Super Life (RPG) – Walkthrough + Gameplay Guide

Super Life (RPG) – Walkthrough + Gameplay Guide 1 -
Super Life (RPG) – Walkthrough + Gameplay Guide 1 -

This is a full guide for getting to the ending of Super Life (RPG). It contains spoilers for every required action to see the ending of the game! (Screenshots will be coming later…)

Grandpa’s Ranch

If this is your first run through the game, I would suggest picking either Lucky or Rich as your perk. The former will be more useful long-term, the latter more useful short-term. To start with, head left and grab the duffel bag for $100. You can find your phone in the outhouse and your backpack in the shed, and using the well will get you a few free experience points. Grab the 3 eggs from the chicken coop, then talk to grandpa and progress the dialogue to get to the first major area of the game, Sun Villa.

Sun Villa – Downtown

Initially you’ll be confined to the Downtown area. There’s a few things to know before you get started. First of all, every level you will see a list of goals in the upper left: these are tasks you can do to get extra money (or later Klick Coins), and are always worth doing. The second thing is that this game is loaded with hidden items and events that you probably would never find without a guide unless you were obsessively hitting E on everything and walking into every wall. And the third thing is that you will only ever level up when all three gauges have hit the current target amount, so you can somewhat control your pace of leveling up.
First things first: talk to dad for some free exp, then head down to the Rokea store to the south and get a free sample to give to Sven. There’s also a red mushroom near Sven that’s good for a free 15 STR. Check the dumpster behind the gas station for some Death Sticks, the dumpster behind the pizza place for a free pizza, and the duffel bag beside the 23-Hour Fitness gym for some Protien Powder. You should also buy a 1-Hour Energy from the gas station and a Soda from the vending machine. Talk to John and give him the Death Sticks to get your first shoe upgrade. Give the 1-Hour Energy to Luke as well, and give the Soda to Lil Cowboy for his mixtape.
Next up, head to the tree beside the bank (it’s just north of Slimmy Sams) and check it to get Boliver. Then head further east past the tree to find a maze. There’s a blue mushroom back here good for 15 INT that should easily get you to level 2, and a chest at the end with the Bronze Key. The last thing to do in this area of note is to check the manhole back in the streets to go through a platforming section that will net you the Sewer Egg.
From here, you will want to get yourself up to level 5. This involves getting enough exp, STR and INT to level up over and over again. To aid in this effort, it’s advisable that you get the Pillow and Alarm Clock, as they’re very affordable and give you an additional hour per day each. Once you can, you should also upgrade to a better bed. Your main goals, however, should be to boost your stats to level up and get those level up goals met for easy bonus cash. At the moment the only job you can work is at Slimmy Sams, but for the most part you won’t actually need to work there if you’re collecting those level goal bonuses save to get more exp.
Once you reach level 10, the bus stop sign near the high school can take you to North Park.

North Park

Talk to Stan, Kyle 2, and Cartman for some missions. Stan wants you to talk to Randy, who is through the trees to the north, and then you’ll have to talk to Stan again, then go talk to Randy again. Kyle 2 has no real quest for you, but talking to him does add him to your friends list (which will help later). Cartman wants you to trash the snowmen in the field to the right using the giant snowball, and doing so gets you the Easter Egg and a tooth. We’ll be back later to finish the quests in this area, but that’s it for now.

