Shatterline – How to Fix CONNECTION-01-00

Shatterline – How to Fix CONNECTION-01-00 1 -
Shatterline – How to Fix CONNECTION-01-00 1 -

Login error. Please try again later.
Error code: CONNECTION-01-00


Most users assume that this is a problem with their internet connection. However, if you are certain about your connection, there may be another reason.
There is a possibility that you have disabled certain services because of a custom Windows (, such as FoxOS or ggOS).
The service is called Network Store interface (nsi) Although it is ineffective under normal circumstances, this information provides Shatterline information about the status of your connectivity. The error message you are seeing is that the game asks for it. If it doesn't get an answer, it assumes that you're not connected to Internet. Although it's a braindead solution on the game's side, reenabling the service is easy with just a few clicks.
It's possible to do it here Win + R > services.msc> Network Store Interface > Startup type
It should be set to Manual.
If that doesn't solve your problem, you should move to a third world country. lol.
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