Core Keeper – How to Fish?

Core Keeper – How to Fish? 1 -
Core Keeper – How to Fish? 1 -

Hello and welcome. We hope you find our Core Keeper – How to Fish? Guide to be useful.

Core Keeper comes with a fishing minigame. It has a graphical indicator that shows how far you have advanced in the game. This guide will teach you everything you need about fishing in Core Keeper.


Instructions for fishing in Core Keeper

Core Keeper can only be fished if you have a fishing pole. You can make one from the tin or find one in a large crate. Once you have a fishing pole, the next step is casting it where bubbles rise to the surface. Then, press the cast button again once the bait has been submerged. The minigame’s objective is to move the fish to one side of the bar, pay attention to its color, and stop the game when it turns red.

To acquire a fishing rod, your character must first be able to access the tin. Tin is found in the clay biome. This color is indicated on your map by the orange on the ground. To access a new collection of tools, you will need a workbench made from the tin once you have enough. You can also try your luck by looking in abandoned crates for a wooden fishing rod.

The fishing minigame is similar to many others that have been previously featured. When the fish is regular in color, you should start to reel it in. Once it turns red, you should stop. You could break the line if you pull too hard on the fish fighting you. This can cause damage to your fishing rod and make it impossible to keep the fish you catch.

Depending on the species of fish you are trying to catch, there will be many challenges. This means upgrading your fishing rod and other tools in your toolbox. This will ensure you are prepared for any challenge, regardless of what species of fish you are fishing for. As you progress through the fishing journey, your fishing skills will improve. This allows you to acquire new skills that will make it easier to catch a fish when you use them.

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