Sun Villa – Park

Once you reach level 5, the southern area of Sun Villa opens up to you. There’s some stuff to do here right away. Tucker is standing nerby and wants Protein Powder, 6 Spinach, and 2 Rage Bars (the Rage Bars can be obtained from AmaZONE boxes). Check the tree near the center of town to get a bag of money; you can do this once a day, but using this tree won’t let you get the No Hand Outs challenge for that run. Talk to Fred and give him money. Head to Boozy to get some Cold Ones, and then give 2 to Rusty; you can give him an additional Cold One each day until day 101 for an extra 25 experience. If you can afford it, go grab a Game System from Game Shop and give it to Emily for the Aries Pendant. Finn wants an item that you can’t get yet, but talk to him anyway to find out what it is. There’s a Drone in the dumpster by the supermarket. You can press F on the biggest grave in the graveyard for some free experience. And finally, there’s a hidden area near Enrique (who will sell you his PC for $2,000, but we don’t need it just yet) just south of the community college through the trees with a Time Potion in a duffel bag.
Your main goal for this area is to get to level 20 to unlock the city, but you have some secondary goals too. The first is to earn $10,000 to put the down payment on the small house in the souteast neighborhood. This opens up access to an area behind that house which contains a Red Super Mushroom (+50 STR), Blue Super Mushroom (+50 INT), and Golden Pineapple. It also lets you chat it up with your neighbors: Mike is living in the top-right house and wants to buy a Smart Watch for $400, a Tablet for $800, and a 4K TV for $2,000 (all of these can be gotten from regular AmaZONE boxes). Karen lives in the house on the top left and wants a Take Out. Ron is in the middle-left house and can be extorted for $50 by telling him that John stole from you and at least $50. Tom lives in the bottom-right house and wants a Pizza and Soda. Jessica lives in the bottom-left house and wants 6 Groceries (she repays you) and 6 Premium Coffee (once again, she repays you). Once you have the small house, you can also use Enrique’s PC if you’ve bought it.
The next goal in this area is to get the $25,000 house (this will probably happen after you get to level 20, so don’t worry). Doing this opens up a few more neighbors: Ken in the top-right house wants a Drone and will give you a Blue Cap. Brie will give you 10,000 Cookies for the Cookie Clicker gmae on the PC. Wilson gives you $2,000. If you show Tony the Golden Pineapple, he unlocks his backyard and gives you access to both Papa Jay and Backyard Pizza. Papa Jay wants $5,000,000 (yes, really) for his mansion, but you can worry about that later. You can work at Backyard PIzza starting at level 22, and you will eventually want to get it up to rank 5. There’s a hot tub in your new house’s backyard that gives you a free 50 exp a day when you check it. And lastly, a portal to Spookytown exists just south of said hot tub.
The last thing you can do in this part of town is to get the Silver Key from Lich. To do this, you need to get a score of 25,000 or greater in Space Blasters, the arcade game found in the eastern pizza place. Then check the top-right, bottom-left, top-left, and bottom-right manholes to summon Lich and get your key.
While you’re doing all of that, you’ll want to get your General Associate’s Degree at the college (most jobs require either that or one of the university degrees) and to switch jobs to the best-paying option as you go. Nearly every business in this part of town is hiring, so this shouldn’t be too hard. If you’ve amassed 1,000 Klick Coins and have the PC, buying the Fake Degree instead of studying for the real one at the college is highly advised. Similarly, once you have the degree (fake or otherwise), it’s advisable to buy class points in the degree from FU that you want instead of going to class as your main source of class points.
Some other things of note: Klick Miners can be purchased from the Black Market and provide a guaranteed 1 additional Klick Coin per day; you would do well to get as many of these as you can at least until the cost starts to get too high to justify it (which is around 1,000 Klick Coins on a first run). You can input 1994 into the Secret folder on the computer to get 500 Klick Coins. If you get 1,000,000 cookies on the Cookie Clicker, you can get a free Klick Miner from Enrique (as well as a lot of exp). The Swole Pass can be useful for the next city, but it is not helpful until then, so you can ignore it until then if you plan to get it. And finally, you can convert Klick Coins to cash in a pinch by buying Casino Tokens from the Black Market and going to the casino in the west pizza shop, then immediately backing out.

Spookytown (1st Visit)

At this point there’s not a lot to do in Spookytown. Knock on the doors of each house to get 125 Candy, Poison, and an Apple. Check the bags beside the tent in the backyard of the house in the upper-right of of the first loop to get 50 Candy and a Tentacle. Check the duffel beside the furthest-northeast house to get 25 Candy. We’ll be coming back here later.

