Vampires’ Melody – Complete Achievements Guide

Vampires’ Melody – Complete Achievements Guide 1 -
Vampires’ Melody – Complete Achievements Guide 1 -

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Fastest route without the fluff



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*Save 1* 
> That is too conspicuous. Maybe I should remain in the darkness. 
———–achievement “R.I.P…” —————— 
*Load 1* 
> Go to the fire. 
*Save 1* 
> Normal people probably won’t believe a vampire’s words. 
———–achievement “There is no vampire!”—————- 
*Load 1* 
> At this point, what’s the difference whether I believe you or not? 
*Save 1* 
> Hide in the restroom 
*Save 2* 
> Don’t act rashly 
————achievement “No bad, still alive”——————- 
*Load 2* 
> Quickly tackle the guard. 
*Save 3* 
> Where to obtain them? 
> Run to the main road. 
————–achievement “Dead End”—————————- 
*Load 3* 
> We forgot to bring. 
*Save 4* 
> Keep running. 
————-achievement “Law is Law!”————————– 
*Load 4* 
> Stop and raise both hands. 
> Run to the alleyway 
*Save 5* 
> Continue underground. 
————-achievement “Welcome to Fluffy Store”————— 
*Load 5* 
> Climb up. 
> Forget it. 
> We should hurry out too. 
*Save 6* 
> Fine, the remaining amount of money is still a lot and should suffice 
————achievement “Become rich”—————————— 
*Load 6* 
> No! 
> Her old mansion. 
*Save 7* 
> No time to think. Quickly jump overboard. 
———–achievement “Just you and me”————————— 
*Load 7* 
> Hide inside. 
———-achievement “We will be back!”————————— 
*Load 1* 
> Find any room to hide. 
> Where to obtain them? 
> Run to the alleyway. 
> Climb up. 
> Keep a lookout. 
> No need to panic. We have our ID. 
> We’re only asking for directions. 
> No! 
> That hole in the tree. 
> Look for another exit. 
———achievement “What a miracle”——————————– 

Written by Rainbow Darth

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