Resident Evil Revelations – Model Swap Tutorial

Resident Evil Revelations – Model Swap Tutorial 1 -
Resident Evil Revelations – Model Swap Tutorial 1 -
Ever wondered you want to swap a model in this game, but don’t know how? Here’s the simplified/easy way to do it, an example for swapping models of Rachael (pl10a0.arc) over Jill Wetsuit (pl1010.arc)


The Steps

Note: Make sure to backup your files first before swapping the model 

  • Download and extract this https://www(.)mediafire(.)com/file/a6dcdgz0z9r9h3c/Model+Swap.rar/file, remove the ( ) 
  • In that folder “Model Swap”, paste files you’re gonna swap (for example pl10a0.arc and pl1010.arc) 
  • Drag each one of those .arc file on to pc-rev.bat (it will now create two folders called pl10a0 and pl1010) 
  • Right click on folder pl1010 and “open in new window” (this will save you some time) 
  • Now you have two windows open and you can begin 
  • From the folder pl10a0\model\chara\pl\pl10a0, copy pl10a0.mod and pl10a0.mrl to folder pl1010\model\chara\pl\pl1010 and rename them to pl1010.mod and pl1010.mrl, overwriting both files 
  • Copy the entire pl10a0 folder from pl10a0\model\chara\pl to pl1010\model\chara\pl folder 
  • Once done, inside copied pl10a0 folder, delete .mod and .mrl files leaving only the .tex files 
  • Copy content of pl10a0\model\chara\textures folder, Chara000_DM_HQ.tex to pl1010\model\chara\textures and overwrite if asked 
  • Close one unnecessary window and go back to “Model Swap” folder 
  • Delete pl1010.arc 
  • 12. Open pl10a0.arc.txt file, copy it’s content and paste it below text in pl1010.arc.txt file saving changes to the other file one done 
  • Drag folder pl1010 to pc-rev.bat 
  • Done. You will get new pl1010.arc file that is model swapped and is ready to use

You can also do it for character selection/preview screen in Raid Mode. You have to get the files from RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS\nativePC\archive\gui\chara_sel folder. 

