Super Life (RPG) – Speedrun + Playthrough Guide

Super Life (RPG) – Speedrun + Playthrough Guide 1 -
Super Life (RPG) – Speedrun + Playthrough Guide 1 -

Did you spend hours upon hours completing one play-through of Super Life (RPG) and the thought of going through the whole thing again scares you? Are you on a new save and are wanting to be as efficient as possible? Your in luck, I’m here to give you a comprehensive guide on what to do. Take a quick glance at my first few chapters then play through your first play-through with the Full Walkthrough as your guide to progress when you’re stuck. This is a guide to follow when you complete the game normally and are ready to prestige.

The Grind Before the Storm

Follow the Full Walkthrough guide when you’re stuck on your first playthrough with some key tips to help with the strategy’s ( – [] .

Tips To Start your First Playthrough

First things first is you want to be playing with the rich perk, it is extremely helpful early on in the game and will help you make subsequent playthroughs faster. While playing you will have challenges appear under your stats on the top left of the screen, do your best to complete all of those, take this first playthrough slow to make every other playthrough faster. Top right you can see Klick Coins, the premium currency, you only want to spend those on Klick Coin Miners from the internet ,on the pumpkin skin in Golden Springs ,and on a Cat suit when you reach Diamond City. If you can play with an auto clicker please do so for the sake of your mouse lifespan, your fingers lifespan, and generally playing the game faster.
When you arrive at Golden Springs (hopefully you made a lot of friends to help acquire corn through Farmbook), you want to work towards Area 51 and pick up the coin stone and 1 million corns (hidden in the bottom left of the compound). The corns will help with a cow strategy detailed later in this guide. The coin stone will give you 10 Klick Coins every day. At the end of Golden Springs when you purchase the train station for 20 Million corn, select the Coin daily payout.
When you arrive at Diamond City, keep playing normally until you can buy the Cat skin, if you need Klick Coins try to complete as many challenges or ranks that you are able to. When you make 5 million dollars go back to Sun Villa and go through the Den, follow the Full Walkthrough guide and unlock the golden skin. Wear that every day to collect more Klick Coins. You will also receive a golden egg, DON’T SELL IT.

Before You Start the Speedrun

If you reach level 100 and can prestige as a result, DON’T DO IT. If you make it to the endgame at Fire Island and can speak with the cultist, DON’T DO IT. You should have all of the stones at your disposal and a lot of money. Use this playthrough to rush through all the Ranks and Challenges you can currently complete (if you are savvy with creating a macro you can automate most of the Ranks). Once you reach your limit, you may go back to Fire Island and complete the true ending to prestige and unlock the Heck Boy skin to run super-fast. From here you don’t have to worry too much about Klick Coins because you should get enough from speedrunning and cleaning up previously failed Challenges.

On Your Marks

Now you’re ready for the speedrun, this strategy won’t change until you complete every challenge and unlock the God Skin with exception to the last 3 prestige’s of the 10 required to get the God Skin. If you haven’t completed the Micromanager Challenge get the rich perk again and focus that, it cannot be incorporated into the speedrun strategy. If you did complete the Micromanager Challenge, use this playthrough or the playthrough after it’s completion to multitask completing the Challenges Devils Nectar, Vegetarian, and No Hand Outs if they aren’t complete (drinking alcohol is not a part of the strategy, use Pizza Boxes as sources of energy instead of food at restaurants, and just don’t use the money tree).

Get Set

Beginning the Speedrun: If you still aren’t using an auto clicker please do so, it will make everything much faster. If you are not going to then this strategy is still doable manually, it will just take much longer and will essentially lock off becoming a friend to Enrique. Make sure you have Heck Boy equipped the whole time except for in the Cats area. You should expect it to take around 200 in game days and 2 hours in real life without using an auto clicker. Every sequential run will be faster.
Special Technique used constantly: Your phone holds all the power in the world to speedrun. Use it at night to go to bed fast, use it in the morning to go to work, school, or the gym. There are places where the phone won’t work like that, such as the very start in Grampa’s Ranch, South Park, Area 51, and Cats. Using your phone in those places will bring you back to the starting location of those areas, cuts considerable time overall. And don’t talk to Chris in area 3 until stated in the strategy, he will save you some time later on in Act 3.