Sun Villa – City

This is the final area of Sun Villa, and there’s a lot that opens up here. You can grab some Oregano from the dumpster outside of Le Slice, which you should go take to John right away; this nets you the Teddy Bear and a Tooth. Take the Teddy Bear to Finn, give him a Video Game and the Blue Cap, and that finishes his quest line up to this point. Back to the city: you can find a Phone wedged between Spicy Boys and the Art Gala. Kyler wants you to make 10 eSports bets at Spicy Boys, and will give you a cut of the winnings plus access to his poker chip and stat-booster shops when you do. The soccer ball in the FU stadium can be kicked into the goals for 25 exp the first goal of the day and 10 exp per goal after, and can also be kicked once through the CostGo sign further north of the stadium for 100 exp. Talk to Laura until she asks for a Unicorn Frappe; you can get one from Harambean Coffee, they randomly replace the FrApe. Show her and Lolli it. If you’re playing as a female character, this will give you access to the sorority house. Chad wants $2,000 and $12,000, and will give you the Festival Ticket and a Torn Page; you will also get access to the fraternity house if your character is male. Ellie asks you to help find her pages. One of them is in the trash bins on the west side of the soccer pitch, one is being held by Chad, and one is behind a rock in the southeast that you need to break via a Strength Potion (obtain from Gold AmaZONE boxes). The Casino Pass is also back there, which gives you access to City Sushi’s casino at night.
There’s still more to do! Up at the Philo dealership, Margaret wants her purse back. You can find it in the passenger’s seat of the red cyber truck in the lot. Take it to her and give her that (she’ll give you a Letter), Boliver, and a Phone, then tell her you don’t have a CostGo membership. Head to CostGo and buy her meds, giving them to her. Further west is a house for sale with a $250,000 down payment; we’ll be getting that later. Go ahead and check the garage of the house southwest of the one for sale for a Briefcase. Boliver is in said house as well, but you can’t get any Cat Food in Sun Villa, so you can’t do anything with him yet. Chris is standing north of there, and offers to let you on his reality TV show. Doing this will cost you 30 days, but get you a Rose and Ring (or just a Rose, but that’s a bad choice) and an extra $20,000 when you talk to him afterward. Take the Letter and Briefcase to Harold, and the Ring too if you did the reality show. Over by Zoogle is Alex, but he won’t say anything to you until you join Zoogle. Carly by the hospital wants 3 Take-Out, and will pay you $400 for it. Once you’ve helped Margaret and Harold, she’ll give you 2 Dementia Pills to give to those two.
We’re finally done exploring this part of town! The goal here is primarily to get that $250,000 house, as well as a $50,000 cyber truck to park in its driveway. This will take a while, and will likely necessitate getting a degree from FU. The Culinary degree will give you the earliest access to higher-paying jobs, but has the lowest overall pay cap and also requires you to work for Backyard Pizza to access the highest-tier pay. The CS degree is the middle ground between the two, having early higher pay but lower gains per level. The Medical degree has the highest-paying jobs, though they start out lower pay and there are 3 degrees to get instead of 2. Which you choose is at your discretion, but of them the Medical is the most beneficial in the long run and the Culinary the least.
One thing you’ll want to do at some point is down that Time Potion and cross the bridge south of Costgo. This will start a “race” where you have to walk through glowing lights. They head through the CostGo gas station, behind CostGo, in front of Philo’s, down the street to the college, down behind the pizza shop, and then up to the soccer pitch. Roger will appear and give you the Gold Key. This should give you all 3 keys, which means Ellie will now give you the Spellbook when you talk to her.
Once you own the $250,000 house, you can talk to Quinton in the house directly south of it. Wear each of the shirts sold at Neumann’s as he requests to get 1,000 Klick Coins from him. When you get the truck, access opens up to the second town of the game, Golden Springs.

Golden Springs

Right away when you arrive, your truck breaks down, trapping you here in Golden Springs. Fortunately that isn’t a big deal and can be fixed easily, but let’s get started. Talk to your uncle to get 500 Corn. You can use the outhouse once a day for a free 50 exp. Grab the Bucket by the water trough, then gather the Apples from the 6 trees in the yard and water the trees as you go. You can find a Hammer on the pallet beside the shed. Go and sell those Apples to the trader to get some starting Corn to work with. West of the ranch is the carnival, where you can play a shooting gallery game for 25 Klick Coins. You will need to do this a fair few times, but for now you should do it once and only shoot red balloons to get the Red Balloon. There’s a duffel bag behind the prize counter (loop around behind the Ferris wheel) for 5,000 tickets. To the east of the ranch is a movie theater, which costs 1,000C to enter and is only open past 7PM. You can get the Shed Key behind the screen, as well as a Car Battery from the hood of the yellow truck. Open the shed with that key to get the Watering Can, which holds 6 water and thus lets you easily water all 6 trees each day.
Down in Golden Springs proper, you can find a Wrench in the mechanic’s shop (that shop is where you can fix your truck for 10,000C between 1AM and 7PM). Talk to Mark to get a Farmbook account; this will be very important soon! The dumpster near the gas station has $2,500 in it, as does the dumpster behind the movie theater. There’s 10 Pizzas behind Papa Jay’s (you can get through the fence), as well as a Console, Game System, 10 Games, and 10 Dog Treats behind the Halloween store. You will eventually need to get Punkin from that store, incidentally, so plan for that. Jocelyn is nearby, talk to her even though you can’t finish her quest just yet. The mayor wants 1,000,000C to reopen the hospital; this is a long-term goal if you’re going for a medical degree. Down at the train station, you’ll find James. He wants Take Out, a Pizza, a Phone Charger (you can buy one at Paulmart), and will give you a Hotel Pass. You can find $2,500 in the trash at the train station, as well as a Screwdriver in a duffel on the far west side of said station. You can grab Coal from the bin near the stairs; go ahead and grab 10 now so you don’t have to later. Lastly, head into the woods west of Paulmart to find a Water Bottle, USB Stick, and Willie (who will sell you Moonshine once you talk to him enough).
Take the USB Stick to the computer behind the pawn shop and use the new folder on the main screen to get the Secret I.D. Give a Cold One and the Water Bottle to Noah. Now you should go check the Farmbook section on any PC. This will give you free Corn every day based on how many friends you have; at this point it is your main income in this town.
At some point you should use a Time Potion, advance time to 3AM, and then check the clock tower in town to get the Clock Egg. You should also buy the Klick Miner from the Pawn Shop when you can afford it, it will pay for itself in the long run.
There are a number of goals in this town. The first big one is to get 500,000C to buy the suburban house on the west side of town. Doing this gives you access to the North Pole (check the mailbox at the end of the street), as well as letting you talk to your neighbors. Walter is in the house on the upper-left, and will give you the Cancer pendant. Doc and Dic are the same NPC, the former appearing during the day and the latter at night. Their quest is important! Talk to Doc to start it, then to Dic. Dic wants an iMicrowave (buy at the pawn shop), Lava Lamp (25,000 ticket prize at the carnival), Game Boii (give 10,000 ticket monkey to Brittany at the carnival), and Car Battery (from the yellow truck at the drive-through). Doc will ask for the Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver, and Flex Tape (buy at Paulmart for 100C). Dic will ask for better tape (Duck Tape at the Trader’s for 250,000C). Doc will open the teleporter for you to Area 51. Let’s take a break at this point from Golden Springs to do some of those stray quests.

