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War Robots – Purchase Guide for New Players 1 - steamlists.com

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What to buy first? What are the best options for beginners? Robots and weapons?
All about purchasing do’s and don’ts for newcomers!


Starting equipment

All players start the game with 100,000 Silver, 100 Gold, a single Hangar slot, and a level 1 warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/robots/6 equipped with a level 1 warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/equipments/4 and a level 1 warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/equipments/2.

2nd Hangar Slot

Most players will want to purchase 2 warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/equipments/1 for the Destrier and upgrade them to level 2 as soon as possible. Unlocking the second hangar slot and purchasing a warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/robots/7 will increase the player’s chance of surviving until the end of each battle substantially. Both the Destrier and Cossack can be upgraded to level 2 now.

The purchase of a Punisher Mk2 and upgrading it to level 2 is a good option for the Cossack. The Punisher Mk2 is generally considered the better option than the Molot Mk2 as it has higher damage and the Cossack’s speed allows it to close to firing range quickly.

The player can then concentrate on upgrading their robots’ weapons (up to about level 4) until they can afford to unlock the 3rd hangar slot and purchase their first medium Robot.

3rd Hangar Slot

Which of the medium robots the player choose first is debatable.

Going with the warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/robots/16 4x Molot or 4x Punishers has the advantage of only having to purchase one light weapon. Either combination can be deadly to Destriers and Cossacks, the Molots does give you an advantage of range at the cost of the Punishers very high damage at under 200m. If in doubt the Molots are a safe bet for the slower Patton. Continue upgrading your weapons to level 4 and your Robots to level 2.

Note: It is important to keep your weapons at least two levels above the level of your robots, this keeps a good balance between firepower and durability.

Your second medium robot will replace your Destrier so a warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/robots/10 can make good use of the Destrier’s already upgraded Punishers and will only need the purchase of a warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/equipments/11 to make it your primary close-range specialist (knife fighter).

A warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/robots/11 is another good choice if you have a bit more silver. With Thunder, Punisher Mk2 and Punisher, it will also make a great knife fighter.

warrobots.net – https://warrobots.net/en/equipments/6 for your Vityaz is a worthy upgrade from the Punishers.

You will be saving for your 4th hangar slot so it is important that you don’t spend any gold until you have secured it.

4th Hangar

You should achieve your 4th hangar slot at around player level 20. Your workshop will also unlock at level 20. We consider this the end of the beginner stage of the game.

General Tips


  • Think carefully when choosing a Pilot name as name changes made after your 2 free ones will cost 500 AU ( Gold).
  • You start the game with a Destrier. Resist the temptation to purchase another one. There will be many robots that are much better available soon enough.
  • It is recommended to purchase a Cossack as soon as you can afford one. This is a very useful robot and will serve you well for a substantial part of the game. It is a fast robot with the ability to jump which makes it a natural choice for beacon capturing.
  • When the Gl. Patton becomes available it is a good choice for your first Medium Robot as it uses 4 light weapons and you should already have a couple partially upgraded on your Destrier. The Patton has low amounts of health but makes up with huge amounts of firepower. As the in-game quote states, this “Universal Warrior” can suppress nearby robots with four Punishers, send robots scrambling for cover from the hard-hitting and long ranged shots of the Molots, pummel close ranged warriors from afar with four Pins, or blast a hole in any health bar with the terrifying presence of four Pinatas.
  • The Vityaz or the Golem are good choices for an early medium robot purchase when you can equip it with a Thunder.
  • Don’t upgrade your robots past level 2 until you have upgraded your weapons. Weapon upgrades should always take priority. You should aim to keep weapons at least 2 levels above your robot level.


Written by Lanf Grandje

Hope you enjoy the Guide about War Robots – Beginners’ Purchase Guide: What to buy first?, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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