Silica – Building Mechanics RTS Guide

Silica – Building Mechanics RTS Guide 1 -
Silica – Building Mechanics RTS Guide 1 -

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RTS placement tips for structures and control units when viewed from above.


Building Mechanics

Click the Head Quarters button to bring up the Build menu.

When placing a structure, you can rotate it by right-clicking. This is important for positioning spawn points in vehicle bays because their AI likes to make 11-point turn. It’s also useful for positioning ground units, as the buildings have various cover options like low walls or barrels that can guard parts of the hitbox of AI and player ground troops.

The building will be highlighted in red if it is not level or obstructed.

If you see a building highlighted in blue, you can place it by left-clicking. It will take time to form. Any units inside the building as it forms are warned to leave.

Buildings can only be placed in the “territory”, which I believe is the line of sight from the headquarters. You cannot build refineries away from the HQ. If a structure is too far away from HQ’s sight line, it will appear grey. You can expand this Territory by building a Radar Dish building or a current HQ (which must be built within the current territory, and cannot be located anywhere else unlike many RTS games). The alien faction uses a cheap node structure to extend their territory. Human factions will soon get something similar called “Outposts”, which are not yet implemented. The only way for humans to extend their territory is to daisychain HQs, which is not cost-efficient on large maps.

You need to have a clear vision of the ground you will be building. Once you start the construction of the building, you can move units around and leave it in fog of war. It will continue building but won’t provide you with vision until it is finished.

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