Spookytown (2nd Visit)

Get the Punkin skin, make sure you have a Dog Treat, and be sure you got the Red Balloon. Go into Spookytown wearing Punkin, and immediately walk south through the trees. Talk to the Grand Pumpkin and get 100 Candy. Head to the west side of town and into a backyard to find Mr. Bones’ dog house, and give him a Dog Treat for the Crypt Key. Go to the north side of town and turn in your 300 Candy to the gates to reach the graveyard. Enter the Crypt and read the Book of the Dead to… well, die. Don’t worry, it’s not game over, you just have the Ghost skin now. Head back to the graveyard and walk past the grave with a skull on it to the upper left, then walk through all of the lights to unlock the first gate. Repeat the process starting frm the skull-marked grave on the lower right edge to unlock the second gate. Check the house and give Penny the Red Balloon to get the STR Stone.

North Pole

Head to the train station in Golden Springs and head on to this area. Your first goal here is to get 5 Candy Canes; 4 of them are just sitting around in the corners between buildings, and the 5th you get by giving Elfo 10 Coal. See Santa and take the Present he gives you to Finn. If he doesn’t give you anything because you’ve been bad, you need to clear your criminal status in Golden Springs at the City Hall for 50,000C. Once you give Finn the present, talk to him again, thne go back to see Santa for your reward: the INT Stone.

Area 51

Before you go here, be sure you have the Goats shoes from Neumann’s and at least 1 Energy Drink. Head straight right into the desert and check the rock furthest from where you start to get the Scorpio Pendant. Talk to the gate guard and give him the Energy Drink. There are two gates you have to open here with passcodes, which are obscenely obscure to locate. The gate on the left uses the passcode 6342, and the gate on the right uses 8583. On the left side, grab the Alien Key and press the button on the north part. Back in the main part of the base, grab the McSauce from the duffel and hit the other button. Next up, free the alien on the right side and grab the Farnsworth Box from the back corner. Back in the middle of the base, enter the area with the UFO and check said UFO to get the Coin Stone. And that’s it for Area 51! Be sure to give the McSauce to Dic and to talk to Doc. You should also take the Farnsworth Box to the pillar at FU in Sun Villa to get the Philo Egg.

Golden Springs – Continued

Now that you’ve finished the current subquests, it’s time to get back to the major goals! These are to unlock the hospital for 1,000,000C (if you’re doing the Medical degree), getting the Soul Stone from the Trader for 1,000,000C, getting Grandpa’s Ranch for 5,000,000C, getting $5,000,000, and buying the Train Station for 20,000,000C. Once you buy Grandpa’s Ranch, you will get access to the money trees, which give you $10,000 to $25,000 per day each (plus a bonus based on your Lucky prestige count, and potentially even more if it’s a lucky day). These trees need to be watered to produce money.
Once you’ve completed Area 51 and talked to both Dic and Doc, you will get access to the woods behind the ranch as well. There are 3 Golden Mushrooms, 3 birds, 2 graves (right side, press F on each), and some NPCs back there. The Golden Mushrooms are off to the lower-left, hidden in a small grove in the upper-right, and in an alcove to the lower-right. The birds are in the trees in the lower-left, near the center, and in the lower-right. Chevin wants an Action Cam and some Oregano; Russell wants you to find the 3 birds; and Logan wants an Apple. Once you’ve satisfied all 3, the Scout Master will give you the Golden Wrench. Todd is over on the far right, and wants the 3 Golden Mushrooms for the Golden Screwdriver.
Getting the ranch also unlocks Beef Ranches from Kenji down near the hotel, but these aren’t required. The Beef Ranches let you breed Beef Cows, which change in value each day. The Dairy Ranch lets you have a permanent automatic daily income source in Golden Springs.
Once you have $5,000,000 (the money trees will make this go fast), head back to Sun Villa and buy Papa Jay’s mansion from him. He wants 4 Oregano after that, and will give you the painting Son of Man for it. Once you have his mansion, check the backyard for a shovel, and the trash for Bold and Brash. Go dig up the Ring from the graveyard to the south. A few new things open up at this point, detailed in the next section.
It’s very likely you’ll have hit level 50 by this point. Once you do, go talk to Dad in Sun Villa, then check the mailbox outside his house to get the Art Gala Invite.
Buying the Train Station gives you access to Diamond Bay, which we’ll be covering after the next few sections.

