Among Us – Guide to Being a Good Impostor

Among Us – Guide to Being a Good Impostor 1 -
Among Us – Guide to Being a Good Impostor 1 -
Become an alright impostor with this guide, hopefully.


Faking Tasks

Every good impostor should know how to effectively pull off a fake task and get away with it. Here’s how to do that.
The first thing you need to know about is Step-Tasks. These require 2-4 different tasks to be done before the actual task is completed. These are good to fake, as your taskbar wouldn’t go up if you did a step-task anyway. Here are some good examples.
Wiring, download, Re-fuel Engine, Divert Power.
So if you want not to look, head down to electrical and do one of the left side tasks.
Now let’s talk about Visual Tasks. Visual tasks are tasks that have an animation; therefore, 100% confirming your innocence. You do NOT want to be caught faking one of these:
Clear Asteroids, Trash Chute ½*, Submit Scan.
*Although this is a step-task, one of them is a visual task, so best to leave this one alone
Occasionally, the host will have visual tasks off, meaning there will be no animation. But it is too risky to do if the task bar doesn’t go up.
If you ever start a brand-new game, NEVER head to the admin upload, accept powers, or accept power task in the reactor (as it is not real!). If you get caught doing one of these first things, you will immediately get called out.
If there is a Card Swipe in admin, you MUST do it, as everyone has it. Be careful; only walk out 1-2 seconds after the task bar goes up, or it’s going to be super sus.


Sabotage can be really handy, depending on how you use it. These are the types of sabotage and when it’s good to use them.
Lights – If you want to get an unseen kill, then kill somewhere (preferably in a big room, like storage or cafeteria, as they probably will not be able to see you, or the body), run to electrical to fix the lights with everyone else. You should get away with it scot-free. Beware: if you are the last to electrical, you may get called out.
Comms – The comms sabotage can be seen as useless, but it can be convenient. If you need to fake a task, like the end of a step-task, or a non-step task, then you can do it. This is why comms can be very handy. If you sabotage it and everyone has the card swipe, it would be convenient. Admin and security can also be very handy for spotting who the killer is and where a dead body is, so sabotage comms, and the admin map and security cams will be disabled.
O2 – The O2 requires two parts to fix the sabotage. It will have a countdown, and if the countdown reaches zero, the impostors win. It requires a number sequence to be put in on both the admin panel and the O2 panel. If you want an easy win if there are not many people left or want to get a body away from everyone on the left side, sabotaging O2 may be useful.
Reactor – The reactor can only be fixed using two people. On each end of the reactor, there will be a hand scanner that two people must do simultaneously. It will have a countdown, and if the countdown reaches zero, the impostors win. If you want an easy win if there are not many people left or want to get a body away from everyone on the right side, sabotaging the reactor may be useful.
Doors – Sabotaging doors have their pros and cons. It can stop something from being seen, but it can also make you look super sus if you close the door alone with someone, then realizing your kill cooldown is still cooling off. However, if you sabotage cafeteria doors, it may stop someone from pressing the emergency meeting button.
You can sabotage by clicking the sabotage button at the bottom corner of your screen. It will come up with many symbols. You cannot sabotage while another sabotage is happening (excluding any doors sabotage). The sabotages will have a cooldown, so organize your sabotaging plan correctly. Once one sabotage has been fixed, all the others (except for doors) will also have a cooldown.
Doors – Will have an ‘X’ symbol on it. It can be done in Upper and Lower Engine, MedBay, Security, Electrical, Cafeteria, and Storage.
Lights – I Will have a bolt symbol on it. It can only be done in electrical.
O2 – Will Have an O2 symbol on it. The symbol is found in O2 but needs to be done in both admin and O2.
Reactor – Will have the chemical reaction symbol on it. It can only be done in the reactor, but both ends need to be tended to.
Comms – Will have a Wi-Fi symbol. It can only be done in communications.
Beware: Never sabotage on top of a vent, as YOU WILL VENT INSTEAD!


There are many different working strategies for killing. First, you want to know who you are going to kill, where, and when. So who is good to kill?
Never kill someone who trusts you. They grant you an extra vote, so best not to go stabbing them.
You definitely want to kill people who have/have done a visual task. If you get to the end, and the majority there have done visual tasks, it’s pretty easy to narrow it down and figure out who the impostor is. So kill them first, if you can.
Any good detective should go close to first. If you know they are good; you should kill them before they suspect you. This will definitely help you in the long run.
Where should you kill someone? Electrical is definitely an easy spot to kill, as there is a vent that leads to security, and MedBay can take you to a whole different side of the map. If you catch someone alone in electrical, you should probably take them out. Cafeteria and storage can be good spots to kill, as it is big and leads to many different areas. It is probably best not to kill in weapons, as it is closely joined to the cafeteria, which is where many people go to/spawn. When people separate, this is when a kill in the cafeteria would be good. Storage can be an alright space to kill, but you are more likely to get caught in the act since it is at the bottom of the map.
The admin map can be excellent, so you can know where most people are. If the round starts, it is ok to kill alone and separated from everyone else. But when the game is near the end, best to sabotage lights and get a kill where no one can see and is heading to fix the lights.
Never kill in a hallway when the security camera is blinking, as the cams watcher can see it all happen.
Stack killing can be an effective way of killing. The way you do it is by sabotaging something (lights would be the best option), going into the ‘stack’ (a ground of people on each other), and kill someone. Be careful. It isn’t your friend. Also, never self-report while doing this. It would be a dead giveaway that it was you, as you should’ve been fixing the lights. Stack killing with less than 4-6 people can end in disaster, so be very careful stack killing.
I’m going to assume most of you play with two impostors, so let’s talk about double killing. Double killing is where you and your fellow impostor successfully kill two people in the same room. Although it can be good to do it at the start of the match, it is most effective at the end of it, as, if there are 5-7 people left, if you execute a double kill, you and your impostor buddy win/comes close to winning. Be careful, if you are too late, someone might report the body, and if you two don’t trust each other, the double kill might never happen. Just pray you are with a good impostor.
If someone is on the admin map, they can see when someone gets killed, as it blinks. So, if you know, someone will be stalking the map, maybe sabotaging comms could get you the win.


Venting can get you out of a sticky situation if people are walking up behind you. Vent to a different room, but make sure there is no one in that room, or you could end up in an Among Us Bad Timing Compilation. But if there is a detective among you, and you say where you were, they may be able to detect that you killed then vented to another room. So once you vent, try to run to a different room (without getting seen/caught). Also, do not hide in the vent the whole round after your kill. People will notice you were missing and chuck you out. This map shows you where you can vent to.

Accusing and Talking

Accusing and trying to talk normally as an impostor can be one of the hardest things to do. If someone suspects you/catch you, it can be tough to get out of it. Either try as hard as you can to get out of it or blame it on the accuser. (If you want to, the third option is to give up and vote yourself).
However, if you are playing online, most people will just vote; whoever says it is first. So… yeah. Sorry.
To not sound sus, you mustn’t say ‘It’s not me!’ as that is just really sus. To sound like a crewmate, maybe talk like a detective would. If you are trying to throw someone under the bus, as they walked past the body, you mustn’t immediately say it is him, as if it isn’t (which it isn’t), the rest of the crew will throw you off the first chance you get. Say something along the lines of this ‘(The color/name of player) is sus as he walked by (the room the body was found in), but I’m not sure, so skip for now’ this will make you a lot less sus.

Written by Stickbug24

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Among Us – Guide to Being a Good Impostor; if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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