The Cycle: Frontier – Solo Drop Tips

The Cycle: Frontier – Solo Drop Tips 1 -
The Cycle: Frontier – Solo Drop Tips 1 -

This guide will be a quick instruction on the most efficient way to complete a solo raid

1st Steps


Now with that over with heres your basic loadout

-1 Medium caliber automatic weapon

-1 Shotgun or Sniper rifle

-2 Grenades

-5 – 10 Stims depending on rarity

-2 First aid kits

-250 Medium ammo

-25 shotgun or heavy ammo

The bag and armour are up to you although I would recommend having a tactical helmet to increase your stamina (people arent accurate)

thats the end of THE MINIMUM KIT i encourage you to add on and tweak your kit


Now your going to always want to go on the easier map in solo for reasons i will explain later in the guide

ALWAYS SALVAGE INSURE STUFF YOU CANNOT EASILY GET BACK Like uncommon chest plates and helmets these are much harder than you think to get early game


Once you drop in immediately scan where the evac points are on your map the route your going to take is a crescent moon shape towards the nearest evac point this will give you plenty of time to loot and more flexibility in your route

Always prioritise quest items these will earn you faction standing and k-marks

This is the solo raid mindset: there is a 4 man group that is following you at all times they always know where you are and periodically teleport in front of you this group is pinged to your location at every gunshot you shoot.

so avoid monsters ESPECIALLY RATTLERS these things are hard to kill, reduce your health by a lot, and produce a lot of noise. If you see one rotate around it instead of fighting it, this makes your route faster and less compromising

once you make it to evac call in the pod and hide nearby wait until you see the “Pod is about to launch” readout at the top of your screen before getting in the pod

The Aftermath

Good job. if you made it this far in the guide i would hope you finished your raid without dying. now DO NOT SELL YOUR ITEMS FOOL you will need it for crafting more advanced items in the later game only sell old currency its useless and has no weight and a one to one trade ratio

turn in all your quests and your ready for another drop

Written by Bobbbobberson

This is all about The Cycle: Frontier – Solo Drop Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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