The Wardrobe (1st Visit)

Before you go in, put on the Ghost skin. Each area here has a 90 second time limit, so don’t dally! Right away, go talk to Mr. Goat Man and make sure you have 1 of each potion. Next, head up to the barrier and use the Spellbook to break it. Make your way through the maze to the portal at the far end to the Frost Haven. If you have the Rose, give it to the Ice Queen for the Magic Boots. If not, go over to the left graveyard and dig up a Rose first. Talk to the ghosts in the graveyards to get their souls, then make your way through the maze to the final area, Dragon Castle. Here, talk to Crazyblobb to get Santa’s Key, then head into the maze. This one’s tricky, but for now stick to the upper path and go through the trees on the far upper-left side of the map to find a well with the Energy Potion. Click your phone or hit 2 on the keyboard to get back to the entrance, then use the fountain to get the Infinity Potion. You’re likely almost out of time at this point, which is fine; we’ll be back.

Spookytown (Final Visit)

Wearing the Ghost skin, head on in and dig up one of the graves on the left side of the graveyard to get the Eyeball. Talk to the 4 ghosts here to get their souls, then head to the far north end of Spookytown to find a cauldron. Add the ingredients and Magic Boots to get the Enchanted Boots. We’re done for good with Spookytown, but one last thing you can do related to it is to talk to Jaclyn after getting her sister’s soul while wearing the Ghost skin to get the Gemini Pendant.

Wardrobe (Final Visit)

The time limit per area is now down to 60 seconds, so you have to book it now. If you want to skip the first two areas entirely, use Santa’s Wardrobe in the North Pole. The Dragon Castle maze is complicated, so I’ve provided a map to help navigate it.
Super Life (RPG) - Walkthrough + Gameplay Guide - Wardrobe (Final Visit) - E418035
Once you reach the castle, talk to Austin to get the Golden Egg (do NOT sell this!) and Golden Ticket. This gives you access to Klick Ink in Sun Villa. You can randomly get Ice Cream to show up there, which you can give to Austin for the Leo Pendant. Lastly, Gryff can be found at Klick Ink and he will give you 1,000 Klick Coins. From there, he shows up behind Grandpa’s Ranch near the big tree in the woods, and he gives you 1,000 Klick Coins again.

Diamond Bay

With everything done prior to this, it’s time to head to the final city of the game! Diamond Bay is a very expensive place, so be prepared for that. There is a lot to do when you first arrive. Start by talking to RED and Sammurai. James wants Ear Pods and a Laptop, and will “give” you a Tooth after you do so. Over to the west is the Church of Yeebus, and you can find The Great Wave painting hidden behind it. You can eavesdrop on the men nearby to learn where RED’s pendant is. Yebus wants a lot of money donated, so we’re going to ignore him for now. In the parking lot to the south is a car with $2,000 in the trunk. Head up to the docks and check the duffels in the cargo container area for the Aquarius Pendant and the “Lady” Collar. Head onto the north beach and grab a Wine Bottle from under a beach umbrella, and a Water Bottle from a nearby cooler. Von’s going to want an Acoustic Guitar and some Oregano, which we’ll be able to get elsewhere in town, and will give you his record when you do. Heading back into town, make your way to the shopping district south of housing and check the dumpster outside Fat E. Cheese for a Pizza.
In the next area south of that, you’ll find AmaZONE HQ. Talk to Darrell and get the AmaZONE I.D. from him. Annie is nearby as well and wants some Ear Buds. There’s a small building called Disc Dojo just southwest of AmaZONE, where you can participate in rap battles. The rules are simple: the first one to fall wins, and you want to pick the attacks that best counter what your opponent used last. Diss wins against Bars, Bars wins against Flow, and Flow wins against Diss. There is also a secret fourth attack, Spaghetti, which does a guaranteed 50 HP damage and counts as a Diss attack; it can be accessed by eating Spaghetti at Luigi’s, and can only be used once (you can get the attack back by eating Spaghetti again). Your opponents are: Lil Cowboii (50 HP, special attack Yeehaw is always super effective and has no weak or strong point for countering), Bobby Q (75 HP, no special attacks), Dic (100 HP, special attacks Get Schwifty and Dark Matter; the former is always super effective and has no counter, the latter steals HP and has no counter), Yeebus (120 HP, special attack Gospel restores all of his HP), and Skittles (200 HP, special attack Killshot instantly kills you and can only be prevented from using it by using Spaghetti on him). Winning the Rap Battles gets you the Golden Mic, which gives you access to Dubious Records and contracts related to it.
Dubious Records is up at the far northeast end of town, just south of the housing district. You can get a Pirate Key from the trunk of one of the cars in the parking lot, which can be used to open either of the chests on the north beach. The leftmost chest contains a Sailboat painting, the rightmost 500 Klick Coins. You can get the other Pirate Key by giving Abbey near the Pear Store a Wine Bottle and Chocolate Heart (which can be purchased at Wonka’s just down the street to the east of the Pear Store). Over at the Stadium near Luigi’s, you’ll find Luigi Jr. He wants you to get his Diamond Ring out of the sewer, which is accessed by checking the nearby manhole. This results in another 2D platformer section, and does indeed get you the ring. Give it to Luigi Jr. to get $200,000. After this, go back to RED and give her back her pendant, then talk to her again to get her CD. You can also go talk to Sakura and Oyabun now, who are at the docks. They want you to steal a diamond from the museum, which is going to require some extra steps that we’ll be doing later.
Head south from the Stadium to find the gates to the AmaZONE Warehouse. Inside you’ll find a Home Pod in the boxes on the upper right, and the Golden Tooth in the fountain behind the warehouse. Back outside, head west and visit Elon in the parking lot. Give him the Water Bottle and get the Power Plant Key, then head back toward the AmaZONE entrance. This time, however, you’ll want to go south. The dumpster behind King Toots has some Oregano in it, and you can buy the Acoustic Guitar for Von there as well. Inside the power plant, check the passenger side doors of the cars in the parking lot to find a Phone Charger, some Oregano, and Elon’s Laptop. You can also find Gryff here, and he’ll give you another 1,000 Klick Coins. Return Elon’s Laptop to him.

