Tunguska: The Visitation – Permanent Serums + Crafting

Tunguska: The Visitation – Permanent Serums + Crafting 1 - steamlists.com
Tunguska: The Visitation – Permanent Serums + Crafting 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, We hope you find the following page, in which we detail the Tunguska: The Visitation – Permanent Serums + Crafting, informative.

DLC and the new game will be available soon. I’ll go over the best and worst uses of the permanent serums in your first game to help you get going quickly and effectively. You’ll need the DLC for Ravenwood Stories and Way of The Hunter in order to follow this guide.

Refinfined and Purified Serum Crafting

To efficiently craft Refined Serums you’ll need only 100 points of survival in the Skill Crafting, but it is recommended to allocate 120 points to craft two at once.

It’s the most effective survival skill according to me.

Thanks to this skill, you don’t need any Superioror Premiumingredients for the Permanent serum to reach the Refinfinedquality level.

If you plan to create PurifiedSerums all ingredients need to be Premiumquality. The pre-stage serum needed may be and should be Refined Serum.

Reduce the impact of diminishing returns

In this game, the odds of diminishing returns are very high. Fortunately, this can be reduced by another 120 points of Survival Skill Medicine.

You’ll need to distribute 120 points to Crafing to reduce the cost of crafting Refined Serums. Then, you will need to donate another 120 points to Medicine to use the crafted Serums with a diminishing return.

You may be wondering how it is possible to gain 240 Survival points with no grinding.

Grinding 240 Survival Points

Start a new Game with the Occupation of Game Developer. Normal or Hardmode doesn’t matter for this method.

Only as a game developer you can earn 8 skill points per level. All other occupations get only 5 points. You can also give 25 points to anyone right from the Start.

Thus, with Survival Level 27 you would have 241 points to distribute. However it is possible to gain 7 points in the field of medicine simply by using items like Bandages, Vodka, Potassium Iodide Pills, or Serums that level 26 is enough.

Just don’t apply any permanent Serum prior to achieving 120 Points in Medicine.

What is the most efficient method to earn Survival points, aside from quests and strangling NPCs?

After you have reached 120 points in crafting you can begin to make Permanent Serum, and other serums.

It is best to buy the fishing huts that are available in Ravenwood and any other storage available and of course the farmland.

Harvesting seeds can earn you a lot of XP, for making the permanent serums, you will need to plant and harvest plenty of seeds.

However, you will find that this is probably not enough to make it to Survival 26. My personal grind suggestion is:

Grow potatoes, fry them and eat them, chop wood and start again with the growing. For everything you get XP

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