Bio Prototype – Descriptions of Organs

Bio Prototype – Descriptions of Organs 1 -
Bio Prototype – Descriptions of Organs 1 -

This is a better explanation of the functions of organs.

Additional Brains

Additional Brains are separate Organ trees. All brains can be active simultaneously.
This is how to use bladders. Bladders can be a great way to get started with your 2nd or third brain set.


Heart of the Living Dead

Activates the right side Organ upon death
The right-side Organ is activated when the left-side Organ dies. This means that Offspring will activate this organ upon death. Not compatible with Brain like the other Hearts.


All lungs create an aura that surrounds the right-side organ. It is centered on the left-side organ and follows its position.
If the aura is connected to the Brain the aura will follow suit with the Player.
If the aura is connected to an Organ the aura will follow the Organ.
The aura lasts for the same time as the right side organ and quickly stacks the effects of the right-side or to targets in the radius.


All Intestines create an aura on the ground of the right-side Organ that doesn't move.
If they are connected to the Brain, the aura will be triggered at the Player position.
If they are connected to an Organ they will spawn the aura at position Organ when triggered.
The aura lasts for the same time as the right side organ and quickly stacks the effects of the right-side or to targets in the radius.

Insufficient duration

Sometimes, you might encounter a Insufficient Duration warning when you chain organs together.
This occurs when the activation rate for the current organ is too slow to sustain the left side organ.
If you have a projectile that lasts for 1 second, but your next organ triggers at a rate equal to every 1.01 seconds, then the organ will not be activated, nor any organs below it.
This is because each link depends on the previous link to activate. If the projectile doesn't last long enough to activate the next link, the link won’t activate.
When making long chains, the best advice I can offer is to use Pierce: ∞ items and long projectile durations early in the chain.


Solo Wings

Efficiency is the most important factor that Wings has on a player's performance. Bladders are the best choice for this. Bladder of the Kangaroo, Wings of the Fairy and Bladder of the Kangaroo are two excellent examples of a simple but synergistic pair. But there are many others.

AOE Wings

Wings can be used with Lungs and Intestines. This will apply Wings on all friendly units within the AOE, including you. This is a great option for swarm builds, as any chain you attach after the wings will cause Wings to activate on each unit affected. This means that you can chain an Intestine to a Wing into Jackal Spine into Starfish, and each unit affected will become a Starfish Turret independently of any other operations.
Remember that AOE Wings are not the most efficient and can only be used to chain other effects.


As I write this guide, I am still trying to figure out the following Organs.
The offspring of the Imp
Bladder of Frog (specifically, what effects are considered a Debuff).
Heart of the Wolf (specifically how it interacts and interacts with Offspring).


Written by Askyw

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Bio Prototype – Descriptions of Organs, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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