Sea of Stars – Where to Find the Best Bonus Stats for All Characters

Sea of Stars – Where to Find the Best Bonus Stats for All Characters 1 -
Sea of Stars – Where to Find the Best Bonus Stats for All Characters 1 -

Sea of Stars – Where to Find the Best Bonus Stats for All Characters

In the game Sea of Stars, think of leveling up like climbing a ladder. Each step is a decision. As your characters level up, they get stronger. The cool part? At every level, you get to pick a bonus stat for your character. So, want to make your team unbeatable? This leveling guide is your best buddy.

Diving Deep into Character Stats in Sea of Stars

Here’s some inside info: The game has six main characters. But guess what? I’m keeping some secrets. When you come across any spoilers, maybe cover your eyes? Yep, it’s that cool. So, if you see a spoiler alert, maybe skip a bit to keep the fun going.

How to Level Up Zale: The Jack of All Trades

Meet Zale! He’s like that friend who’s good at everything. He can heal, hit hard, and even throw some spells around. Oh, and he’s tough to knock down. Early in your journey, give him points in Mana Points (MP) and Magic. That Sunball spell? It eats up mana. And the more magic he has, the better his healing gets. As you meet new friends, adjust his stats as you feel right.

Where to Focus for Valere: The Fist with a Twist

Valere’s like that martial artist friend. Super strong, but maybe not the best at taking hits. So, make her Physical Attack strong. Her crescent slash gets better with it. And if you can, add some points to her MP too. She has this Lunar Shield trick up her sleeve that can save the day. Armor? That’s what she needs more than defense stats.

Boosting Garl: The Unexpected Hero

Garl’s the surprise package. Not a wizard, but he has this cool Nourish skill. It’s like a big band-aid for your team, but it uses a lot of MP. Don’t bother with magic for him, let Zale handle that. Instead, pump up Garl’s Physical Attack and MP. Trust me, when he hits, enemies feel it.

Guide to Serai: The Multi-Tasker

Serai’s versatile. She can damage enemies or support the team. My tip? Make her a supporter. Boost her MP so she can use Disorient a lot. It’s this cool move that messes with enemy turns. And if MP isn’t an option, give her more Physical Attack. Her Venom Flurry move depends on it and it’s like Valere’s quick move.

Powering Up Resh’an: The Magic Maestro

Every team needs a wizard, right? That’s Resh’an. Focus on MP and Magic for him. If you have to choose, pick MP. He’s got this spell, Ebb, and it’s a game-changer. It uses a lot of MP but trust me, it’s worth it. There’s a time in the story when you’ll need lots of Resh’an’s magic. So, keep him powered up.

So, ready to dive into Sea of Stars? Level up smart, pick your bonus stats, and watch your team become legends. Have fun out there!

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