Act 1

Select the rich perk for your 2nd through 7th playthrough (your 8th 9th and 10th playthrough should select the nerd, jock, and lucky perks to complete all Challenges in as little prestige’s as possible). Run through Grampa’s Ranch normally. The moment you enter Sun Villa, talk to Dic to your left and he will progress you through early levels for free. Enter the sewer and collect the sewer egg. Then go down to the park and use your now 10k dollars to buy the house on the right. While you’re down here, pick up the golden pineapple, then head over to Enrique on the left side, there is a hidden path through the trees below him which will lead you to a time potion, DON’T USE IT UNTIL ACT 2.
Focus leveling up to 22 and getting enough money to buy the house in the Park on the left (sell the left house if it can get you to the 25k needed, unnecessary in later prestige’s). Since you’ve bought both houses, you have access to the golden pineapple which can be used to unlock the job Backyard Pizza. This is your money maker in Sun Villa, just farm enough money to buy the 250k house, the 50k car, and spending cash to make friends (around $320k). Once you have the money, spend it and become friends with everyone you can in Sun Villa and South Park (the latter will get you the easter egg from Cartman, make sure here you punch out his tooth and John’s tooth next to the sign).
Some friends will be impossible right now such as the old people, the nurse, the google employee, the kid, and Rusty. Enrique will take too long to be friends with if you don’t have an auto clicker, Mike is unreasonable to be friends with since you need to be lucky with the Amazone boxes. There is nothing in Spooky Town for you.

Act 1 Checkpoint

You should now be level 22, have over 25 friends, have the sewer egg, easter egg, and access to Golden Springs. You may now enter Act 2.

Act 2

Welcome to Golden Springs, you may harvest apples for the first and only time. Go to the carnival and get enough tickets to buy the lava lamp and the monkey (should take 2 good games at least) which will also get you the Gameboy. Become friends with Mark, Willie (pickup the water and the usb drive), the guy at the train station, and the mechanic while picking up the tools needed for Dic/Doc along the way. Use the usb on the computer behind the pawn shop to get the pass to Area 51, to initially collect corn from Farmbook, and to buy the membership to Swole Life from the black market. Use the time potion to turn back time to 1 am and pass the time to 3am to get the clock egg from the clock tower outside of the pawnshop. Spend every day earning money from work at Angus McBangus and from Farmbook while simultaneously working on Dic/Doc’s quest for the teleporter. When unlocked teleport to Area 51.
In Area 51, get the 1 million corn hiding in the bottom left of the compound, then enter the code 6342 in the left gate. Pick up the key and press its button, walk to the right and up to get the second button. Enter 8583 in the second gate and free the alien, pick up the Farnsworth box behind the alien. Talk to the alien in its UFO to get the coin stone and another friend. With the 1 million corn you just acquired, use it to buy a Cattle Ranch from Kenji next to the hotel. You can now run to Jim next to the drive-in theater and start flipping cows.
The goal here is to buy low and sell high, only buy cows that cost 2,000 or 2,500 and only sell cows that cost 4,000 and 5,000. You should also buy the Bull so that the cows can grow by 10% every day. Keep collecting corn from work and Farmbook until you have 100/1000 cows, since they can grow by 10% everyday thanks to the bull, we can use this time to grind our stats. Go back to Sun Villa and buy a bunch of buff items to speedup this grind. Go to school for computer science and earn a total of at least 8065 Intelligence (this will be enough to get you to level 60 when the other stats catch up) while still collecting corn through Farmbook every day. While at school you can also go to the monument in the center to get the philo egg.
Go back to Golden Spring and hopefully you should have 1000/1000 cows or a large number in general, if the cow doesn’t cost 4,000 or 5,000 just sell 100 cows since they will come back the next day. Keep going until you get one of those two cow costs and sell all of your cows with the exception of 1. Buy your second Cattle Ranch and buy more cows when the price is low. In the meantime to pass time throughout the days you should go to the gym until your strength stat equals your intelligence stat. When your strength stat matches your intelligence stat, switch to working for Angus McBangus then Farmbook at level 50 to get enough xp to reach level 60.
Repeat Cow strategy until you have 2,000/2,000 cows, sell 200 of them if the cows are cheap and sell all of them if the cows are expensive. Buy the 3rd and final Cattle Ranch, repeat cow strategy until you have 3,000/3,000 cows, sell 300 if the cows are cheap and sell all of them if they are expensive. Buy low and sell high again until you can sell all cows and be left with 20 million corn. You may now buy the train station, LEAVE CASH SELECTED AS THE DAILY PAYOUT OPTION.

Act 2 Checkpoint

You should now be level 60, have the sewer egg, easter egg, philo egg, clock egg, and have access to Diamond City. You may now enter Act 3.

