Terraria – NPC Happiness Housing Guide

Terraria – NPC Happiness Housing Guide 6 - steamlists.com
Terraria – NPC Happiness Housing Guide 6 - steamlists.com
A guide on Terraria’s npcs happiness and where to position houses. For planning or sharing your npc housing setup go here Terrarias Terrific Towns[llama3013.github.io]



Before the update of Journey’s End (1.4), NPCs would move into a suitable house and sell everything at a normal price. Now with the new update NPCs change their price or rates depending on their happiness. Their price can be minimum of 75% to maximum of 150% of their original value. NPCs that don’t sell items are still affected by happiness (except Guide). Their happiness changes depending on a few factors: 

  • Love/like/dislike/hate a NPC within 25 tiles 
  • Live in a biome that they like/dislike 
  • More than two other NPCs within 25 tiles 
  • More than three other NPCs between 25 and 120 tiles 
  • NPC is homeless



For NPC’s to move into your world they require valid houses. Houses need at least 60 tiles (including the walls, roof, door and floor) of an enclosed building with background walls and light sources. Background walls must be placed by a player for them to count. The building can be made of platforms but needs at least one solid block for the NPC to stand on. 
Here are some simple examples: 
Terraria - NPC Happiness Housing Guide 
More info terraria.gamepedia.com – https://terraria.gamepedia.com/House 

Housing Menu

Terraria - NPC Happiness Housing Guide 
The housing menu is accessed by opening your inventory and on the right hand side you click on the house above your equipment. With this menu you can move NPCs to different houses, evict NPCs or check if the house you made is eligible for a NPC. If you select the question mark you can check where you click and it will tell you whether a NPC can move in or not and provides a small explantion about the houses status. 

Biome Priority

NPCs have preferences of biomes and biome can overlap giving biomes many different combinations such as hallowed deserts, corrupted oceans or crimson snow. For housing npcs they only count what biome is the highest priority. 
Here is a list of priority for biomes: 

  1. Dungeon 
  2. Corruption 
  3. Crimson 
  4. Glowing Mushroom 
  5. Hallow 
  6. Jungle 
  7. Snow 
  8. Ocean 
  9. Desert 
  10. Underground, Cavern, The Underworld 
  11. Forest

Building at the border of biomes changing is sometimes good for npc happiness but be careful of hallow/corrupt spreading which can cause confusion. 
Terraria - NPC Happiness Housing Guide 
Here is an example of the gun dealer and nurse both being in their liked biomes and close to each other. A good indication of where the biome’s border is, is where the background changes to a biome specfic background. (remember that the npc position for happiness is where there house flag is) 

NPC Positioning

NPC’s require to be within 25 tiles to calculate their like/dislikes of other npcs. The position of the npc for calculations is dependent on the center of the npc’s flag position. If the npc is homeless then its their location. The best way I have found to easily count 25 tiles is by getting a emerald hook which has a reach of 24.375 tiles. Other methods are getting the ruler accessory, placing torches to count, getting the fish/candy cane hook (reach is exactly 25 tiles) or just by guessing/counting tiles. 
Here are some examples: 
Terraria - NPC Happiness Housing Guide 
Here is an example of the best happiness for the angler but the tax collector’s house flag is just out of range of the 25 tiles so the angler does not calculate him. (Even though the tax collector is within the 25 tiles) The angler’s happiness should be at 84%. 
Terraria - NPC Happiness Housing Guide 
Here is the same example of the best happiness for the angler with the tax collector’s house flag is within range of the 25 tiles so the angler does calculate him. (Even though the tax collector is outside the 25 tiles) The angler’s happiness should be at 79%. 

