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As the title says, this is a detailed composition of currently known information about the recent 1.4.0 update’s new feature, crafting. All of this information was collected by me in this current version of the game; it might change with future patches, and it is definitely incomplete as of now. I will update the guide as more information becomes publicly available and/or when I progress further into my new playthrough. If you have any suggestions or corrections to make, feel free to leave them in the comments.



Crafting in this game is fairly simple; as early on as in the tutorial, you can craft things by going into your inventory and clicking on the craft tab near the bottom. It seems that, for the most part, crafting is meant to complement your builds. Some of these are pretty intuitive (crafting medical kits with first aid) and some are not (you need weird science, not big guns, to make flamethrower fuel). The more complicated part is getting recipes, and that’s what this guide primarily focuses on. 
In what has been discovered so far, certain trends have emerged:

  • With more common items like ammo and medical kits, only scrap is required for crafting, which basically allows you to buy these items on the go by using scrap as currency without needing merchants. 
  • Pretty much every normal item requires scrap to craft; special items do not, and instead use various junk items. Be wary that many of these items are still labeled as junk in your inventory and not as crafting components, so be mindful of what you sell once you find a recipe you are interested in. 
  • Weapon and armor mods basically allow you to pay scrap in order to upgrade your mods. Note, however, that this system is NOT exhaustive. Some mods can not be crafted or upgraded. It is unknown whether this is due to bugs/oversights or if the developers intentionally left some mods uncraftable for balance reasons.

Please note that this guide is composed of information I personally gathered, so in its current state it is far from complete and will be updated as time goes on. 

Skill-Related Recipes, Part 1/2

These recipes are the most basic – level up your skills high enough and you automatically unlock the recipes. This also works retroactively; logging in to an old save from before the update will immediately teach you all the skill-based recipes for which you are eligible. As far as I have been able to test, they only unlock from raising one skill; there are no recipes that need a specific perk or multiple different skills. 
As of now, the only skills that give you crafting recipes are armor modding, automatic weapons, explosives, first aid, mechanics, small arms, sniper rifles, weapon modding, and weird science. 

Armor Modding



Item NameSkill LevelScrap CostOther Ingredients
Cardio Regulator3691x Muscle Tissue
Elastosprings3341x Turret Chassis
Tactical HUD3341x LED Matrix
Combat Belt4701x Wolverine Fur
Titanium Crest4431x Glance Plates
Trauma Plate Insert4871x Aramid Pads
Viscoelastic Plates4431x Hydraskin Panels
Reflex Rails5541x Elastosprings, 1x Titanium Plating
Sensory Shroud5431x Impact Foam
Personnel Drive6431x Exoknee
Plasma Capsule6871x Pocket Doc
Targeting Processor6541x Tactical HUD, 1x Optical Sensor
Polyxylylene Barrier7871x Ablative Spray
Vital Enhancer7911x Cardio Regulator, 1x Pheromone Sack
Ceramo-Silk Patches8561x Viscoelastic Plates, 1x Icy Carapace Shard
Chobham Scrap Plates81121x Trauma Plate Insert, 1x Purified Tar
Hermes Coils8731x Reflex Rails, 1x Reactor Core
Molybdenum-Alloy Dome8491x Titanium Chest, 1x Titanium Plating
Hemoglobin Module91191x Plasma Capsule, 1x Pheromone Sack
Threat Intelligence9731x Targeting Processor, 1x Combat Analysis Processor
Accelerator Skeleton10491x Personnel Drive, 1x Turret Chassis
Crispr Box101281x Vital Enhancer, 1x Frozen Heart
Head Gear Platform10491x Sensory Shroud, 1x Optical Sensor
Phase Temper Controller101121x Polyxylylene Barrier, 1x Combat Analysis Processor


Weapon Modding



Item NameSkill LevelScrap CostOther Ingredients
Extended Mag3631x Long Mag WARNING: This appears to be uncraftable right now, as it requires the recipe for a long mag, not an actual long mag.
Columbium Barrel4871x Alloy Barrel
Cylinder Choke4871x Wide Choke
Grooved Grip4871x Tactical Grip
Max Capacity Mag4821x Extended Mag
Red Dot Scope4631x Reflex Scope
Tactical Light4871x Underbarrel Light
32mm Magnifying Scope5631x 21mm Magnifying Scope
Broach-Rifled Barrel51161x Cut-Rifled Barrel
Extra Full Choke51161x Full Choke
Rubber Grip51211x Tape Grip
Heavy Weights6871x Arc Weights
Holographic Scope6821x Red Dot Scope
Open Cylinder Choke61501x Cylinder Choke
Sound Suppressor61351x Blast Muffler
SWAT Light61501x Tactical Light
Symmetrical Weights61161x Balancing Weights
38mm Magnifying Scope7821x 32mm Magnifying Scope
Extra Turkey Choke71911x Extra Full Choke
Overmolded Grip71501x Grooved Grip
Spec-Ops Laser Sight71161x Laser Sight
Titanium-Cobalt Barrel71501x Columbium Barrel
Ultraviolet Laser Sight71911x Spec-Ops Laser Sight
Grand Slam Weights81501x Heavy Weights
Hammerforge-Rifled Barrel81911x Broach-Rifled Barrel
Fiberglass Grip91901x Rubber Grip
Phase Silencer92611x Sound Suppressor
Counterforce Weights101911x Symmetrical Weights


