Sea of Stars – How to Solve the Light Emitter Puzzle in the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab

Sea of Stars – How to Solve the Light Emitter Puzzle in the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab 1 -
Sea of Stars – How to Solve the Light Emitter Puzzle in the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab 1 -

Sea of Stars – How to Solve the Light Emitter Puzzle in the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab

Okay, so you’re diving deep into the Sea of Stars, right? Think of a magical journey, kind of like that classic Chrono Trigger with those cool old-school visuals and soundtracks. The part you’re looking at? It’s that tricky light emitter puzzle, which shows up in the demo and the main game.

Fixing that Light Emitter

Grabbing the Green Crystal

First up, you need the Green Crystal. Check out that chest in the emitter room—it’s holding what you need. Got that Mistral Bracelet? Use it to shift the purple box. That’ll help you get to the chest. When you’ve got the crystal, pop it into the right side pillar of the light emitter. You’ll see a green light and a matching portal. Go on, walk through it!

Snagging the Blue Crystal

Once you’re in, spot a chest in the top-right? That’s your next target. There’s a puzzle with glowing plates. Start by standing on the middle plate. Then, jump your way to the left plate without falling. Grab the chest, then hop on the left plate. More changes! Jump on the shiny platforms and go down. Go right, jump towards the glowing plate, and hit it. Now, a wall opens. Go back and take the Blue Crystal from the chest.

Jumping Through Teleporters

Brace yourself; the next puzzle involves teleporting. You jump in, and boom, you’re somewhere else! Start with the portal that has a north arrow. You’ll face two strong Wanderers up there. After defeating them, look for a portal on the right and hop in. Climb a ladder, face the Arcane Sentry and Wizcroube, and watch out for the Bubble Drop attack. Move right, go down, and jump in the only teleporter. After another fight, look for a glowing plate and hop into the teleporter you find. Activate a lever, jump in another portal, and grab a glowing item. Go out through the blue portal to get back.

Getting the Red Crystal

Need a break? There’s a campfire to chill at. Once ready, leap over some rocks and mess with the glowing pillar. Here come some baddies. Win the fight, use the Mistral Bracelet on the purple box, and then go for the pillar again. Ready for round two of the fight? After that, move the box to the left side, and you’ll get to the last pillar. Win the big fight and grab the Red Crystal from a chest under a waterfall.

Combining Green and Red Crystals (Secret Room Alert!)

If you put the Green and Red Crystals in the light emitter, a gold portal opens. This one’s optional but fun. You walk on cubes, but be careful—if you make a wrong move, you start over. There are plates that show the right path. At the end, there’s a scroll waiting for you.

Unlocking the White Portal

Done with the secret room? A lever takes you back to the start. Go to the light emitter room and set the three crystals on their stands. Boom! A white portal appears. High five! You cracked the light emitter puzzle. But before you dive into that portal, chill at the campfire, cook something tasty, and save your game. You deserve it!

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