Discount Card

Discount card is an accessory that can be dropped by the enemies in the pirate invasion during hardmode. It gives a 20% discount on purchases from npc’s including reforges. It’s drop rate is very low so it will take some time to get. I would advise to try to raise your luck (eg. place gnomes, touch a ladybug use correct torches for the biome and/or use luck potions) more info on luck terraria.gamepedia.com – https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Luck

I don’t care just want cheap stuff

If you can’t be bothered finding the perfect setup for you, you can always just cheese it by evicting every NPC within 120 tiles and housing the NPC you want happy and two other NPCs they like/love (unless it’s the princess she loves crowds). If it is night time you can walk away from the NPCs that haven’t moved to their new houses and when they are offscreen the NPCs will teleport to their new housing (if they you have spare houses). You can then buy everything you want from that NPC and then repeat this with every NPC you want to buy from. Just make sure none of NPCs you evicted become homeless and are wandering around near the desired NPC since they will interfere with the happiness of the desired NPC. A way to make sure the NPCs don’t stay in the area are to make more housing so they move into those houses instead. Another way is to setup the correct houses and then wire up a king and queen statue to teleport every NPC to a single location away from the desired happy NPC and then head to the desired house setup during night time. This will probably not give the best results unless you do this for every biome. 

NPC: Angler

Description: He gives you fishing quests which reset at 4:30am everyday. His quests can give you some good fishing items, fishing rods, pets, mounts, potions, vanity, wings and more. Some accessories he gives you are needed for the cell phone item. His happiness affects his rare item reward chance by a small amount. Great to keep happy if you do fishing quests. 
Sells: Nothing 
Unlocked: Unlocked by finding him sleeping ontop of the ocean water or on the sand in the ocean biome. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Tax Collector, Demolitionist, Party Girl Dislikes: None Hates: Tavernkeep Biome: Likes: Ocean Dislikes: Desert 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Angler 

NPC: Arms Dealer

Description: Sells guns and ammo. Good to make happy for anybody who uses high ammo gun builds. 
Sells: Sells bullets, unholy arrows, flintlock pistol, minishark, shotgun, quad-barrel shotgun, illegal gun parts and various ammo for certain guns. 
Unlocked: Unlocked when you have at least one bullet or bullet-firing gun. 
NPCs: Loves: Nurse Likes: Princess, Steampunker Dislikes: Golfer Hates: Demolitionist Biome: Likes: Desert Dislikes: Snow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Arms_Dealer 

NPC: Clothier

Description: Sells a lot of different vanity gear on different moon phases, locations or times. Good idea to make happy if you really like vanity items but that’s about it. 
Sells: Sells thread, tragic umbrella, vanity armour and vanity accessories. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after defeating Skeletron. 
NPCs: Loves: Truffle Likes: Princess, Tax Collector Dislikes: Nurse Hates: Mechanic Biome: Likes: Underground Dislikes: Hallow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Clothier 

NPC: Cyborg

Description: Sells high-tech items. I would make him happy if you plan on using a lot of rockets. 
Sells: Sells rockets, proximity mine launcher, nanites, vanity, night vision helmet, portal gun station, echo blocks and spectre googles. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after defeating Plantera. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Steampunker, Pirate, Stylist Dislikes: Zoologist Hates: Wizard Biome: Likes: Snow Dislikes: Jungle 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Cyborg 

NPC: Demolitionist

Description: Sells explosives. 
Sells: Sells grenades, bombs, dynamite, hellfire arrows, land mines and explosive powder. 
Unlocked: Unlocked when merchant is unlocked and the player has a explosive in their inventory. 
NPCs: Loves: Tavernkeep Likes: Princess, Merchant Dislikes: Arms Dealer, Goblin Tinkerer Hates: None Biome: Likes: Underground Dislikes: Ocean 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Demolitionist 

NPC: Dryad

Description: She sells plant items and can tell you what percentage of the world is hallow, corrupt and crimson. 
Sells: Sells various powders, seeds, grass walls, planter boxes and potted trees. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after defeating a major pre-hardmode boss. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Witch Doctor, Truffle Dislikes: Angler Hates: Golfer Biome: Likes: Jungle Dislikes: Desert 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Dryad 

NPC: Dye Trader

Description: You can give him strange plants in exchange for various dyes. He does not need to be happy since he does not sell much and his strange plants quest is not affected by happiness. 
Sells: Sells Dye vat, dye trader vanity and dyes. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after defeating a major pre-hardmode boss or the player has a strange plant in their inventory. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Arms Dealer, Painter Dislikes: Steampunker Hates: Pirate Biome: Likes: Desert Dislikes: Forest 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Dye_Trader 

