Unturned – How to obtain the gold & Crimson Beret

Unturned – How to obtain the gold & Crimson Beret 1 - steamlists.com
Unturned – How to obtain the gold & Crimson Beret 1 - steamlists.com

How to obtain the gold / Crimson beret(s)

You obtain these two berets by
Either owning the berets in an older account
Or buying the permanent gold upgrade on Nelsons blog back in 2013
Or receiving it from a friend via a steam code
You get the veteran DLC Which in turn gives you these two items
A more indepth guide (Do note these items are now unobtainable) You needed to buy the gold upgrade back in 2013 of Nelsons blog. In which you would receive 3 steam codes, One for yourself and two for your friends to come play. The crimson beret is given out to anybody who played the closed beta version of unturned using a product key. The gold beret is given out if you’re the person who brought the gold upgrade.

How to obtain the debuggers beret

The debuggers beret can be obtained by finding a crucial game bug and reporting it to Nelson sexton
Most owners of this beret have reported dozens of bugs so don’t bother sending in one thinking you’ll get this colourful hat.
Very few owners of this hat them being:
fr34kyn01535 (Also the creator of Rocket.mod)
HeL|o42o, RagnarosPower, and thejers
NSTM and TheUnion
Currently obtainable however it’s not very easy at all. Good luck with this one.

White hat beret

Now this hat / beret is where it begins to get difficult to obtain this beret is by far the most difficult to aquire, You must find a crucial security flaw / exploit in Unturned and help Nelson fix it rather than abuse it.
This beret is not one to try and go after, Its better to just come across a flaw rather than seek one out (There’s a difference between bugs and exploits but im not bothered to explain it ;D)
Current owners of this beret are:
OWN3D (Hes the original owner will elaborate futher down below)
OWN3D Got the hat in unturned classic (2.0) For alerting Nelson about a permanent gold upgrade key generator glitch)

Experienced beret, Double experienced beret and Triple experienced beret

These three berets are easy to get, They just take ages!
The experienced beret requires 2400 hours or 100 days
The double experienced beret requires 5000 hours or 208 days
The triple experienced beret requires 10,000 hours or 416 days
These berets are quite obtainable they just take a lot of time to get. Most likely the most common beret on this guide

Early Access Beret

This beret is also very common among players, Just a bit rarer than the experienced beret as its no longer obtainable
To obtain this beret you had to of played unturned anywhere from 2014 – July of 2017 (Or before the release of germany)
Its now unobtainable and is still yet to become rarer than a few others.
Not much to say about it. It’s a decent looking beret and shows you survived the Early Access Phase of unturned!

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