Season – Story Achievements Guide

Season – Story Achievements Guide 1 -
Season – Story Achievements Guide 1 -

Welcome, and we hope you find our Season – Story Achievements Guide Guide to be useful.

This guide will tell you how to obtain all your achievements in the game.




These achievements can be achieved as long as the game is completed.

HOME LEAVER: After speaking with your mom, this achievement will be achieved automatically.

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OUTSIDE THE WORLD SEER – This achievement is possible once you leave the village gates and start riding your bike.

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STRANGER ENCOUNTER: You will meet an excellent officer who will let you pass through a no entry point. After he gives a map, you will receive the achievement.

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You might be able to overlook some achievements.

JOURNAL BEAUTIFIER- Decorate your journal as wild as you can the first time that you use it. Be wild. It is yours to do what you like. It can be filled with as much as possible.

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