NPC: Goblin Tinkerer

Description: He can reforge your accessories or weapons to change their modifiers. He is a great choice to make happy if you are power gaming. 
Sells: Rocket boots, ruler, tinkerer’s workshop, grappling hook, toolbelt and spiky balls. 
Unlocked: Unlocked by finding him in the cavern layer after defeating the goblin army. 
NPCs: Loves: Mechanic Likes: Princess, Dye Trader Dislikes: Clothier Hates: Stylist Biome: Likes: Underground Dislikes: Jungle 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Goblin_Tinkerer 

NPC: Golfer

Description: If you want golf items make him happy but if not don’t worry about him. The lawn mower is nice for stopping spawns and golf cart keys are good but you need to get a golf score of 2000 and beat skeletron to acquire it. 
Sells: Sells golf clubs, golf vanity, golfing items, paintings, lawn mower and golf cart keys. 
Unlocked: Unlocked by finding him in the underground desert. (Can be overlooked I didn’t find him until hardmode) 
NPCs: Loves: Angler Likes: Princess, Painter, Zoologist Dislikes: Pirate Hates: Merchant Biome: Likes: Forest Dislikes: Underground 
More Info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Golfer 

NPC: Guide

Description: In the case of this guide he is happiness fodder. His happiness does not matter and he should just be around to make others happy. Shows you crafting recipes, give tips and can be sacrificed to summon a boss. 
Sells: Nothing 
Unlocked: He spawns with every new world (unless using specific secret world seeds). 
Preferences: (not that you need to know unless role playing) 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Clothier, Zoologist Dislikes: Steampunker Hates: Painter Biome: Likes: Forest Dislikes: Ocean 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Guide 

NPC: Mechanic

Description: Make her happy if you are doing large scale wiring projects such as wiring teleporter’s. Most people don’t do anything with wires. Probably a good idea to get wire cutters to disable traps. 
Sells: Sells wires, wire tools, switches, pressure plates, engineering helmet, mechanical ruler, booster track, timers, wire bulb and mechanic’s rod. 
Unlocked: Unlocked by finding them bound in the dungeon cavern layer. 
NPCs: Loves: Goblin Tinkerer Likes: Princess, Cyborg Dislikes: Arms Dealer Hates: Clothier Biome: Likes: Snow Dislikes: Underground 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Mechanic 

NPC: Merchant

Description: He has a good amount of items to sell. Most are cheap and might not need to worry too much about discounts. Most expensive item being the safe at 20 gold. 
Sells: Sells tools, cheap potions and ammo. Some items of note mining helmet, piggy bank, bug net, sharpening station and safe. 
Unlocked: When all players currently on the world have more than 50 silver between them in their inventories. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Golfer, Nurse Dislikes: Tax Collector Hates: Angler Biome: Likes: Forest Dislikes: Desert 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Merchant 

NPC: Nurse

Description: Heals the player for a price. You pay more when playing expert/master mode and as you progress the game. If you die often or have her near boss areas for quick heals you might want to make her happier. 
Sells: Nothing 
Unlocked: Unlocked when you have more than 100 maximum health and have the merchant unlocked. 
NPCs: Loves: Arms Dealer Likes: Princess, Wizard Dislikes: Dryad, Party Girl Hates: Zoologist Biome: Likes: Hallow Dislikes: Snow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Nurse 

NPC: Painter

Description: Happiness isn’t needed unless you care about base building aesthetic. Probably use as a boost of happiness for the steampunker. 
Sells: Sells paintings, paint, wallpaper, paintbrush, paint roller, paint scraper. 
Unlocked: Unlocked when there are 8 npcs in the world. (Old man and travelling merchant counts towards this) 
NPCs: Loves: Dryad Likes: Princess, Party Girl Dislikes: Truffle, Cyborg Hates: None Biome: Likes: Jungle Dislikes: Forest 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Painter 

