The Last Remnant – Leveling Theory & Game Mechanics

The Last Remnant – Leveling Theory & Game Mechanics 1 -
The Last Remnant – Leveling Theory & Game Mechanics 1 -

The Last Remnant is a game that stands the test of its time. It has great visual design and deep battle mechanics. This is my journal detailing my thoughts and experiences while exploring The Aqueducts. It is one of the most challenging areas in the game. This journal contains spoilers. This information may not reflect your actual experiences. I don’t pretend to know all the idiosyncrasies of the game.

Leveling Theory

Through previous investigation of the game, chats with experts and reading forum post I know that I leveled up my characters and acquired stats and arts correctly. I did not complete some side quests or guild tasks (dungeon exploration). I also made another mistake by not being sufficiently leveled to fight an important boss.

Forum posts and the like will show you how low BR players have no difficulty using a strategy. You’ll also find posts from players with all levels BR who are unable to continue the game. There will also be posts from players with different levels BR who have completed it. They had no trouble, however.

BR serves two purposes

BR is a measure how many battles you have fought.

BR is a measure how many battles your enemies have fought.

BR has no other purpose. BR is not used for any other purpose than the two mentioned above.

A player who gave me the chance to chat with him has a guide here and shared an interesting tip. “Play the game the way the developers expect you will.”

So I asked how developers expect you play the game. I didn’t receive a clear answer. This question can be answered. The answer is below. I was able match my BR of 42 with the upper boundary of The Gates of Hell’s base BR to win and easily win.

Source – []

Gates of Hell Battle Rank

***Base BR: 40-42***

From BR 45: 46-50

From BR 50: 53 to 58

You are locked in the sequence) with Jager, The Lob Omen and you will be fighting in the next battle (. I was again slightly underleveled and had to work hard to win. You can see how the developers subtly increased the BR ranges of the players who match a BR range for The Gates of Hell.

Source – []

Lob Omen Battle Rank

***Base BR: 42-44***

From BR 47: 48-50

From BR 52: 55-60

Q: What is the expectation of developers?

A: Each battle should be a relative challenge. No walking overs or picking on enemies who are afraid you. broken swords. Link whenever and wherever possible. It is okay if a few broken swords end up in your link. You will have other enemy alliances, preferably slightly stronger than your current unions.

If you have too many enemies, you will be aware of your limits. I have lost battles because of underestimating the enemy or giving them the initiative. At the beginning of battle, you can hear your leaders communicating this information to you.

Other game strategies, such as low BR, may work. However I doubt the developers intended for the majority of players experiencing the game in this way. I’ll let the reader research further.

One last point. The developers have mostly covered the scenario in which the player is above levels by introducing additional enemy boss BR ranges. I can only confirm that I encountered The Gates of Hell in BR 42 and that I was able to defeat them in BR 42. Imagine I was BR 45, and drew a Gates of Hell in BR 49 (drew. This implies that I drew an arbitrary draw in this instance of a BR 46 though BR49 – I’m sure the experience would have been vastly different.

When you consider what I said, inferring enemy BR as representative of the battles that the enemy has fought the game the developers intended, then The Gates of Hell at BR 60 has stronger attributes such as HP, strength, intelligence, and more. It also has significantly developed arts and stronger arts. This is why level 67 unions have problems with bosses at their upper BR range.

You can also ferment that thought to make The Last Remnant highly re-playable. The Gates of Hell, BR 40, is not as good as The Gates of Hell, BR 60. These encounters can be re-tried at varying BR levels, so finish the game.

The Last Remnant is a monumental of a game. It’s a grand masterpiece of game design, as revealed by its underlying mechanisms. Although it took me more than a decade to find The Last Remnant, I can at least say that I found one the most amazing JRPGs ever made.

The Gates of Hell

The Last Remnant Wiki – []

This list shows the bosses with their associated BR levels. You can then calculate your BR for each boss. I was unaware that the terrifying Gates of Hell were awaiting me as I walked through The Aqueducts. I took a step back, and looked at the Last Remnant as any other JRPG. I was BR 29, and was playing the game correctly, linking my enemies for harder fights for better rewards. However, I was easily losing out to The Gates of Hell. Although I was at BR 29, it is not a sign that I am under leveled.

As with any other JRPG, and following the principles I set out in the introductory section, I leveled my character abilities, weapons, weapon attribute and character attributes, and ended up at BR 39.

My goal was to reach BR 42 upon re-encountering The Gates of Hell. I also knew that I might level up as I went through The Aqueducts a third time. So I found myself in The Aqueducts at BR 39, following the instructions in the introduction, and eventually reached The Gates of Hell in BR 42. I was able to match the Gates of Hell base BR.

Gates of Hell did not make a dent in the armor of my union. My unions won or lost?

Jager and Lob Omen

As I was leaving off in the last section of the game, developers boosted enemy BR and I initially had trouble.

. I was at the exact same BR 42 as the original poster. Another poster stated that if you were below BR50, you would need five unions of 3. This is false.

This battle at BR 42 was won without losing a union, which is impressive even though the thread was about the Xbox version. I used three unions of five in this battle. Although luck may have been involved, I found that a change to my initial strategy was a huge help.

Although Emmy is able to trigger special arts such as Rush and David, I have not seen her do it. This is likely because these characters must be union leaders to have a chance to instigate special arts. Emmy was elected head of my second union. Rush and David were the other leaders.

I switched formations to Vanguard (Rush)) with the two mystics at the rear and two combat units up front with Rush. Emmy and her combat centerist union I set to melee formation primarily because of its mobility attribute which enhances flanking opportunities. I set Arrow of Athlum to David’s union’s formation, protecting the pure mage at the rear.

This union (, at least according to what I saw), will be flanked by Lob Omen. As the union’s first action, selecting “Strengthen Your Defenses”, significantly increases protection of the union’s flanks. This protects against Lob Omens often devastating flanking attacks.

In an effort to limit flanking to the innermost enemy supports unions, I sent Rush far left and Emmy to the right. I directed David’s union not to kill Jager.

Lob Omen flanked David on Jager’s union. I used “Strengthen Your Defenses” to prepare for the Lob Omen’s flank. I survived Lob Omen’s dive bomb attack with 25% HP loss. I was previously getting decimated (, and then I was caught in an) revitalization cycle.

Rush’s and Emmy’s unions were able to quickly facilitate the destruction of the supporting units by using area-of-effect mystic arts. My unions were able to quickly eliminate the support units of enemy deadlocks. Emmy’s Union controlled the outer left, Rush and David’s controlled the inner right, and David’s controlled the center. No matter how strong they were, the enemy was always within reach. Their initial battlefield numerical advantage and strength advantages were eliminated by removing the enemy’s flanking advantage. My unions had the flanking advantage by gaining a numerical edge.

Jager was taken off the battlefield by David’s Ex Machina special ability before the last enemy support alliance was dismissed. I don’t know how leader special arts are activated and maybe I just got a good one so to speak, but I was already in control of Jagar’s union and it was flashing red so I don’t believe being able trigger a special ability is necessary for this fight.

Battle won


Written by Sysgen

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Last Remnant – Leveling Theory & Game Mechanics, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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