Sonic Frontiers – English Translation of All Egg Memos

Sonic Frontiers – English Translation of All Egg Memos 1 -
Sonic Frontiers – English Translation of All Egg Memos 1 -

Here’s a complete list of all the Eggman records available at Big’s Fishing Game. These recordings depict a Doctor’s perspective of Cyber Space and tell a little about his life. If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/make a mistake, please let us know via commenting below.

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers - English Translation of All Egg Memos - Sonic Frontiers - 2401AB2

Egg memo 1

I am being prevented from leaving Cyber Space by some force. Is it because my Artificial Intelligence gained unauthorized access to the database? If so, it is doing exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to!

Egg Memo 2

What are the G.U.N military crafts doing here? Sage has saved me from the worst, and it doesn’t appear to be manned. Is it a defense mechanism? I would like to know more.

Egg Memo 3

This area is constantly changing. I’m finding recreations of areas from the south island. West Side Island, even Angel island! Where does this environmental data come from?

Egg Memo 4

I have found elements from my eggnet, United Federation, and even planet donpa Kindom Race data! As far as I can tell, this Cyber Space is much larger than the islands and is gaining information worldwide. Fascinating!

Egg Memo 5

I am officially jealous. The ancient race once settled on these islands built the entire area. It is impossible to salvage the technology they used.

Egg Memo 6

It seems that the Starfall islands are Cyber Space’s CPU. Once I’m out of this place, I must secure them at all costs. Although I cannot access the data quickly, it appears that the entire history of Ancients can be accessed here in Cyber Space.

They also recorded their memories and their wishes. It’s almost as if they encoded their souls into this place. How can I then use that to my advantage?

Egg Memo 7

Who were the Ancients, you ask? They were far more advanced than my civilization.

The echidnas Pfffft

The Black Arms? Please

The Babylonians? Hardly!

They did not seem to influence the rest of the world beyond these three tiny islands. What kept them from conquering the globe?

Egg Memo 8

Multiple connections are being made between the ancients, the chaos emeralds, and me. Their technology seems to have been designed with emeralds as their goal. It almost seems like they have the same origin. I love a good mystery, but I wouldn’t say I like it when the answers are more mysterious.

Egg Memo 9

The ancients used a set of bizarre icons as a collection of keepsakes and totems. The Koco is using the same imagery to roam the islands. Did the koco inspire the ancients? Or did the Koco take the leftovers from the Ancients?

Egg Memo 10

Something certainly happened to the ancients. The islands were affected by a devastating event that caused severe environmental changes. They made some efforts to rebuild, but they were living on borrowed funds. They perished within a generation.

Egg Memo 11

Sage performed a diagnostic on my ancestral genetic data and then compared it against the archives I had with me. They are related to chaos, the God Of Destruction. Their DNA had corroded over many years to the point that they were transformed into a new species.

Egg Memo 12

I am deploying the most advanced artificial intelligence in the ancient network that spans the start fall islands. Sage is the codename. Sage will take control of the alien network and all its resources and give them back to me.

Egg Memo 13

Sage is at its peak efficiency! It makes me wonder what went wrong with Orbot or Cubot. Sonic is also being harassed by her, as she not only has control over the Ancient’s network. It’s amazing.

Egg Memo 14

Sage can’t seem to control the titans, despite her best efforts. Phooey can get them to act. But she isn’t able to take full control.

Egg Memo 15

Sage keeps running the numbers for me, and it is getting tedious. Yes, the power that destroyed the ancients was powerful. Yes, it would be catastrophic to unleash it on the world. But I am a genius. Once I’m out of here, I’ll find a way to deal with it.

Egg Memo 16

This is the most important Sonic Frontier egg memo. Dr. Eggman’s point of view. Sage has been essential to my survival in Cyber Space. I could detect hostile entities early, which helped me get past firewalls and keep me informed about my progress in the real world.

Egg Memo 17

Maria, my cousin, was someone I didn’t know. Everyone spoke highly of her as if she were something special—all that love for someone who was not there when I was there. But I have to wonder. Was she back then anything like the sage she is now?

Egg Memo 18

Sage made the hilarious jokes during her report. Sonic can screw things up so fast! He is the fastest living thing. She is a chip from the old block, I assure you. That’s what I mean by a program. It’s not like she’s alive.

Egg Memo 19

It takes just a few proteins to get together. That is possible for anyone. It takes code and electrons to make a true genius. If I could create life, she would be brilliant, loyal, and highly effective because her father is a genius.

Egg Memo 20

Sonic is on the island. Sonic is running the scheme. I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep without him. For a pure organic creature, Mach 1 of his violation still seems impressive. I’m a man enough for that to be true.

Egg Memo 21

It was Sonic who called me Eggman. I accepted the name, even though he joked about it. It became my own. His mockery is now a name that is feared throughout the ages. However, I won’t adopt Baldy McNosehair. My dignity has its limits.

Egg Memo 22

Amy Rose appears to have been dragged into this mix. Clever Girl. Since being an easy pawn for my schemes to ensnare Sonic, she has made much progress. It seems like she struggled to find herself. Sonic is a big ego person so self-identification can be difficult.

Egg Memo 23

Knuckles is also here (Cyber Space). What a slug. He is a hair-trigger, but it is also a boon if I can get him to move in the right direction. Wait! Wait! It is the power that will become mine. I am stuck here. Phooey.

Egg Memo 24

Tails is here because Sonic is here, so it’s not surprising. It’s a pity. Young power is a sharp mind with many possibilities. He’s crazy about Sonic. That could be the best option. I am grateful for all of his assistance at Station Square and the ARK..

He would rather waste his potential by lingering in Sonic’s shadow.

Written by Brian Morgansky

This is all about Sonic Frontiers – English Translation of All Egg Memos; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide!

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