NPC: Party Girl

Sells: Sells party related vanity items, pogo stick and celebration gun. 
Unlocked: 1/40 chance every morning to respawn when there are 14 npcs currently in the world. (The old man, travelling merchant and town pets count) 
NPCs: Loves: Wizard, Zoologist Likes: Princess, Stylist Dislikes: Merchant Hates: Tax Collector Biome: Likes: Hallow Dislikes: Underground 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Party_Girl 

NPC: Princess

Description: She loves crowds. She does not have an overcrowding penalty. She can be added on as the third npc to boost anybody. 
Sells: Sells expensive vanity decorations, vanity gear, vanity accessories and a special music box. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after all other npcs other than santa is currently housed. 
NPCs: Loves: Everybody Likes: None Dislikes: None Hates: None Biome: Likes: None Dislikes: None 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Princess 

NPC: Pirate

Description: Make happy if you want a parrot cracker which its base price is 3 platinum and 75 gold. 
Sells: Sells two different cannons, pirate vanity, sails and parrot cracker. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after defeating a Pirate Invasion in hardmode. 
NPCs: Loves: Angler Likes: Princess, Tavernkeep Dislikes: Stylist Hates: Guide Biome: Likes: Ocean Dislikes: Underground 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Pirate 

NPC: Santa Claus

Description: He only stays on your world during real-time christmas (15th of december to 31st of december) or after completing wave 15 or more of a frost moon which makes your world christmas for a day. Before or after this date he dies. He can be used as happiness fodder for the princess. Most items are cheap. 
Sells: Sells vanity christmas items. 
Unlocked: He is unlocked after defeating a frost legion in which the summon item is only found in christmas time. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess Dislikes: None Hates: Tax Collector Biome: Likes: Snow Dislikes: Desert 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Santa_Claus 

NPC: Steampunker

Description: Good idea to make happy since she sells some nice items that are experience. 
Sells: Sells vanity block crafters, steampunk vanity, logic gates, jetpack, static hook, steampunk wings, clentaminator and teleporter. 
Unlocked: Unlocked in hardmode after defeating a mechanical boss. 
NPCs: Loves: Cyborg Likes: Princess, Painter Dislikes: Dryad, Wizard, Party Girl Hates: None Biome: Likes: Desert Dislikes: Jungle 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Steampunker 

NPC: Stylist

Description: If you care about your characters appearance it might be a good idea to make her happy but otherwise completely useless. 
Sells: Sell hair dye. 
Unlocked: Unlocked when found webbed up in a spider cave. 
NPCs: Loves: Dye Trader Likes: Princess, Pirate Dislikes: Tavernkeep Hates: Goblin Tinkerer Biome: Likes: Ocean Dislikes: Snow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Stylist 

NPC: Tavernkeep

Description: His happiness only affects the price of Ale, eternia crystal, eternia crystal stand and pylon. He sells the pylon only before you defeat the golem (because his store gets to full of items relating to the eternia gear.) He is not worth keeping happy. 
Sells: Sells Dungeon Defender 2 armour and sentry weapons using defender medals. 
Unlocked: Found anywhere as a unconscious man after the defeating eater of worlds or brain of cthulhu. 
NPCs: Loves: Demolitionist Likes: Princess, Goblin Tinkerer Dislikes: Guide Hates: Dye Trader Biome: Likes: Hallow Dislikes: Snow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Tavernkeep 

NPC: Tax Collector

Description: Generates money. His happiness affects how much money he generates and his money limit. If you struggle with your money and want to afk it would be a good idea to raise his happiness. 
Sells: Nothing 
Unlocked: Unlocked in hardmode when you toss purification powder on a tortured soul which is found as a rare spawn in the underworld. 
NPCs: Loves: Merchant Likes: Princess, Party Girl Dislikes: Demolitionist, Mechanic Hates: Santa Claus Biome: Likes: Snow Dislikes: Hallow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Tax_Collector 

