Trackmania – Installing OpenPlanet

Trackmania – Installing OpenPlanet 4 -
Trackmania – Installing OpenPlanet 4 -

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This tutorial guide will teach you how to install openplanet in Trackmania.

OpenPlanet Installation

OpenPlanet – []is a scripting platform for Trackmania that allows you to install a variety of custom-built tools and plugins, as wells as unlocking new features, such as Discord Rich Presence and expanded levels of editor capabilities.

To install OpenPlanet, simply head to their downloads page. – []

Click the pink button to download the most up-to-date version.

Trackmania - Installing OpenPlanet - Installing OpenPlanet - E8BD198

The free version of OpenPlanet might not permit you to use certain features. This doesn’t mean you cannot install any plugins, but some features might be limited. The full description is available here.
OpenPlanet’s Page – [openplanet.devOpenPlanet’s Page – [


Once the installer is downloaded, run it and let it modify your computer. The only step to the installer is to choose the Trackmania installation folder (The folder that contains the number Trackmania.exe). You can find it by right-clicking Trackmania in your Steam Library and browsing local files.

Trackmania - Installing OpenPlanet - Installing OpenPlanet - 9979154

Trackmania - Installing OpenPlanet - Installing OpenPlanet - 3D5A82D

Click “Install” to install OpenPlanet!

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