Weird West – How To Capture?

Weird West – How To Capture? 1 -
Weird West – How To Capture? 1 -

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Capturing Bounty Targets while keeping Them Alive

You don’t have to do much more than knock out your bounty targets and handcuff them to capture them alive. After you have knocked out your bounty targets, you will be able to handcuff the criminals and then deliver the handcuffed criminals back to the sheriff to receive your reward.

First, you need to sneak up behind your target to attack from behind. Be careful, as if you are caught, you won’t be able to kidnap the target and will have to kill them.

Additional rewards from the sheriff include more money and additional bonuses for keeping bounty targets alive as you capture them. It is much easier to kill your targets, but capturing them alive is the best option if you want to get more out of your bounty hunting.

It is extremely unlikely that you will be capable of successfully capturing all bounty targets alive in Weird West. Shelby Cross, one of the bounty-hunting targets, will have to be killed. However, most bounty-hunting targets can be taken alive.


How to get bounty targets Knock Out?

It can be challenging to put your enemy to sleep. This requires a lot of finesse. After sneaking up behind a bounty victim without being noticed, a prompt will pop up that will allow you to knock them out. Once you have eliminated a target, you can move toward the Sheriff by removing their corpses.

You can still kill knocked-out targets using a melee strike, but be careful. This will ensure that the target doesn’t wake up, but you’ll still get a smaller reward for turning over a dead target.


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