War Robots – Strategy Guide on How to Tank in Game

War Robots – Strategy Guide on How to Tank in Game 1 - steamlists.com
War Robots – Strategy Guide on How to Tank in Game 1 - steamlists.com
So, you spent your life savings on a pay to win game only to find out you aren’t the only one? Here is a more intelligent approach to “Tanking” rather than the conventional method. Please note, doing this will likely get you kicked from your clan simply because it is a lifestyle choice and NOT a scummy, rotten, no good, borderline cheating way to make sure your matches remain somewhat enjoyable. Also note, Seal bashing is not possible in this guide and you may encounter very closely matched (Need to actually play well and with strategy) battles.


Step #1 Save your Gold

Save your Gold (Au). Don’t spend ANY Gold. Okay, maybe a 4th Hangar slot but keep in mind, the more you spend the longer you will need to enjoy having fun on a budget in WR. 

Step #2 Save your Platinum

Save your Platinum, you will need ANOTHER Titan Soon. 

Step #3 Purchase a Titan

At the time of making this guide, Selling off Titans or components is impossible but basically you are buying another Titan. An Ao Ming or an Ox Minos are the titans of choice to purchase for this guide to work to the fullest ability at the time of writing this guide (May 2021). I advise against any other Titan purchase unless you have thought about it for yourself and it makes sense to you. 

Step #4 Purchase a Second Hangar Deck

No, not slot, Deck. You will need at least two decks for this to work properly. 

Step #5 Assign Your Decks

Only you will truly know your own rule. You will need one deck for “Beacon Rush” or “Domination” game types. And the other will be used for “Team Deathmatch.” The game modes are very different so chose your bots wisely. You will need Beacon Grabbers which are Light and fast bots. 
For the Beacon Deck: The abilities to cloak, teleport, or dash are desirable for end game. So, a stalker is a much better investment than a Gepard or a Cossack. Generally, these light bots pair better with burst damage rather than damage over time (Pinata is better than Magnum) especially for any sort of Teleporting bot. The idea is to be the first to grab the beacon. Living afterward isn’t the primary goal. I run 3 light “Beacon Grabbers” one “Close Range in your face high damage output over time” bot. Something mean with range of down to 300. The fifth bot I prefer to save for just in case I don’t have my Titan yet and my teammates can use some help. It’s also more encouraging for the team when all the players are still on the field. So, I usually prefer something with an 800m+ Range to help attack Titans and just get bullets (or beams) firing in the right direction. When I get to my last bot chances are the match will be lost but a little hope never hurt. 
For the Team Deathmatch Deck: a Damage over time “Tough to kill” bot is good for one slot. Something with alot of defense points and a damage over time weapon. A “Glass Cannon” Is important in case you get obliterated you can likely kill one or two bots on the way down and be in the top 3 of your team so if you lose it wont hurt your rank as badly. A “Missile bot” is a good idea. Generally having at least one 500m-600m range bot. Also being sure pilots have the “Mechanic” ability is an edge. The ability that slowly regenerates health over time regardless of beacon grabbing or killing is the most desirable. The ability to hold back from the match for a bit and regain some health is always a good skill to have. Team Deathmatch is Survival. If you are able to make it through the whole match with only one bot, you likely wont be top in damage but the object is to win and only losing one bot is more likely to allow your team to win. 
Having one long range bot (800m-1100m) for both hangar decks is highly advisable. This allows you to still play a bot and hold back and survive when all of your “win the match” bots have been destroyed. Also, not being able to spawn a player in on a team does go noticed subliminally by your team and the other team. To have at least the appearance of having all 6 players alive is important if the killing slows down. Sitting back and just helping the team with a little damage and putting fire on the enemy helps. A Gekko or two firing at the enemy will make the enemy subliminally uncomfortable most of the time. Sitting back and doing a bit of damage will also allow you to spawn your titan in as well. 

#6 Throw All of Your upgrades at only ONE Deck

The truth is, though it sounds like a 33% (one in three) chance you will land a Beacon Rush, Domination or Team Deathmatch. The truth is, it’s actually a 50% (Half and Half) chance you will either be grabbing beacons or just trying to do the most damage while staying alive. Regardless, upgrade one deck to Let’s say, Level 5 or Level 7. If you want to remain competitive on a budget, aim for level 9. Actually leaving everything at level 6 is the safest idea for anyone OCD. Since Natasha and some other Silver bots are already upgraded to level 6. It’s just at level 6, nothing particularly special is unlocked. Level 9 is just before the prices for silver and time switch over to Astronomical. Well, at least if used to be. If you’re using premium bots, time gets astronomical around level 6. So, I am defiantly saying your secondary hangar deck (Which ever game mode you are are less good at playing) could be only Gold/Silver Bots/Weapons all upgraded and left to level 5-7. Save your fully upgraded bots for what you are better at playing and continue to dump time and silver into the deck you want to win at. If you enjoy the extra 5 Au for top beacons captured, perhaps your strength is Domination/Beacon Rush. If you enjoy being able to use one bot until your Titan is ready, perhaps Team Deathmatch is your forte. Note: Upgrades go for Titans as well. Don’t put a fully upgraded Titan in your all level 6 hangar. That would defeat the purpose. The intention is to leave it to fate whether to lose or win. Always do your best even with your nerf hangar (level 6) but know the chances are against you. 

#7 There Could Be More To This Guide

I could write in personal strategies used. I would be happy to if recognition comes. Godspeed out there, Pilots, Keep it fun, real, and as always, only pay what you’re willing to lose. :Boa_Dull: 

Written by VisaTrade

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about War Robots – How to Tank (A more mature approach); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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