Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How To Play Multi Battle? Guide

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How To Play Multi Battle? Guide 1 -
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How To Play Multi Battle? Guide 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, This Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How To Play Multi Battle? The guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

Multi Battles online in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line are enjoyable for players to battle in a multiplayer environment. However, it takes some time to wrap your mind around them, especially when there are bursts of activity during the process. The requirements for winning a Multi Battle become more clear each time you take part.

How can you improve your Multi Battles wins? The most important thing to consider is rhythmic precision. However, you’ll also need to arrange your summon stones abilities and party members so that they provide you with the best possible advantages. It is vital to create strategies that speed up the speed of your burst gauge’s recovery and reduce the damage you suffer in Multi Battles.


How To Participate In Multiple Battles?


Multi Battles are designed to help you earn more points than your opponents.

Rules sOnly A selection of songs from BMS is available for Multi Battles.

Each participant picks the song they want to play before the Multi Battle begins. A random selection will determine the Multi Battle stage.

You can’t choose a song that’s not accessible to other players. If a player in your room doesn’t have the Deluxe Edition, for instance, you will not be able to select any song from the DX catalog.

Even if you cannot reach zero health points the game will continue. However, you’ll lose points due to penalties.

It is impossible for any item to be used, such as potions, high potions, phoenix Down silver growth eggs, gold growth eggs, and Mog’s Amulet.

A disconnection penalty will be imposed on your account if you log out of Multi Battles in excess of times. Consequently, you will be unable to participate in Multi Battles for a certain amount of time.



(Ranked matches only) Rating points are awarded for the top-ranked players. They are calculated based on the margin of victory and the ratings of the opponents they defeat. Rating points for players who lose can be kept or deducted based on the same quantifiers.

Each player gets a set of four CollectaCards. The player with the highest ranking gets priority then the next highest and so on.


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