Roblox – Broken Ragdolls Codes (March 2023)

Roblox – Broken Ragdolls Codes (May 2021) 1 -
Roblox – Broken Ragdolls Codes (May 2021) 1 -

About Roblox – Broken Ragdolls Codes

Roblox Broken Ragdolls codes can give items, and more benefits. When other players try to make money during the game, these codes make it easy for you and you can reach what you need earlier without leaving behind.
Make sure you check our post often because we update with new codes when they are released/updated so you can use them how long they are available!

Last update: (March 2023)


Roblox – Broken Ragdolls Codes (Active Codes)

The following codes is a full list of codes and what you gonna get by using them (We test each code before adding them to the list)

  • update – Use this code to Redeem 1000 cash for FREE
  • 10million – Use this code to Redeem 2000 cash for FREE
  • 3million – Use this code to Redeem 1500 cash for FREE
  • littlegames – Use this code to Redeem 1500 cash for FREE
  • bigslides – Use this code to Redeem 1000 cash for FREE


Roblox – Broken Ragdolls Codes (Expired and Out of Date)

This is the following list of codes what was available before to be used but they are not available anymore in the game to be used.
Don’t worry if you used them before, you will not lose what you got!

  • None


How to Redeem Codes on Broken Ragdolls?

Roblox Broken Ragdolls Codes

To redeem codes in Broken Ragdolls look at the left side of your screen. Next to the settings button, you will find a bird icon. Click on this icon and a textbox will open up. Copy the codes from this article and paste them into the textbox one by one. Click enter and earn some free rewards.

If you want to get more free rewards have a look at some of these other guides.


About Broken Ragdolls

🦴 Explore chaos filled islands and enjoy the endless possabilities of sending your character flying and hurtling towards the ground. Just how many bones can you break? 🦴 

✨UPDATE 7: ✨
2 NEW Event maps
New rainforest map 🌲

R - Toggle Ragdoll (To toggle out, make sure you have free-roam on!)
T - Toggle First person

Bought a gamepa*s like the punch or sodapack? Go to the abilities button to equip them!

πŸ‘ If you like the game, give it a thumbs up and a favourite! 
πŸ”” Follow the game for notifications! 

Made by humans.
🎨 Design by @iacxx
πŸ’» Programmed by KhanPython

πŸ“ Any suggestions or bug reports, please post it on the Little Games group wall.



NOTE: Only the Developers and Admins of Roblox Broken Ragdolls can make new codes or disable codes! Admins of can’t make new codes!



We will update this post each month when new codes will become available, BUT if you test a code and is not working anymore or we missed a code please let us know via comment and we will update this post as fast as possible! We thank you!

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