ARC List

pl1000 = Chris (Wetsuit) 
pl1010 = Jill (Wetsuit) 
pl1020 = Parker (Wetsuit) 
pl10a0 = Rachael (Raid Mode Only) 
pl10b0 = HUNK (Raid Mode Only) 
pl11a0 = Lady HUNK (DLC/Raid Mode Only) 
pl15a0 = Rachael Ooze (DLC/Raid Mode Only) 
pl1030 = Jessica (Wetsuit) 
pl1040 = Keith (Casual) 
pl1050 = Quint (Casual) 
pl1060 = O’Brian 
pl1070 = Raymond 
pl1080 = Morgan Lansdale 
pl1090 = Jack Norman 
pl1100 = Chris (Winter) 
pl1110 = Jill (BSAA) 
pl1120 = Parker (BSAA) 
pl1130 = Jessica (Winter) 
pl1140 = Keith (Winter) 
pl1150 = Quint (Winter) 
pl1200 = Chris (Wetsuit with diving gear) 
pl1210 = Jill (Wetsuit with diving gear) 
pl1220 = Parker (FBC) 
pl1230 = Jessica (FBC) 
pl1240 = Keith Ninja 
pl1250 = Quint (Winter, AI) 
pl1300 = Chris Sailor 
pl1310 = Jill Pirate 
pl1330 = Jessica (Wetsuit, AI) 
pl1400 = Chris (Wetsuit, AI with Jill in Story/Campaign) 
pl1420 = Parker (Wetsuit, AI with Jill in Story/Campaign) 
em10a0 – No model refers to em1000 and em1010 
em1000 – Ooze with double mutated arm 
em1010 – Pincer 
em1020 – Tricorne 
em1030 – Exploder Ooze 
em1060 – Rachael Ooze boss 
em1070 – Same as em1000 
em1080 – Same as em1010 
em1090 – Same as em1020 
em1200 – Sea Creeper 
em1201 – Same as em1200 
em1210 – Fenrir 
em1211 – Same as em1210 
em1220 – Fish? 
em1221 – Blowfish/Pufferfish 
em1230 – Hunter 
em1240 – Farfarello 
em1300 – Scarmiglione (full body) 
em1301 – Same as em1300 
em1310 – Beach Blob 
em1320 – Beach Blob 
em1330 – Low poly version of Beach Blob 
em1400 – Scagdead 
em1401 – Same as em1400 includes om1706 as well 
em1410 – Wall Blister 
em1420 – Draghignazzo 
em1421 – Same as em1420 
em1422 – Same as em1420 and em1421 
em1430 – Malacoda 
em1431 – Same as em1430 
em1440 – Jack Norman boss 
em1442 – same as em1440 
em1450 – Ghost Jack Norman boss (Raid Mode) 
em1910 – Final boss of the Zenobia tentacle, includes om1805 = Speedboat for gun turret sequence and includes pl1000 = Chris Wetsuit 
em1911 – Final boss of the Zenobia tentacle 
em1912 – Final boss of the Zenobia tentacle 
em1913 – Final boss of the Zenobia tentacle 
em1913 – Final boss of the Zenobia tentacle 
em1920 – Crow 
wp1b30 – Genesis Scanner 
wp1000 – M92F 
wp1010 – Government 
wp1040 – G18 
wp1060 – PC356 
wp1080 – Parker’s Government (AI) 
wp1100 – Python 
wp1110 – L. Hawk 
wp1120 – Python 
wp1200 – MP5 
wp1210 – P90 
wp1220 – AUG 
wp1230 – G36 
wp1250 – Golden AK-47/High Roller 
wp1300 – Windham 
wp1310 – M3 
wp1320 – Hydra 
wp1330 – Drake 
wp1400 – M40A1 (Sniper) 
wp1410 – PSG1 
wp1420 – Muramasa (Sniper) 
wp1600 – RPG7 
wp1601 – Rocket Launcher’s Rocket 
wp1610 – RPG7 
wp1800 – Knife (orange parts on the grip) 
wp1820 – Knife 
wp1840 – Machete-Blade + Compl. Keith-texture 
wp1850 – Keith’s Machete (?) 
wp1880 – Compl. Samurai Keith-texture 
wp1890 – Pirate Jill’s Sword/Dagger 
wp1900 – Grenade 
wp1940 – Decoy/timed Dynamite 
wp1950 – Same as above but low detail 
wp1960 – Stun Grenade 
wp10a0 – Parker’s Government 
wp10b0 – Jessica’s G18 
wp1070 – Jill’s Samurai Edge 
These three aren’t in normal arc folder. These are found here: 
RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS\dat\DAT_02\dlc\archive\game\chara\wp\ 
because they’re DLC 
GUI (weapons): 
wp00 – M92F 
wp01 – Government 
wp02 – G18 
wp03 – PC356 
wp04 – Phyton 
wp05 – L. Hawk 
wp06 – Phython 
wp07 – MP5 
wp08 – P90 
wp09 – AUG 
wp10 – G36 
wp11 – Golden AK-47/High Roller 
wp12 – Windham 
wp13 – M3 
wp14 – Hydra 
wp15 – Drake 
wp16 – M40A1 (Sniper) 
wp17 – PSG1 
wp18 – Muramasa (Sniper) 
wp19 – RPG7 
wp20 – RPG7 
Located in: 
RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS\nativePC\archive\gui\mybag\ 


Resident Evil Revelations - Model Swap Tutorial - Screenshots 
Resident Evil Revelations - Model Swap Tutorial 
Resident Evil Revelations - Model Swap Tutorial 

Written by Kiririn

This is all about Resident Evil Revelations – Model Swap Tutorial; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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