Suzerain – Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland

Suzerain – Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland 1 -
Suzerain – Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland 1 -

A guide to min-max your walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation

Important things to note

  • Your budget has to be between -4 and +4 to avoid superpower trade war(turn >4) and black Tuesday (on turn 4)
  • You have to play as a corrupt politician

NOTE: I do not remember all of the things that happen in the game so any additional input and advice is helpful.


1. Pick the wealthy Background
2. Promise to Enact Democratic Reforms
3. Promote free market
4. Promote increase budget to either military, law enforcement, or health.
5. Promote independence.

Actions per turn

Turn 1

  • Veto Electoral Campaign Finance Bill
  • Invest in L-1 High-Speed Railway (give to Underhall)
  • invest 3000 shares in Arcasian company
  • Intend to work with reformist

Turn 2

  • Attend Funeral of Bernard Circas
  • Don’t enact economic relief plan

Turn 3

  • Don’t ban either organization
  • Increase budget of military, law, and health. Maintain budget of education.
  • Pay for Education of Serge’s children

Turn 4

  • Invest in Bergia (synergizes with Sarna Agricultural Zone and make Blundish happy)
  • Veto Worker’s Rights Act
  • Increase tax on corporations and decrease tax on small business
  • Privatize education

Turn 5

  • Do not accept aid from superpowers
  • Veto Religious Harmony Bill
  • Trade with Agnolia and recognize Hejiland Islands for cheaper steel and form alliance
  • Trade with Wehlen and close borders for during Smolak’s Operation Bear Trap

Turn 6

  • Invest in Sarna Agricultural Zone (Give to Taurus)
  • Spend vast sums of money to sway MPs (-4 wealth)
  • Don’t Privatize healthcare
  • Receive Serge’s Lucky Charm (Deactivates Assassination Ending)

Turn 7

  • Pass Unified Language Act
  • Privatize State Companies (1 becomes Majority state owned & 1 Minority state owned)
  • Accept Rumburg Whistleblower

Turn 8

  • Donate Hefty Sum to Sordish League of Women
  • Pick Albin as VP
  • Don’t Spend on Healthcare Spending
  • Attend Aschraf Anniversary
  • Expand Military Industry
  • Sign Less Smoke Bill

Turn 9

  • Sign Protect Women Act
  • Sign Women’s Liberation Act
  • Veto Human Dignity Bill
  • Sign Minority Rights Act
  • Don’t Fund Political Youth Group



During turn 1 state that you will work with reformist to amend the constitution. The changes of the constitution you have to make are:

  • Limited Veto (3/5)
  • Remove Supreme Court’s Vote
  • Assembly may impeach
  • Confidence Vote
  • Decrease Electoral Threshold to 8%
  • Do not change Presidential decrees
  • Two-term limits
  • Do not remove immunity of Justices
  • Abolish Immunity, retain position

Gathering Signatures
You don’t need the approval of both Gloria Tory and Albin Clavin to gather the signatures, you just need the approval of one of them. For this playthrough side with Albin Clavin, he will say he does not agree with decrees being unchanged. Offer him the position of Vice-president and he will gather the signatures.
The Assembly Vote
When the decision to lobby MPs shows you will have to pick the decision that uses 4 wealth to sway some MPs. Additionally, you will have to have a good relationship with the oligarchs so they will use their connections to convince some MPs to vote for your reforms.
Supreme Court Vote
You will have to convince Justice Edmonds to vote for your constitution by not pressuring her and say that you are reforming the constitution for “democracy”. You can reach out to justice Heron if you wish but he will ask for a bribe OR if you remove immunity from court justices promise to make him chief justice (haven’t tested this one). The negotiations between court justices are easier if you form the anti-corruption police with Nia Morgna.

Internal Politics and Factions

This section helps explain what you should do to deal with the problems and factions in your country.


Accept Marcel Koronti’s offer a meetinga and take Tusk’s bribe (ask him to double it if you wish) and agree to let Underhall build the L-1 Railway on turn 1. When you meet Marcel agree to his demands and later on make him the head of the Oligarchs (one of his demands).
Marcel controls the media so siding with him gives you a boost to public opinion and helps manage effects from Petr’s scandal. Making Marcel head of the Oligarchs not only fulfill his demands but also allows him to sway MPs to vote for you during the assembly vote.
You don’t have to do anything with the Reformists as changes in your constitution satisfies their demands.
Old Guard
This is the most dangerous faction that you need to be kept at bay. When they try to reach out to you to declare a national emergency reject their demands (politely). Once you form the anti-corruption police have them investigate the Old Guard, later on you will find out that they orchestrated the assassination of Bernard Circas with the help of Lileas.
After you find out the conspiracy you can arrest Lileas, which stops her from running as head of the USP and makes you run with the USP unopposed.