Golden Springs – Revisited

At this point, there’s some stuff we need to do back in Golden Springs. Return there and talk to Doc and Dic, then give the golden tools to him. As a reminder, the Golden Wrench and Screwdriver are from people in the back of Grandpa’s Ranch; you can get the Golden Hammer as a 100,000 ticket prize at the carnival. Give 200 Pizzas to Kyle in the house in the lower left of the housing district to get access to his backyard, and grab the Joystick back there. Go into the backyard of the house on the upper right of the housing district and get the iStove out of the lower building. Finally, go get the Flux Capacitor out of the Delorean at the drive-in. Give all of that to Doc, then return to the Delorean and go to the future. Here, go behind grandpa’s ranch and walk through the purple lights. The lights start in the lower left and make their way to the upper left, through the center to the lower left, then up to the upper left and to the area where the Scout Master used to be. Step through the portal and claim the Time Stone. Then immediately get into the Delorean again to go to the past. Here you can find American Gothic in the shed on grandpa’s ranch and the Libra Pendant in a hidden chest behind city hall. Head back to the present, and go behind the tree line at the carnival to find a bed. While not in the Shadow Boy/Girl skin, check the bed to reach the Dreamwood. Give the 3 teeth to the Tooth Fairy to get the Fairy Egg.
This is also a good time, if you haven’t already, to invest in a Beef Rench and some Beef Cows (as well as a Beef Bull).

Diamond Bay – Continued

Now that we’re all caught up with stuff to do, let’s get to the main goals in Diamond Bay. The first major goal here is to get the $30,000,000 house on the far right end of the housing district. Once you own that, head into its backyard and go through the treeline on the upper right to find a small maze leading to the Pirate Cove Key. Take this to the Pirate Cove on the north beach to get the Pirate Egg. Buying that house also lets you talk to the neighbors: Dustin (who wants a VR Headset for a Klick Miner and whose garage will contain the Sword of Truth afterward), Jesse (who will sell you his RV for $500,000), and Sexy (who wants Oregano, a Saxophone, and Super Candy, and will give you the Museum Keys). Once you have the RV, head to the parking lot below the Church of Yeebus and take the RV out to New Mexico.
Talk to Walt to cook up Super Candy (which requires 1 Super Serum and 2 Sugar per 10 units, and takes 6 hours). You can find the Desert Egg directly to the west of the RV here, but only if you have the Enchanted Boots. To the south is a Candy Vat, but if you plan to cook a lot of Super Candy, you should leave it there for now. Once you have the Museum Keys from Sexy, go to the Power Plant and turn off the power, then check the side door of the museum to get the Diamond. Give that to Oyabun and Sakura to get $50,000,000. Talk to them again and tell them you’re the source of Super Candy to gain the option to sell it to them. You will also be able to buy new items involving Super Candy from Mitsuo, a merchant just south of Oyabun and Sakura.
Now that you have the Sword of Truth, you can take that to Randy in North Park (all the way back in Sun Villa!). He will sell you Oregano in his barn. Buy up 7 pieces, that will be more than enough for what’s needed. To recap, that includes giving 4 to Papa Jay and 1 to Sexy. You should also give an Oregano to Bobby Q near the RV, if only to finish his questline. While you’re in North Park, wear the Shadow Boy/Girl costume and talk to Kenny.
There’s some addiitonal use for Super Candy here in Diamond Bay. You can give both Annie and Willard a piece (Willard will also buy it from you en masse, but his prices are half that of Oyabun and Sakura). You can give 100 of it to Killex near the Stadium Hotel (ask for 150K, he’ll pay), then give him an Electric Guitar. Talk to him again to get his CD. With the $50,000,000 you just got, you should invest $10M of that into the Church of Yeebus and talk to Yeebus until he gives you his CD. Check Dubious Records after doing this to get your Challenge reward. Our next big goal (and I do mean BIG) is to get the Cat/Kitty costume from the Genetics Lab. At 100,000 Klick Coins, this is not cheap! I would advise working on Challenges and Ranks to build up your total, as well as selling the Tech collection on the AmaZONE tab of your phone. Whatever you do, DO NOT SELL THE GOLDEN EGG!