Skill-Related Recipes, Part 2/2


Automatic Weapons



Item NameSkill LevelScrap Cost
5.56mm Ammo33
7.62mm Ammo32
.45 Ammo53


Small Arms



Item NameSkill LevelScrap Cost
.38 Ammo36
Shotgun Shells36
9mm Ammo52


Sniper Rifles



Item NameSkill LevelScrap Cost
.30-06 Ammo36
.50 Ammo510


Weird Science



Item NameSkill LevelScrap Cost
Flamethrower Fuel39
Energy Cells510





Item NameSkill LevelScrap CostOther Ingredients
Frag Grenade396N/A
Molotov Cocktail4344x Flamethrower Fuel, 1x Purified Tar
Shrapnel Grenade61261x Frag Grenade
Rocket10982x Frag Grenade





Item NameSkill LevelScrap CostOther Ingredients
Pocket Sawpup3581x Industrial Saw Blade
Repair Kit339N/A
Decoy4101x LED Matrix
Machine Turret4581x Turret Chassis
Ice Spike6521x Icy Carapace Shard, 1x Remote Control Chip
Laser Turret7931x Turret Chassis, 1x Laser Emitter


First Aid



Item NameSkill LevelScrap CostOther Ingredients
Antidote311x Acidic Sludge
Injury Kit329N/A
Suture Kit371x Muscle Tissue
Med Hypo439N/A
Medic Pack520N/A
Med Dart6641x Med Hypo, 1x Bolts
Crystal Clear7521x Toxic Spines, 1x Black Sludge
No-Glo7691x Glowing Ooze, 1x Acidic Sludge
Ultra-Morphine81311x Black Sludge, 1x Pheromone Sack
Nitro Spike101351x Muscle Tissue, 1x Frozen heart


Special Recipes

These recipes are less certain at the moment. They generally require very specific materials, and you learn the recipe for a “mystery item” as soon as you pick up one of these materials. The item you are crafting only becomes revealed once you craft it for the first time. It seems that these do not have any skill requirements. Note that most of the resources for these items are still classified as “junk” by the game, so be careful if you intend to craft them. 

Brandi And Troy – A Love Story of Dueling Diaries

– 1x Troy’s Diary, 1x Brandi’s Diary 
Both can be found in downtown Colorado Springs, in snow piles. One is close to the clothes store, the other is near the dumpsters to the right of the nightclub entrance. 
When fused together, they create a lore book describing part of their relationship. It appears that this book does not count towards the lore book achievement. 

Dog [Feces]

– 1x Dog [Feces] 
Exactly what the name says, you can find a couple of these buried near the chicken coop in Ranger HQ. 
This seems to either be a joke item or an early debug tool used for testing crafting. You use dog [feces] to craft dog [feces], so nothing changes. However, unlike other crafting items, you can not craft more than one at a time. 


– 1x sad banana, 1x brain jar 


– 1x The Bard’s Tale Floppy Disk, 1x Cloak and Dagger ROM 
The floppy disk can be found in a locker in MacTavish’s room, in Colorado Springs. 


– 1x Leopard Print Handcuffs, 1x Candy Cane Cat ‘o Nine Tails, 1x Broken Cage 
The handcuffs are found in a desk at the Ranger HQ brig after Hope moves in as the warden. 

Recipes Learned Through Schematics

Aside from skills and finding specific items, you can also learn to craft more items by finding schematics around the game world. These generally include the more useful items, but it also means they are hard-locked behind game progression. These recipes are instantly learned after picking up the schematics. 

Yellow Snowbomb

– 121x Scrap, 10x Yellow Snowball, 1x Snake Squeezins, 1x Frag Grenade 
– Requires 3 explosives to craft 
The plans to make these are found in Colorado Springs, in the Marshal armory room (lockpicking 4). 

Incredibly Real Doll

– 1x Football, 1x Human Bones, 1x Human Teeth, 1x Tangled Clown Wig, 1x Toad Tongue, 1x Muscle Tissue, 1x Pig Skin, 2x Toad Eye 
– The recipe for this is found in the Sans Luxe apartments, in apartment 5, behind a locked door (lockpicking 3). 
– Although it comes from a recipe, this shows up as “mystery item” until crafted. 
– Note that, as of right now, most of these components are listed as junk and not as crafting components by the game. 

Written by Papa Shekels

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Wasteland 3 – Crafting Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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