NPC: Truffle

Description: Should make him happy to buy the autohammer or the weapons. He does not sell much but the autohammer is used to create some good items. 
Sells: A mushroom pet, a mushroom hat, mushroom biome solution, a mushroom spear, a hammush and a autohammer. 
Unlocked: You need to create a surface glowing forest with at least 100 blocks of mushroom grass with a house in or near it. 
NPCs: Loves: Guide Likes: Princess, Dryad Dislikes: Clothier Hates: Witch Doctor Biome: Likes: Mushroom Dislikes: None 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Truffle 

NPC: Witch Doctor

Description: If you are using minions it would be good to make him happy. He has some requirements for selling a lot of different items. 
Sells: Sells minion related items, imbuing related items and various fountains. 
Unlocked: Unlocked after Queen Bee has been defeated. 
NPCs: Loves: None Likes: Princess, Dryad, Guide Dislikes: Nurse Hates: Truffle Biome: Likes: Jungle Dislikes: Hallow 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Witch_Doctor 

NPC: Wizard

Description: The wizard sells magic items and can estimate your current luck. If you are interested in magic, you should make him happy. 
Sells: Sells magic components, greater mana potion, music box, ice rod and crystal ball. 
Unlocked: He is found in the cavern layer after hardmode is unlocked. 
NPCs: Loves: Golfer Likes: Princess, Merchant Dislikes: Witch Doctor Hates: Cyborg Biome: Likes: Hallow Dislikes: Ocean 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Wizard 

NPC: Zoologist

Description: She is a werefox that will transform while under a full moon or blood moon. Some of her items can get expensive but these are unlocked after filling more bestiary entries or require hardmode. Pet licences is mostly cosmetic but every pet you have on your world counts towards the party girl moving in. 
Sells: Sells animal related tools/equipment, furry vanity items and pet licenses. The most expensive item is the universal pylon at 1 platinum (but this is a end game item requiring 100% of the bestiary filled) 
Unlocked: When the player has at least 10% (53 entries) of the bestiary filled 
NPCs: Loves: Witch Doctor Likes: Princess, Golfer, Dislikes: Angler Hates: Arms Dealer Biome: Likes: Forest Dislikes: Desert 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Zoologist 

NPC (No house): Travelling Merchant

Description: Sells a lot of different things. They do not require a house to live in and every morning he can randomly arrive at a random occupied NPC house. The closer to the edge of the map the cheaper his goods. (If he arrives at the Ocean he will sell his items at the cheapest price). 
Sells: He sells something different every time he arrives. Sells many accessories that can be combined, some armour, some weapons, some tools, some pets, team blocks and a lot of vanity items. 
Unlocked: Can start spawning as soon as there are 2 npcs in your world (not including the old man or skeleton merchant) 
Preferences: Does not have any preferences 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Traveling_Merchant 

NPC (No House): Skeleton Merchant

Skeleton Merchant 
Description: Sells different items depending on the moon cycles. He spawns in the cavern layer. 
Sells: Sells yoyo items, consumables, ammo and magic lantern. 
Unlocked: Always unlocked. 
Preferences: Does not have any preferences. 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Skeleton_Merchant 

NPC (No House): Old Man

Description: He is at the dungeon entrance. He summons a boss if talked to at night. He does not move into a house. 
Sells: Nothing. 
Unlocked: He spawns with the world and respawns at the dungeon until his boss is killed. After the boss is killed he does not come back. 
Preferences: Does not have any preferences 
More info: https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Old_Man 

Town Example: All rounder

This town layout was taken off of this website: drive.google.com – https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Guide:NPC_Happiness. Then go to this website llama3013.github.io – https://llama3013.github.io/Terrarias-Terrific-Towns/ and paste or upload the data into the import town menu: 
{ "settings": {"multiBiome":false,"notes":false,"solitary":true},"towns":[{"biome":"Forest","name":"New Town","notes":"","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Zoologist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Golfer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Forest","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Merchant","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Desert","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Nurse","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Arms Dealer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Hallow","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Tavernkeep","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Demolitionist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Hallow","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Party Girl","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Wizard","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Snow","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Goblin Tinkerer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Mechanic","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Underground","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Clothier","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Tax Collector","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Princess","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Desert","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Dye Trader","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Stylist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Snow","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Steampunker","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Cyborg","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Santa Claus","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Jungle","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Dryad","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Witch Doctor","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Painter","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Ocean","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Angler","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Pirate","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Mushroom","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Truffle","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Guide","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]}]} 