Cats and Washington DC

Once you have the Cat/Kitty costume, wait until 9PM and then watch a movie at the Diamond Bay theater to be transported to Cats. Here, talk to Claw (he’s in the small park just north of the left housing district). After he gives you the pass, go talk to Taylor on the north end of town, then check the factory gate on the right side of town to get the Cat Food. Go talk to Claw again. You can either distribute the food and talk to Taylor at this point or lie to Taylor about it; either way, you get the Cat Egg. Taylor will ask you to kill Claw; go ahead and agree to do so. If you talk to Joe in the house on the lower right, he’ll ask you to talk to the officer near the cinema; do so, then go talk to Joe again. Exit Cats, switch to the Shadow Boy/Girl costume and go talk to Claws. Then switch back to the Cat/Kitty costume, return to Taylor, and collect your reward of 5,000 Klick Coins. Optionally, you can return in the Shadow Boy/Girl costume after this and claim Taylor’s soul as well.
With that, you should have all 8 of the quest eggs: the Sewer Egg, the Easter Egg, the Clock Egg, the Philo Egg, the Fairy Egg, the Pirate Egg, the Desert Egg, and the Cat Egg. Take the plane from the Airport to Washington DC and talk to Donald. Tell him his offering isn’t enough for a free $1M, then give him the eggs. You will find 4 chests in the garden behind the White House with $25M each, and the Tomb of the Presidents contains the EXP Stone. When you return to Diamond Bay, you now have enough to buy Elon’s mansion, as well as easily affording the gold cyber truck.

The Grail Hunt

Only one major thing remains: getting the Energy Stone. For this, you will need 1 of each painting: Sailboat, Composition, Bold and Brash, The Great Wave, Son of Man, American Gothic, The Scream, Portrait of an Artist, Starry Night, and Mona Lisa. A few of these you already have from chests, the rest you can find randomly between the two art galas. In total you will need a minimum of $325M, potentially as much as $350M. The best way to get this kind of money is to get to max level in the Genetics Lab job, accessible from level 95 onwards if you have the Medical Doctorate (see why I suggested the Medical degree?). Once you have all 10 paintings, go talk to Luigi Sr behind Luigi’s and give him all of them. He will give you the map to San Ignacio, which you can use at the train station in Diamond Bay.
In San Ignacio, you will find a Gas Can in the gas station. There’s an entrance on the right wall of the left building that leads to a Candy Vat and the “Spike” Collar. Up north in the town, check the tall grave to get Treasure Map 2. Take the bus to reach Blackwater.
The gas station in Blackwater also has a gas can, but you have to enter from the side door to get it. Check the island on the far right of the southern shore of the swamp to get a third Gas Can. Then head to the main swamp bridge and cross over the right bridge, then right again, then up to a grave containing Treasure Map 3. Head back down, left, and left, then up, right, and up to find the ferry to the Jungle.
Head into the Jungle and hug the right edge to find a fountain containing the Temple (key). Then make your way to the upper-center part of the jungle to find the temple. The solution, starting from the top-right and going clockwise, is: sun, bird, man, snake. Check the temple door to go inside. If you want to get the Dead Walking challenge, choose the fancy Holy Grail from the Templar’s offering first and check the fountain afterward. Then choose the wooden Holy Grail and drink again. Now that that’s done, make your way back to Golden Springs and the Delorean so you can get back to the Past. Head to the fountain in the town square of the Past and drink from it to get the Energy Stone. With that, all of the Stone hunts are now complete!

