The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – How to unlock The Forgotten

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – How to unlock The Forgotten 1 -
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – How to unlock The Forgotten 1 -
this guide will show you how to unlock forgotten!



Okay, so you want to unlock the bone wielding skeleton that can decimate enemies and transform into a flying ghost? Before we get into the complicated stuff let’s talk about how you even get to that point in the first place! To be able to start the journey you need to beat the lamb, but leeeet’s back it up a bit. How do you get to the lamb??? 
First things first. you’re going to need to descend through all the levels and beat mom for the first time, after that any runs should contain an entrance to womb after the mother fight. Once you beat mom’s heart in womb 2, there’s a chance for a devil deal room to spawn with an entrance to Sheol. If you beat mom’s heart 10 times and unlock it lives, an entrance to Sheol will always spawn. The final way to reach Sheol is to use We Need To Go Deeper in womb 2. 
Once in Sheol you will need to beat Satan 5 separate times to unlock The Negative. If you pick up The Negative after the mom fight then instead of ending the game when you go into the chest after Satan, you will be transported to Dark Room. You can also get to dark room by using any trap door in Sheol, this includes I AM ERROR rooms, Black Markets, and anything else with a trap door. The final way to reach Dark Room is to damage yourself on a sacrifice room 12 times, then any time you damage yourself on the spikes afterwards has a chance to instantly send you to Dark Room no matter what floor you are on. No matter what way you choose, when you get to dark room you need to find the boss room and kill The Lamb. Doing so for the first time now allows you to begin the process of unlocking The Forgotten. 

Unlocking The Forgotten

Okay, so you’ve done everything necessary to even be able to unlock forgotten. Now how do you actually unlock the darn thing? Well, its complicated. 
It is recommended to play as Azazel as you need to reach and beat the first floor boss in under a minute. Azazel makes this step much easier with his short-range powerful brimstone blast. After defeating the boss you will hear a muffled mom’s voice and running sounds. Once that has been completed you no longer need to worry about time and can loot the floor as you see fit. Make sure you saved a bomb though, as you need one to continue. Go back to the starting room and bomb anywhere. the first piece of Mom’s Shovel should fall from the ceiling for you to pick up. 
Here is where it gets a bit tricky so its probably best to play in normal mode and not hard mode. Don’t drop it for another active item as doing so will result in it disappearing after you leave the room. Don’t stop moving as once you pick it up mom’s foot will continue to try and stomp the player. This no longer counts as explosion damage so don’t try and cheese it with a host hat or pyromaniac. Using the shovel piece will stop the stomping for the current room, or stage if you are in boss rush/challenge room. 
Now descend all the way to the mom fight, don’t worry you wont get constantly stomped during the mom fight. While holding the shovel piece only the negative will be available to collect after the mom fight if you have it unlocked. The entrance to womb will be blocked off until you complete the boss rush, the boss rush door will stay open even after the 20 minute mark while holding the shovel piece. Once you complete the boss rush instead of a normal completion item you will get the shovel’s head. Doing so will stop the stomping. 
You may now continue as normal down to Dark Room. Search Dark Room for one room with a dirt patch in the center. Once found stand over the dirt patch and use Mom’s Shovel. Afterwards a blue spirit will fly out revealing a pile of bones in the center. Make sure to let the spirit reach the ceiling before leaving the room or you may not unlock The Forgotten. If everything is done correctly you will unlock The Forgotten and be able to enjoy his bone clubbing fun!!! 

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  1. Thank you, the information on boss rush always being open and putting it to normal mode really helped! First run after I read this post I got him, Poly in the first item room, inner eye on the next.

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