Skul: The Hero Slayer – Tier-list for v1.4.x playstyle preference

Skul: The Hero Slayer – Tier-list for v1.4.x playstyle preference 1 -
Skul: The Hero Slayer – Tier-list for v1.4.x playstyle preference 1 -

Welcome to Skul: The Hero Slayer – Tier-list for v1.4.x playstyle preference guide.

Personal tier list based on skull’s play style difficulty/complexity.


This tier-list is based on difficulty/complexity, with damage output and skull types serving as supporting factors, regardless of whether they have their best item build or skills equipped. Consider the legendary forms of skulls.


Skul: The Hero Slayer - Tier-list for v1.4.x playstyle preference - Content - EAFC180

In terms of difficulty/complexity, I mean:
Easy = Less effort to play, not a complicated play style that deals high damage – melt enemy

Hard = difficult, complex play style, deals below convenient damages.

Skull types are another factor.

  • Balance skulls

    Usually, a mage/skill type or magic damage skull.

    You don’t have to be exact about item builds. However, you can stack magic dmg objects, and it’s fine to go

    For me, the easiest to use is a chill play style, cast, and run

  • Speed skulls

    Usually, physical damage, bare attack-type skull

    – Item build is essential most of the time. This may vary depending on skulls and player preference

    – Smash the buttons like a madman play style. This can be tiring and hard to master, but it can also cause decent damage. More press = more effort

  • Power skulls

    – Deals high dmg, physical injury, slow attack, slow motion / one dash type of skull

    Attack speed may not be available for item build.

    – Slower but more refined play style. This can be difficult for new players.

    Advanced players are preferred, as this is a slow and precise style of play that requires you to be knowledgeable or experienced.

    Slowness is a disadvantage in this fast-paced game

    *Most of the power skulls’ play style is similar to mage/skill play style: swap > cast skill > few basic attacks > repeat

My tier explanation:

  • S-tier skulls

    – Are easy to use and not difficult to play with

    – Deals high damage most of time; they aren’t very “item/equipped skill dependent”, no legendary or special items, no problem

    King skull is a potent attacking beast, with a solid basic attack and stacking buff mechanics.

    *Predator skull: For me, he’s the strongest and most easy to use. Just smash the skill buttons! You can choose raw physical dmg items to get him started. His skills are strong enough to take out bosses and mobs.

    *Archlich skull is the top mage hierarchy. He deals high damage and has a passive that summons random chains every 10 seconds. This makes him a “swap bomb”, one of the best swap skulls in the game.

    *Water skull, definitely overpowered in the skull Reform update, his skills passive, swap damages deal very heavy damage and are also a “swap Bomb” and one of the most popular swap skulls

    Except for King skulls that have “solo” play styles, which will cause his stacking buffs to be lost if he is swapped, these Stier skulls are so strong they can be played “solo” and not needing it swapped.

  • A-tier skulls

    The balanced ones

    – Causes most of the damage.

    Depending on the items you have or your skills, this can be difficult or easy.

    *To name a few: Alchemist skull, Flame flask, and his infamous skill Alchemist skull, which together with his legendary form, melts everything, putting him on par with Stiers

    *Reaper skull, a well-fed Reaper is sure to be god-like

    *Samurai skull: He has the best physical dmg, and he deals the most single-hit damage. He uses his own moon breathing technique to deal the highest possible damage.

    *Skul, the hero-slayer, is equipped with magic dmg and “Manabone” items. He becomes the big bad boss like eren

    – While some skulls may not be easy to play with, they are generously rewarded.

    * Grave skull, a power-skull with summon play style, can be difficult for new players but can be parsed by S-tiers if played correctly

    *Gargoyle skull: The only one with a flying play style (not like Ninja skull). He is one of the highly buffed in this patch and now deals huge damage output that greatly compensates for the complexity

  • B-tier skulls

    – Complex play style, preferably for advanced gamers

    Effective execution requires more creativity and effort

    – Not a good overall damage output

    *Ninja skull: A hit-and-run play style. His skills change when he is airborne. His attack combo has a dash, which forces him to hit and run. He also has a triple dash with a longer cooldown than the rest. This puts him at b-tier. His play style requires more creativity and effort to make it more damaging to enemies.

    *Shield skull is a power skull that has the slowest play style in game. His main damage source is his concentration attack. It does decent damage but takes a while to do it repeatedly. Concentration time reduction items can help but not enough. He is a good swap head, tho.

Special mention:

  • Warrior skull – he’s not on the right line for entering B-tier. He was greatly buff in this patch, amplifying damage and becoming invincible when hit on the act or execution of his skill. The ability to change skill direction and switch skill direction are excellent mechanics. His play style is second to Shield but can do high damage to compensate. However, he’s one of the more complex skulls and not user-friendly.
  • Werewolf skull – The game’s best creation, the most balanced skull I have ever seen, easy to learn, great for new players, decent skull for most, god-tier for few

Last but not least, my background. I started Skul in November 2021 and have played it continuously since then. I played it mostly on the switch when it was first released.

I am sorry it wasn’t explained in depth, but i hope this context gives you an idea.

Credits to the website and the people behind the image:–the-hero-slayer-skulls-and-transformations-13-1148797 – []

Written by bag

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Skul: The Hero Slayer – Tier-list for v1.4.x playstyle preference, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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