Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Bursts Guide

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Bursts Guide 1 -
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Bursts Guide 1 -

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Multi Battles in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line allow you to play with other players in a multiplayer environment. It takes some time to grasp the concepts, especially if there is a lot involved. Participating in Multi Battles makes it easier to see the requirements for victory.

Bursts are a type if gameplay modifier that rivals can also cast on one another in Multi Battles. To use a burst you must first defeat enemies and fill the burst Gauge, which is located below HP. Players can choose to host game rooms with or without the burst effect.

Different types of bursts

Mini Triggers – Because this burst reduces the size of the trigger, the timing needs to be more accurate.

Judgment – Any hit other than a Rainbow Critical is considered negative because of the more strict timing judgments that this burst requires. Judgment can also cause a player to lose points for Bad inputs or worse.

Gigantic Enemies – This burst makes enemies larger and increases your damage when they attack you for every bad or worse judgment you make. Also, any input less than Critical or Rainbow Critical is deemed Bad.

Fat Chocobo Time – Fat Chocobo enemies may be spawned during this burst. They will block your view of any incoming triggers.

Moogle Dance – This burst sends moogles dancing that block the view from trigger targets while they’re in range.

Chocobo Stampede – A type if burst that causes a herd of chocobos to charge a party member, reducing their maximum level of health, is one example of this. The number of chocobos involved in the stampede determines how much damage they do.

HP Swap – This burst changes the health totals of both the target and the user.

False Triggers – This explosion causes strangely-marked decoy triggers that confuse the player. These decoy triggers vanish quickly, so hitting them is not necessary.

Point Freeze – Players will not be able to accumulate points due to this burst unless they receive a judgment of Critical or Rainbow Critical. In order to remove the layer of ice that is covering the points display and turn off the effect, the player needs to collect a certain number of ciriticals.

Point Freeze is a burst that prevents players from gaining points. This can only be done if they receive a Critical or Rainbow Critical judgment. To remove the ice layer that covers the points display and turn off its effect, the player must first accumulate a certain number ciriticals.

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