House Party – Original Story Walkthrough – v19.4 (Not the actual Guide )

House Party – Original Story Walkthrough – v19.4 (Not the actual Guide ) 1 -
House Party – Original Story Walkthrough – v19.4 (Not the actual Guide ) 1 -

Hello friends. For some reason Steam is not letting me update my guide. I have contacted their support and now have to wait. I am sorry for the delay. I am leaving this here in the meantime so you know what’s up.

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House Party - Original Story Walkthrough - v19.4 (Not the actual Guide ) - Introduction

When you load into the game, there will be a bunch of party guests. You should talk to them all.

Derek is your boy and he invited you to this party. The two of you go way back, and if you play your cards right, you may be able to rekindle some of the bromance you shared back in the day.

Madison is the host of this party, and she wants to make sure everyone has fun and that her sister Ashley doesn’t cause any drama. What is Ashley doing out of her room anyway?

Ashley, Madison’s sister, just wants to have fun and is getting real sick of all the s**t she is having to take from Madison. She knows Madison is out to get her, but maybe someone would be willing to help Ashley get some payback for all the abuse Madison has dished out.

Patrick is…a real piece of work. He is the lewd and crude cousin of Madison and Ashley. He is beyond plastered yet somehow manages to escape the wrath of Frank. He’s got a major thing for Rachel, though that’s probably because she is the only one that would even consider giving him the time of day.

Rachel is cool, though she has got some beef with Patrick. She has got a score to settle and could use the help humiliating Patrick. Or maybe someone could help turn the tables on her.

Katherine is a stone-cold B***c with a capital B. If you can get her a drink however, she might loosen up a bit. She may even be able to get the Game Grumps to crash the party.

Stephanie is the wild a crazy one. She loves to dance and there is nothing stopping her. Not even the intense heat on the dance floor (or rather the thermostat someone mysteriously tampered with), nor the necessity to take off all of her clothes to cool off, would deter her from having fun tonight. She’s a wildcard that is always willing to help.

Watch out for Frank. If he catches you with Alcohol it’s lights out for you. Nobody is drinking on his watch. Though…there may be a way to make him forget about all that.

While you are watching out for Frank, watch out for Leah as well. She is his apprentice and she aims to please. It would be a real shame if someone came along and proved to be a more worthy Sensei than Frank.

Amy is a sweetheart and is just here to have fun. She’s taking a break from her sorority to chill with her buddy Derek and his friends. Though she still has some homework from her sorority sisters that could be aided by someone willing to go on a hunt for Amy.

Brittney is shy and is feeling pretty anti-social. She is wearing a top that is far too revealing considering her large…assets, and there are some girls at the party she really wants to get to know better but is to afraid to make the first move. Surely there is someone willing to help her out and observe from a distance…you know, for science.

Vickie Vixen is besties with Rachel. Oh and she is also a p*rn star. She may not be at the party, but with the help of Katherine, she might be tricked into showing up. She might even be willing to share the hot tub with anyone that is willing to satisfy her needs. Is there anyone at the party that has got the stamina for that?

Another person not at the party…yet…is Lety. She is a YouTuber and also Ashley’s spanish teacher. Lety cares about her students, and if someone posing as one happens to request some late-night tutoring, Lety will be there.

Dan and Arin, aka the Game Grumps, have already played this game on their show. But would it be possible for them to somehow actually become part of the game and have to endure this meta hell once again, this time on the other end of the mouse and keyboard? Yes…it is possible.

There’s someone else. Probably the most important character of all. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s me! Compubrah! I am the master of this universe and when you get tired playing around with these meat bags, hit me up and I can show you a virtual world far better than anything they have to offer.


So wait, where’s the guide?

If you didn’t read the basic info at the beginning, I am not currently able to update my guide at the moment. There is some issue on Steam’s end and we are at the mercy of their support team. Their awesome support team who deserve all the gratitude in the world. Until whatever this issue is has been resolved, I am stuck without a guide to update. I can’t even save changes to it so I can update it in private in the mean time. Sigh…

I’ve already tried copying over sections of my guide to a new one to act as a placeholder, but that one became locked out as well. And then the one I was using to take notes. I fear if I add any more to this, it will become blocked as well.

By Volcanon

Hope you enjoy the Guide about House Party – Original Story Walkthrough – v19.4 (Not the actual Guide ), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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