Act 3

You are now in Diamond City. Go up to the Pear Store and buy ear pods and a laptop. Keep going up to Darnell outside Amazone and get access to the Amazone Warehouse. Rest for a day and talk to James to the left of the Eiffel Tower, give him the electronics and take his tooth. Go to the Amazone Warehouse and go behind it to the maze, collect the golden tooth. If it’s an even number time, work the Amazone Warehouse to make it odd (or 9pm if you can). Equip the cat skin and watch movies until its 9pm, watch it again to enter Cats. Go though the Cats quest-line until you get the drugged cat food, report to Claw, lie to Taylor, and collect the cat egg. Go back to the movie theater to leave Cats, go to the airport and fly to Sun Villa.
Now that you are back with the train station bonus, talk to Chris and take part in his dating show. Select any reward and 30 days will automatically pass, this will jump your money up to around 6 million. You are now 1/6 of the way to all the money you need, go back to Golden Springs.
Now in Golden Spring, go behind the carnival to the secret bed and sleep in it. If you picked up the golden tooth you should be in Dreamworld. If you collected the 3 teeth from the 3 people mentioned earlier, you can talk to the tooth fairy and acquire the fairy egg.
Go to Diamond City and work at the Amazone Warehouse until you have $30,250,000 (when you have a spare 1 million Klick Coins you may equip the Robo skin to progress faster and earn more money, switch back to Heck Boy when you have enough money). Go to the top right of the map and buy the house for 30 million, go in the back to the hidden maze and get the pirate key. A couple houses to the left is home to Jesse, talk to him and buy his RV for 250 thousand. Keep going left to the beach and enter the pirate cave, pick up the pirate egg. Go into the RV, go to New Mexico, and run left with the Heck Boy skin, get the dessert egg in the chest. Leave New Mexico.
to the airport and travel to Washington DC. Give the eggs to Donald to unlock the maze behind the White House. At the top of the maze is a tomb holding the XP Stone, pick up the XP Stone to instantly become level 100. You may now prestige.


Well done, you may now prestige and run it again and again. After 9 prestige’s run it the same but don’t prestige immediately after you get the XP stone. Use this time and your collected Klick Coins to buy all of the skins and run the 5 secret races (marcoe has a video on where to find them).

Collect any missing skin and prestige for the 10th and final time to complete every Challenge and unlock the Zeus skin. Use your next playthrough to speedrun again (I recommend picking up the rich perk again and try to max out its perma perk at level 10). Before you prestige again complete all 5 of Zeus’s toga races to unlock HEYZEUS and the infinite money tree (your boy marcoe is here again to help you).


But Wait, There’s More

So, you want to Prestige in less than 5 minutes: Now you have Zeus and infinite money unlocked, what does that change… EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT SPEEDRUNNING. Infinite money can now be used to buy thousands of paintings which when you have a collection, you can sell them in Amazone for 1500 Klick Coins per complete set after the initial 5000 reward. Boom you now have a reliable source of Klick Coins. Klick Coins have many uses from buying stuff in the black market to buying potions in the Den. With this even faster strategy, you can prestige like crazy and max out all your perma perks. YOU WILL WANT AN AUTO CLICKER NOW IF YOU STILL DON’T HAVE ONE. THIS METHOD REQUIRES 1 MILLION KLICK COINS.

Prepare Ship for Ludicrous Speed

Start the game with any perk you haven’t maxed yet. Progress your level with Dic, get the 1st key, and buy the houses in the Park to get the golden pineapple and access Papa Jay. Go to Enrique to buy the computer and access the secret path below him to get the time potion. Go to your house and use the computer to BUY 5 MILLION TOKENS from the black market. Enter a basement casino and leave immediately to get 5 million dollars. Get the 2nd key then buy the mansion. Use the time potion to make it 1am and get the 3rd key. With all 3 keys enter the den and talk to Goatman. BUY 309 OF EACH POTION EXCEPT FOR TIME POTIONS. Leave and use all of those potions and you will be level 100 and can prestige.

Send Some Love to the Boys

Well done, after 5 minutes of playing you reached level 100 and can prestige. You can now max out your perma perks in record time. Play the game however you like, theory craft ways to improve gameplay, start a new save and do it all over again but with hindsight. Please send some love to Sky Render for creating an amazingly comprehensive guide to Super Life (RPG) and send some love to marcoe for the videos he produces and everything he’s done for the Super Life (RPG) community. Stay grinding.

Written by Cowabongo

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Super Life (RPG) – Speedrun + Playthrough Guide , if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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