SCP: Observer – How to Get $200 paycheck at the end of day 8

SCP: Observer – How to Get $200 paycheck at the end of day 8 1 -
SCP: Observer – How to Get $200 paycheck at the end of day 8 1 -

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A guide on how to earn that $200 paycheck by the end 8 days!

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Have trouble with those SCPs? Don’t be alarmed, non-members! This guide will help you avoid them like the sunlight.

Light Containment (Scenario 1-5 –






173 is pretty simple. You must keep the door closed otherwise he will leave and start moving toward you. If you cannot stop 173 from leaving, then you can use the camera to slow him.

035 is similar to 173, but has more defensive options. Please close the door to 914 before he leaves. You can either zap 914 with the tesla gates (if you are able to catch him) or close his left door if it is near your room.

3199 uses the same mechanics and some of the same materials as the others. 3199 starts moving at night. To stop him, use the tesla door before he goes too far.

079 stands out as the most unique. He will drain your power slowly by showing up on your monitors. Click on the monitor that he appears on to get rid him.


Keep 173 & 035 in their respective rooms for as long a possible. The only two cams that are worth watching (if 173 isn’t moving) are the ones next to yours. If 173 enters your room, you must shut the right door and never ever open it. Use the powerbox as much as possible.

Heavy Containment (Scenario 5-8 –


Server Room

-The Server Room will highlight the rooms that have an SCP. Knowing if the scp you need is near your office or far away is helpful.


Alpha Warheads may detonate randomly. You must disable warheads within the silo control rooms or else you will lose the game.







The 173 is different. He will begin in the LCZ. You may have noticed that there is no door. This is because the entire door has been removed. 173 is always moving. Sometimes a special event occurs where 173 will kill a MTF, sending him to the checkpoint.

He will enter through the right door of your room

106 is rare. On occasion, he may enter through the ground. The text at the bottom will let you know when he enters. You can send him off by using the femur breaker. This also gives you a nice little accomplishment!

049 is identical with 035. He will be idling in his bedroom, so you must close the room door before he escapes. Tesla Gates or your right front door are both good defensive options. He will approach through the left door.

939 functions the same way as 049 without the door. You must use either a Tesla Gate, or close the doors when he reaches close.

096 differs from all the rest. He will begin in server room and move around after some time. You can only stay on the camera with him for 2 seconds. Yes, even when you’re looking at his rear. If you do that, he will trigger and enter your workplace giving you the game over.


close 049’s door first.

Make sure to keep your camera on the 173 at all time and check the SCP’s in the server rooms. Listen for 079’s sound cue. Close your right-hand door when 173 arrives. Likewise, 939 is also eliminated. Now you only have to watch out for 049 or 096. You should only have enough energy to get you through the night. Don’t overlook 106 or the warhead.

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