Valheim – Basics & Info

Valheim – Basics & Info 1 -
Valheim – Basics & Info 1 -
A guide in development for Valheim.
All suggestions, feedback and others are welcomed!
The bigger the guide the better the support.Here i will place the basics, information and details, handy and interesting to know content and more.

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Valheim - Basics & Info


Valheim - Basics & Info - Controls


Valheim - Basics & Info - Audio


Valheim - Basics & Info - Graphics


Valheim - Basics & Info - Misc

Q n A

– Steam game ID:

– Pickaxe:
The first pickaxe you’re able to get, you’ll unlock the recipe after defeating the first boss.
// Kill the first boss, one of its drops is required for the most basic pickaxe.
After you get the first pickaxe you can go mine copper, tin, and make bronze to craft a bronze pick.

– Stone axe:
At the start of the game, pick up branches and stones off the ground, open your inventory and on the right side, Craft it.

– Flint:
Meadows biome there is flint on coasts.

– Can I move the server folder from the SteamCMD to the Valheim folder?
You will need to move the entire directory if so or else SteamCMD will need to download its update files again. Other than that the SteamCMD files don’t care where they live.

– Any NPC or something or only bosses for now?
There’s a trader, that’s about it for now.

– where to find the black forest?
It’s a different biome and the trees are different.

– How to build?
Craft a hammer. Equip the hammer. Press Build keybind.

– How to get leather quickly?
By only killing those who drop it.

– I know copper is in the Black Forest, but is there a special rock I should look out for?
just hover over everything, if it gots a name, bash it

How to make a server



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