Valheim – Warehouse / Storehouse

Valheim – Warehouse / Storehouse 2 -
Valheim – Warehouse / Storehouse 2 -
Smart storage solution for all your loot. Provided by the viking Gunlög.


How to build storage

Valheim - Warehouse / Storehouse 
This is not a noob guide. If you’re new to the game, learn the basics by playing the game, do not metagaming, it’s bad for your gaming experience 😉 

  • Use the 1m wood pole to get the floor pieces positioned above the lower chests. 
  • Build a new layer with chests. 
  • Fill in the gaps with 1m or 2m wood pole, both horizontally and vertically, to create the pattern shown in the picture. 
  • Put up signs, and name them accordingly to your own preference (again, do not metagame). 
  • Explore your world, play the game with some friends. 
  • Loot! Loot! Loot! 
  • Fill chests with your newly gathered loot. 
  • Profit! 🙂

(text on signs in the picture are written in Swedish, a true viking language) 
You may copy this guide, but since I put a lot of work into this guide, please give cred *lol* 
Best regards, 
Gunlög, mighty pir.. err.. viking! 

Written by astralmench

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Valheim – Warehouse / Storehouse, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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