Who’s Lila? – Main Endings Guide Part 1 – Walkthrough

Who’s Lila? – Main Endings Guide Part 1 – Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com
Who’s Lila? – Main Endings Guide Part 1 – Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com

This is the English guide to 8 out of 15(+1) endings of Who’s Lila. This does not include secrets, additional achievements and detective Yu’s conversations.


Some of the endings here can be achieved differently.
Sometimes, the information you receive during a different route to the ending may be more interesting than the ending itself.


Follow the instructions in the task journal.
At school, the doors on the first floorlead to random classrooms each time you enter. Enter them until you find Ellie’s classroom.
Get the info from Ellie – smile first, then either make a neutral or a sad face.
Get Martha’s key, address, then go talk to her on the roof (optional).
Get to Martha’s condo. Wait for the tenant on the bench.
Get to Martha’s apartment and wait for her. Make an angry face when talking to her.
It doesn’t matter how you answer during the interrogation – the ending will be Justice.


Do the same thing as during the Justice route. Let Mike beat you up.
Make a disgusted face while talking to the tenant. Then act confident, so that he doesn’t alert the police.
Smile, when talking to Martha in her apartment.
During the interrogation, try to raise your confidence meter.
When done correctly, you’ll get the Judgement ending.


Do the same thing as for Justice and Judgement, however:
• In the tutorial, make a sad face for the dog question, as well as for the enemy question.
• Let Mike beat you up
• During the interrogation, keep your confidence as low as possible


In school, wander off to the Boiler rooms. You have to choose the door, from which the song can be heard the loudest. Upon meeting the Empress, don’t close your eyes

Wheel of fortune

Do the same as for Death. Close your eyes in the Empress room. Talk to the Machine afterwards.

The hanged man

After completing Wheel of fortune and acquiring the Wheel, get to the roof encounter. Always smile, make a sad face on “I just don’t think I can trust you guys”, then Smile at “I don’t know anything”. When in the forest, swap the reel on the projector with the one you have. Ride your boat along the river.

The fool

Do the same steps as for The hanged man, except without the Wheel. Take the reel off the projector, leaving it empty. Ride the boat.

The high priestess

Do the same steps, but don’t interact with the projector at all. Ride the boat.

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