SMITE – Teamwork & Communication Beginners Guide

SMITE – Teamwork & Communication Beginners Guide 1 -
SMITE – Teamwork & Communication Beginners Guide 1 -

*SMITE* beginners Guide to …

Teamwork & Communication.
This is a teamgame! And that is probably the most fun part. (In the beginning you will not meet up with other players, – but you are still on a team with computer-generated teammates referred to as `Bots´).

When you find yourself alone fighting for your life, – your health is low, – your abilities are used up for now, your opponent has the upper hand and you have nothing else to do than run, run, run. Suddenly two teammates jump at your rescue, heal you, secure your getaway and maybe even slay your foes that YOU have damaged and you therefore get a (so called) `Assist´-bonus. That is the GREATEST feeling! Next time it´s maybe YOU that heroically comes to THEIR rescue and saves them like a true hero.

The team-aspect is so fulfilling and important and two things are specifically important.

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THE MINI-MAP in the corner of your screen during battles shows an overlook of the full battleground and your teammates locations on it. Learn to keep an eye on that to help, assist or direct your team more effectively. This is more important on some bigger battlegrounds than the smaller ones, – like `Arena´.


COMMUNICATION is the key to successful teamwork. And remember, – BE NICE! We´re all here to have a good time. Sometimes people seem to forget that and get `toxic´ or worse in the chat. This is not really beneficial for anyone. So communication-rule number 1 is: BE NICE!

Besides that, you ALWAYS have the possibility of pressing `ENTER´ and write a message to your teammates. But there is a nice feature in *SMITE* for fast messages like “Help” or “Thanks” or “Sorry” (and MANY more). This is the VGS (Voice-Generating-System). Whenever U press the `V´ button (for Voice) during battle you activate different codes starting with `V´. Your chosen `God´ on the battlefield will `Call It Out´ with a Voice for all your teammates to hear.
If you press `VVT´ your `God´ says “Thanks”.
Or `VVS´ = “Sorry”.
Or `VA1´ = “Attack Left Lane”
Or `VD2´ = “Defend Middle Lane”
… and MANY more quick commands, that can be a game-changer in terms of Good Solid Teamwork.

As you see other players use the `VGS´, you quickly learn what you need. There is a huge list in the `Learning Section´-menu (with an icon that looks like a college-hat). Don´t expect to learn them all, – and it´s not at all necessary, – just the basics for teamwork, – the rest for fun.

SMITE - Teamwork & Communication Beginners Guide
That voice-system is a good tool for team communication, – and also a Fun & Fast way to communicate with your team in the middle of the fights, – or at the very end of it, by pressing `VVGG´ and saying:
“Good Game”!

Written by MageM4STER

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