Tiny Rogues – Best Strategy on How to Defeat Mega Death

Tiny Rogues – Best Strategy on How to Defeat Mega Death 4 - steamlists.com
Tiny Rogues – Best Strategy on How to Defeat Mega Death 4 - steamlists.com

This guide will teach you how to defeat Mega-Death consistently. The biggest challenge for Mega-death is its massive health loss. It also does two hearts with tricky moves, so ensure you have as much defense as possible. This guide will show you how to do it regularly. If you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below.

Main strategy

As of patch 0.1.6a, the best way to beat mega-death is to use the sorcerer’s two level-up perks. (Even if doppelgangers are sorcerers.) Because it lacks base agility and strength, Sorcerer is more consistent. The sorcerer’s soul thief and mage armor abilities will net you 18 soul hearts. You’ll also likely come across natural armor, armored gear, and soul heart rooms. Arcane potency of 20 hearts deals 160% damage and provides a large amount of HP to tank a megadeath hit.

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Tiny Rogues - Best Strategy on How to Defeat Mega Death - Main strategy - E640677

All you have to do is choose a sorcerer. You can eat it if you have soul thief or arcane potency, but it will dilute our trait pool with strength and dex traits. (However, pure int is preferable in my opinion). Then, ideally before defeating the boss, aggressively re-roll to obtain a soul thief. If you fail, I recommend clearing the first floor and re-rolling for it.

If you still have dice, it’s worth rerolling. However, if your weapon isn’t good enough or you’ve reached your second trait, it’s worth picking strong traits and rolling for arcane potion around the floor 5-6 mark (to avoid mega death).

For priority rooms: If you don’t have potent weapons, weapon rooms or dragon boxes (are your top priority.

Cursed shrines(If you have arcane power, you don’t lose a heart or soul. However, if you cure it, you won’t get a standard or soul spirit). After acquiring arcane potency, you cannot activate blood shrines or open chests. However, cursed shrines are more valuable and completely free.

Natural armor is more valuable the sooner you get it(because armor will protect your soul and hearts that scale your damage).

Int food(is the best option if you aren’t sure you’ll reach max level before megadeath). Next, shops or blacksmiths (are good options if you need armor repairs or money to buy weapon upgrades). Then keys and bombs(are your last options. You can’t get drunk on soul’s hearts or heals, so you must enchant your weapon, get a storm in a bottle, Santa presents, or red dice.

Priority is given to gear and traits

23A113329666A: Soul thief has always been the top priority, and arcane potency can be very valuable, especially if you have soul hearts.

SS tier: Quick cast, Keen mind

S tier: Single out

A tier: Wisdom, Dreamer, Momentum(If you got dex), rage(if you got str)

B tier: Annihilation(using a good status weapon or just holding an injection for floor 10.

C tier: Glass cannon and colossal might. Precision, versatility, swagger, and lethality(, if you have dex)

D-E tier: Practically everything else

Untiered. Static blows can give you a shock, but it’s unlikely you’ll get a shock injection that you can use for mega death. Spellblade: If you do end up with an Int Scaling sword, daggers, sickle, or scythe, it’s great but not my best weapon until megadeath. Similar case with the power of Nature. Focus and mage blood are in the same spot. It’s nice to keep buffs permanent, but you can hold on to any important buffs until megadeath so they don’t make sense. My experience is that discharging is not worth having inconsistent mana levels. You can cull the weak with a rainbow staff, or if you have the triple infusion shop, a weapon that does a different debuff but is rarely as good.

Gear – Avoiding megadeath damage is crucial. This is why armor, dodge, and movement speed are so important. While having extra resources early on is nice, you will replace them later. Arcane potency, which will give you extremely high damage, is the most important offensive stat. Attack speed is, therefore, the most important. Anything magic damage or mana-related is fine.

Weapons: You want something you can safely clear your rooms with, but beyond range and usability, you are mainly looking for the best int scaling.

Overpowered weapons include: Zenith, unholy Bible(if taken up early in particular); spirit wand(ridiculous damage and absurd DoT effect,); rocket launcher; rainbow staff

Strong weapons: holy orb wand and frozen orb wand. It is a good weapon, especially if you pick it up early.



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