Roblox – Unlocking and Equipping Cosmetics in Anime Adventures

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Roblox – Unlocking and Equipping Cosmetics in Anime Adventures


Anime Adventures, a captivating tower defense game exclusive to the Roblox platform, immerses players in a thrilling world where they must command a diverse ensemble of anime characters to defend their tower against relentless waves of enemies. Amidst this exciting gameplay, certain units emerge as rare treasures, boasting not only formidable power but also exquisite cosmetics that allow players to make a memorable statement in the game’s lobby. This comprehensive guide aims to provide valuable insights into acquiring and adorning your characters with stunning cosmetics in Anime Adventures.

Obtaining Cosmetics

Cosmetics in Anime Adventures can be obtained through the acquisition of Limited units. These visually enchanting upgrades come in two types: Blessings and Skins. It is important to note that cosmetics are purely aesthetic enhancements, offering no additional statistical advantages or gameplay benefits to the units. Let’s explore the various methods of acquiring limited edition units and unlocking their accompanying cosmetics:

1. Battlepass Rewards

Complete the Battlepass challenges and progress through its tiers to unlock limited edition units. Some of these units feature exclusive cosmetics that add a touch of uniqueness to your gameplay.

2. Banner Pulls

Participate in exciting banner pulls, special events that allow you to spend in-game currency to summon units. These events offer the opportunity to obtain limited units with their own captivating cosmetics.

3. Raids

Assemble a formidable team of allies and strategically navigate challenging raid encounters. Successful completion of raids rewards you with limited edition units, each accompanied by its own unique cosmetic enhancements.

4. Infinity Castle

Venture into the treacherous depths of the Infinity Castle, a formidable dungeon filled with powerful adversaries. Conquer each room within this perilous domain and be rewarded with limited edition units, complete with their captivating cosmetics.

5. Portal Events

Engage in special portal events that present exciting quests and challenges. Overcome these trials to earn coveted limited edition units, each adorned with its own distinctive cosmetics.

Equipping Cosmetics

Once you have obtained a Limited unit and its accompanying cosmetic upgrade, adorning your characters with these captivating enhancements is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to equip your chosen cosmetics in Anime Adventures:

1. Unit Hotbar

Access the unit hotbar, a convenient display showcasing the units within your possession. Ensure that the desired Limited unit occupies the first slot of your unit hotbar.

2. Locking Cosmetics

After successfully equipping a cosmetic, you have the option to lock it in place. This prevents any inadvertent changes to your chosen cosmetics. To lock a cosmetic, navigate to the Units Collection menu and select the “Lock Cosmetic” option.

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