Town Example: Author’s choice

This towns layout is how I prefer to have my NPCs happy. It focuses on getting gear for cheap, reforges cheap and getting better rewards from the angler. 
Copy everything below this line or download the data drive.google.com – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-BaOaibrEky0GUBnkGIQVpY1v0wIHFp5/view?usp=sharing. Then go to this website llama3013.github.io – https://llama3013.github.io/Terrarias-Terrific-Towns/ and paste or upload the data into the import town menu: 
{ "settings": {"multiBiome":false,"notes":true,"solitary":true},"towns":[{"name":"New Town","biome":"Underground","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"This town is just too make sure best prices for reforge.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Goblin Tinkerer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Mechanic","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Dye Trader","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Mushroom","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"Truffle sells some expensive items and guide is useless.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Guide","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Truffle","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Jungle","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"Witch Doctor has minion items that are expensive. Dryad synergizes with Witch Doctor. Painter just fills a position.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Witch Doctor","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Dryad","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Painter","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Desert","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"This town is to make steampunker happy because she sells some expensive items such as the cleminator.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Steampunker","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Cyborg","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Arms Dealer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Ocean","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"This one is to make angler happy. If you don't like fishing quests this can be changed.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Angler","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Pirate","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Tax Collector","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Forest","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"Zoologist sells alot of different items some are expensive. Golfer and Zoologist synergize. Princess fills up the third slot. She can be moved if preferred.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Zoologist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Golfer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Princess","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Underground","pylonStatus":false,"notes":"I like to happy Demolitionist happy so I can buy bulk bombs for mining.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Demolitionist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Tavernkeep","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Clothier","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Hallow","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"Merchant and wizard are nice to have cheaper but their items aren't too expensive. I find that it is easier to just move the nurse to wherever your spawn point is because the price doesn't matter too much.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Merchant","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Wizard","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Nurse","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Snow","pylonStatus":true,"notes":"This town is just for the pylon so if you don't care about that freely change this town. The stylist is only cosmetic. Party girl might have one or two things you want. Party girl and stylist are needed here for pylon since santa is only here for 15th to 31st of December or one day after a successful frost moon.","npcs":[{"npcType":"Santa Claus","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Party Girl","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Stylist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]}]} 

Town Example: Pre hardmode

This one is just a easy template for before getting to hardmode. I haven’t used it before so it might need some work. 
Copy everything below this line or download the data drive.google.com – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gtKOqLYRpi9m96phkt1hRB5mKdKxV7oH/view?usp=sharing. Then go to this website llama3013.github.io – https://llama3013.github.io/Terrarias-Terrific-Towns/ and paste or upload the data into the import town menu: 
{ "settings": {"multiBiome":false,"notes":true,"solitary":true},"towns":[{"name":"New Town","biome":"Forest","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Zoologist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Golfer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Party Girl","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Underground","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Goblin Tinkerer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Mechanic","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Demolitionist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Desert","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Nurse","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Dye Trader","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Arms Dealer","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Ocean","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Angler","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Pirate","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Stylist","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Snow","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Clothier","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Guide","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Jungle","pylonStatus":true,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Witch Doctor","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Dryad","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Painter","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]},{"name":"New Town","biome":"Forest","pylonStatus":false,"npcs":[{"npcType":"Merchant","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}},{"npcType":"Tavernkeep","multiBiome":{"biomeSwitch":false,"type":"Forest"}}]}]} 

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read)

NPC’s like or dislike other npcs or biomes. NPC’s have to be within 25 tiles of another NPC to like or dislike them. Use my website llama3013.github.io – https://llama3013.github.io/Terrarias-Terrific-Towns/ to plan/calculate npc happiness. Use this website terraria.gamepedia.com – https://terraria.gamepedia.com/NPCs#Happiness if you can’t be bothered using my website and don’t want to use my guides list of biased npc descriptions. 

Written by Llama3013

This is all about Terraria – NPC Happiness Housing Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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