Pineapple Island

To reach Pineapple Island, you’ll need a Cruise Ticket. One way to get one is to complete all 4 Casino Tournaments in Diamond Bay: the Seaport, Stadium, and Airport Hotels plus the Sushi Castle in that order hold consecutive tournaments for increasingly high required chip counts to win. If you don’t want to bother with that, you can buy a ticket from Mitsuo for 10,000 Klick Coins. Before you take the cruise, make SURE you’ve talked to Dad and gotten the Art Gala Invite! Board the cruise ship and set sail for Isla Pina.
Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a lawyer, who will give you the inheritance of your dad’s properties and 10,000 Pineapples (the currency of the island). There’s still a bit to do even now! Johnny wants 8 Beef Cows, which isn’t very many if you have any Beef Cow ranches back in Golden Springs. Joel will give you a fishing rod and challenge you to show him 1 of each fish type; all but one of them can be caught on the island, the last being possible to acquire only in Blackwater near the ferry. The last thing he wants you to catch is a Shark, which you can catch using Gold Fish as bait off the far end of most piers using the Ultra Rod (bought for 3,000,000P at the bait shop). He also wants you to have a catch streak of 50 times to complete his quest, which will allow you to buy Sharks from him. Obviously this quest will not get done right away, if only because you need 3M pineapples to finish it.
Cross the small gap in the fence on the right side of the island to find Rusty, who you can claim the soul of with the Shadow Boy/Girl skin. Dodgson is here too, and he wants the Dino Embryos from Mesozoic Park (which is in the center of the island). To get those embryos, you need to apply for the Lead Programmer job there (requires CS Masters degree). After that, take the Park I.D. and check the fenced hut in the back of the park, then grab the embryos from the shed and give them to Dodgson. He will give you a cool 1.5M pineapples.
Dad’s shop will make 5,000 Pineapples a day for you, as well as an addiitonal 1,000 Pineapples per Knight of the Pineapple level you’ve attained. You can buy the three houses on the north side of the island for an addiitonal 10,000 Pineapples a day each when you don’t sleep in them. Show the Golden Pineapple to Tony in the top-right house and be at KotP level 5 to get access to Backyard Pizza here on the island. And lastly, check the manhole to do the last sewer level and get the Dark Key.
Your main goal right now is to get 10M Pineapples so you can buy Mesozoic Park. Backyard Pizza is your best bet, as it will earn you 12,000P/hour once you get it up to rank 10. Once you have Mesozoic Park, start filling it with dinosaurs, and make a point of grinding 270 cows per day (assuming you have 3 full Beef Ranches and a Beef Bull, which by now you should easily be able to afford). You can also catch a Mosasaurus for the park from the dock where the boats back to Diamond Bay are situated, using Sharks for bait. The Mosasaurus requires 1 Shark per day as food, so you will want to finish Joel’s quest so you can buy them to make keeping it alive easier.
Once you have at least 6,000 meat on hand, head to the Den in Backyard Pizza at midnight (you need to be level 10 Knight of the Pineapple to be able to access it) and enter. Talk to the Black Knight, then head into the forest and find 2 Gold Bags. Proceed through the two gates, then find a third Gold Bag off to the right. Enter the third gate and talk to the Orc Chief, taking the ears from him. Hit 2 or click on your phone to get back to the entrance quickly and give the ears to the Black Knight to get one last Gold Bag. Return to the Orcs and open the last gate, then check the giant gem to open the path to the Shadow Smith. He will ask for the Golden Egg, 6 Stones, and Infinity Potion, and give you the Infinity Egg.
Your goal now is to have 100M Pineapples. Once you do, go back to Sun Villa and buy the Super Beach House from Austin at Klick Ink. Back on the island, you can now access the backyard area of the Super Beach House. There you’ll find Gryff one last time, who has one last batch of 1,000 Klick Coins for you, as well as the boat to the final location, Fire Island. You need the Festival Ticket to use this boat, but you almost certainly have that already.

Fire Island

This is the final area of the game. To start, go grab the Backstage Pass from one of the outhouses. Head into the VIP Area and check the RV for a Mic. If you want to get 2 more free Klick Miners, head back to Diamond Bay and work at Fat E. Cheese’s for 5 nights (this will give you your third death), then check the side door of Fat E. Cheese for the Camera. Take both back to Marcoe in Sun Villa to get your miners.
At this point, the only thing you need to do to finish the game is to talk to the cultist at the rear of Fire Island, talk to the cult leader, and then use the Infinity Egg on the altar. Once you do, the game will end and you will automatically prestige. Congratulations!

Special Thanks

This guide could not have come into existence without the help of a number of the veteran Super Life (RPG) players. I owe a great deal of thanks for the efforts of:
marcoe – The undisputed king of Super Life (RPG), most of us never would have even gotten halfway to finishing the game without him!
Geeky Meerkat – Provided extensive help during earlier versions of the game.
Capable_Kevin1 – Was a huge help in discovering many of the later-game solutions.
IneffableBread – Helped quite a bit in tracking down the small details on a few of the later puzzles.

Written by Sky Render

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Super Life (RPG) – Walkthrough + Gameplay Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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