Remnant 2 – Unlock the Hidden Potential of Multiple Archetypes

Remnant 2 – Unlock the Hidden Potential of Multiple Archetypes 1 -
Remnant 2 – Unlock the Hidden Potential of Multiple Archetypes 1 -

Remnant 2 – Unlock the Hidden Potential of Multiple Archetypes

So, you’ve just started Remnant 2. And you’ve chosen a class that vibes with you. But what if you get the urge to spice things up later? I’ve got great news, my friend! The fun part is you get to switch your archetype as you dive further into the game. Let me guide you through it.

First, to skip to a new archetype, you have to snaffle up some Engrams. This cool chap named Wallace helps out with that. Promise, it’s a piece of cake. You’ll find the basic bits and bobs to whip up these Engrams from the bucketloads of Vendors hanging about in Ward 13.

Keen on becoming a Challenger? Here’s the drill, grab an Old Metal Tool from our buddy Reginald for 1,500 Scraps in Ward 13. Once you’ve snagged it, zip it over to Wallace who will magic up the Engram for you. Easy-peasy! All set and ready to rock and roll as a Challenger and amp up your skills.

Nuh-uh, fancy yourself a Handler? Then score an Old Whistle from our mate Mudtooth, who’ll hand it over for 1,500 Scraps in, you guessed it, Ward 13. Now, run that whistle over to Wallace and he’ll spin you into a Handler before you know it.

Healing and supporting more your speed? Then the Medic archetype is your ticket. Dr. Norah is your gal for this. Locate her at the gates of Ward 13 and barter a Medic Pin from her for 1,500 Scraps. Take your shiny new pin to Wallace; voila, you’re decked out as a Medic.

Or, if you’re a dab hand at sniping, the Hunter archetype might be your cup of tea. You must drop by Brabus near the weapons upgrade pad in Ward 13. He will hook you up with a Rusty Medal for 1,500 Scraps. Grab the medal, hustle it to Wallace, and boom, he’ll knock up the Sniper War Medal Engram, morphing you into a Hunter.

Multitasking with Multiple Archetypes in Remnant 2

Now that you’re in the loop on changing your archetype, let’s delve into how you juggle multiple archetypes in the game—power up to at least Level 10 with your beginner’s class to nail this. Say, if you kicked off as a Hunter as I did, you zip to Level 10 to unlock and equip the secondary Hunter class. Stick with the main storyline, and you’re golden, my friend.

Hey there! So, I hear you’ve unlocked a bunch of classes. Cool, right? Wait till you start uncovering those sneaky archetypes hiding around. There’s an awesome one sticking around called The Gunslinger. No joke – you want this one. So, when you’re figuring out which archetype to unlock first, give the Gunslinger your top spot.

Ready for the next step? Head out and play around with all those different archetypes you’ve found. Swap things up, and craft a playing character like no other, one that fits with how you like to game. So, what are you waiting for? Get your game on!

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