Your Cabinet

Increase the budget for the military and listen to Iosef’s demands to modernize the military and remove conscription. When the argument over who gets control of the Gendermarie appears, let it stay with the military.
Also don’t join the ATO or CSP and accept aid from Arcasia or United Cortana as this upsets the military.
Law & Order
Increase their budget and give the extra funds to Nia Morgna. Let Nia form the Anti-corruption police to investigate the Old Guard.
Increase their budget and when the decision prompt “Healthcare Spending” appears don’t as it gives you +1 to government budget to cover the costs for the nationwide vaccine campaign against the polio epidemic.
Maintain the ministry’s current budget and privatize some parts of the education system if the decision shows itself.
When Ciara asks to reform the education system DO IT.


Invest in Bergia and build the Sarna agricultural zone. When the religious harmony bill appears veto it. Attend the Aschraf Anniversary and depending on you opinion with the Blud either make a speech for unity or admit about the wrongdoings Sordland has done to the Blud.
Later on Leke will ask you to form the commission for minority rights and pass the minority rights act, do both.
Let Monica have her speech at the Benfi Festival. When the mayor tries to stop the speech diffuse the situation by pointing out his rudeness.
When Ciara and Monica ask to create the Commission on the Status of Women approve it and you will be given the two bills. The bills are Protect Women Act and Women’s Liberation Act. Approve both bills.
Pass bills that guarantee human rights.
Conservative & Nationalists
Fix the economy and (If you want) go to war with Rumburg.


There are certain decisions that you need to make as president.

Spy Scandal

During the spy scandal let Lucian know about the affair and arrest Livia Suno. Share the blame with Petr during the press conference and he will resign voluntary.


I let Monica make a speech at the Benfi festival and diffuse the situation with the mayor. Franc’s education only affects what he will be during the ending so its up to you.


These are the decrees I passed:
– Fair trade commission
– Rural Education Institutes


Pressure van Horten for cheaper steel price in exchange for recognize the island of Heljiland. Afterwards he will offer a military alliance, go for it.
When Smolak offers a trade agreement if you join operation Bear Trap. Ask for the specifics and he will ask that you only have to close your borders during the operation.
Up to this point it is impossible to trade with Valgsland but it is still possible to trade with Lespia if you sacrifice -1 budget. I am still not sure if it is possible to sacrifice -1 budget to avoid superpower trade war down the line.

Economy & Wealth


When trying to fix the economy you need to invest in projects that are not only the most profitable but also synergize with each other.
For this run make the L1-railway and give it to Underhall as it is not affected by the Worker’s rights act and also makes the oligarchs happy. Building the railway also allows Gus to offer you an investment during Petr’s party.
Invest in Bergia and build the Sarna agricultural zone as both synergize with each other. Give the project to Sarna as they are free as you promote Free market.


Here is the way you can increase your wealth.
Invest 3000 shares into Arcasian company. Accept bribe from tusk at turn 1. Either invest in a Vineyard or FC Anrica. Finally, give all shares from privatizing state companies to Marcel.

War with Rumburg (Optional)

This part is optional as your already popular and running unopposed. I only did it for roleplay reasons but if you want to win against Rumburg here is how you do it.

  • Increase Military Budget
  • Modernize military
  • Remove conscription
  • Modernize Airforce
  • Keep Gendarmarie in the Military
  • Invest in Military Industry
  • Accept Rumburg Whistle Blower
  • Ally with Agnolia

how to start war
During the Interview fro Kyrute answer any questions about Rumburg with accusing Rumburg in interfering with Sordland and that you expect that you don’t expect help from the international community.
During the AN meeting tell that Rumburg has nukes according to the whistleblower to disable Rumburg’s Nukes. Keep saying that you doubt the ability of the AN to settle Sordland’s concerns.
During the planning phase listen to Iosef and do a pincer attack and have Agnolia Support. The game will then skip to the end of the war where you will sign a peace treaty for Rumburg’s capitulation where Sordland and Agnolia annex territory from Rumburg.
Note that it is not guaranteed to win the war with this build but it is very likely that you win.


Congragulations you made Sordland a functioning democracy, an economic powerhouse, and independent. This should be the state of your country.
Suzerain - Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland - Endgame - 14371F6
Suzerain - Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland - Endgame - BBB576E
Suzerain - Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland - Endgame - 7022853
Suzerain - Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland - Endgame - DAF33B5
Suzerain - Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland - Endgame - BD3EA79
Suzerain - Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland - Endgame - E20981B

Written by aifkerenz

This is all about Suzerain – Min-Max your Walkthrough and create the best outcome for your nation guide for Sordland; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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