that thicc comes from spending too much time with the black market boutique. Her abilities dont add much offensively and you would be basically better off with any A tier legend.

Final word

This guide is for the solo-queuers, or wannabe solo-querers.

If you have your premade, competitive, going pro, friendship group, buddies that still manages to diamond somehow, please ignore.

By Yellowfin

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Apex Legends – WHAT do APEX PREDATORS pick? S9 Legend TIER list; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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