Littlewood – Beginners Gameplay Tips

Littlewood – Beginners Gameplay Tips 1 -
Littlewood – Beginners Gameplay Tips 1 -

After a good amount of gameplay and progress, there’s an awful lot I left until the end that I should’ve started progress on earlier in the gameplay. I thought it may be good for new players to know what to keep track of and what not to leave until the end.

These may seem mundane at first, but will help a lot later on.

You’re introduced to a LOT of mechanics when you start off in Littlewood. It can even be overwhelming in some circumstances. There is stuff I decided to leave to learn later on, but would be a lifesaver if I started on it earlier.

Slowly start work on the furniture requests of villagers in your town.

Working on these requests is definitely something I see streamers avoiding for the most part, but it is sometimes vital to make progress with achievements and the plot. For instance, When completing the first page of Bubsy’s requests, you will receive a watering can. This watering can can help breed/crossbreed flowers. Without this item, you cannot complete the museum.
The further pages of Bubsy and Toby’s furniture requests will unlock bridges, which are also important if you want your town to look somewhat decent in the end.
If you leave this until the end like I did, you might get frustrated with the general store/furniture merchant not having the item you need and having to wait an in-game week or so to get another chance at finding the item.

Sell at the market as MUCH as possible.

A villager, Toby, will only be unlocked after selling 100 fish at the market.
certain items need to be sold in order to attract merchants to your town (You can check this by going to your journal). These merchants are important as they will soon give you books, which in turn is vital to make it to the edge of solemn and unlock another villager, Arpeggio.
In the same vain, do not sell all your rare bugs/fish/items all at once. They may come into play at some point later on, so keep one or two at all times.

Do not forget about town wishes!

Town wishes are available at your office and can allow you to gain more energy in the day and plant more crops. It will give you a huge helping hand later on.

Seasons don’t really matter

Seasons do not affect anything except the bugs and fish.
Crops are not affected by the season, unlike other farming sims like stardew valley. Seasons go by pretty quick anyway, So don’t feel conscious about time spent in the day doing certain things!

Build statues as soon as they become available to you.

A lot of statues have individual buffs that can be given to you if you build them. They aren’t just decor, even though they count just as decor.

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Hope you enjoy the Guide about Littlewood – Beginners Gameplay Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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