Remnant 2 – The Jester Hidden Item

Remnant 2 – The Jester Hidden Item 1 -
Remnant 2 – The Jester Hidden Item 1 -

Remnant 2 – The Jester Hidden Item

We’re hitting the cobblestones of Losomn castle in our much-loved game, and there’s a cool hidden gem we have to talk about – the Jester’s Bell. So, buckle up, folks; we’re about to go deep into the world of this sneaky lil item and show you how to nab it. Gear up, guys and gals, Losomn castle is full of surprises!

Losomn Castle – The Land of Hidden Gems:

Alright, imagine you’re strolling through Losomn Castle. It’s the first leg of the journey, and all hell is breaking loose. Amidst the ruckus, it’s pretty simple to miss this cheeky little doodad, the Jester’s Bell. This mystical item, also known as the Jester’s Bell, is up for grabs only during your first meetup with the Jester. A heads-up here: Any later encounters with the Jester won’t get you the bell. So, it’s all about making that first impression count, know?

Mr. Jester – The Keeper of the Bell:

To snatch up the Jester’s Bell, you have to hang out with the Jester. During his cool juggling act, remember to use the clap emote and bam! You’ve just unlocked the “Jester Hidden item”. But remember, it’s all about perfect timing. Make sure you clap when the balls are still flying. No clap, no bell. It’s that simple.

Emote 101 – How to Clap:

Confused about how to do the clap emote? Chill, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. If you’re a PC player, press the G key. That’s going to open up the emote menu.
  2. Pick the first emote option, then scroll down till you find the clap emote.
  3. Ready to clap? Just press the key or button, and you’re set.

Unlock the Mysterious Goodies:

Getting your hands on the Jester’s Bell is pretty dope. Not only do you get a sweet new item, but it also opens the door to even more hidden goodies in the game. What exactly are these goodies? Well, that’s the fun part. We don’t know yet. But scoring the “Jester Hidden item” might be just the ticket to unraveling more hidden secrets.


Don’t let the Jester’s Bell slip away while you’re wandering Losomn castle. Remember, drop a clap during the Jester’s juggle, and boom, the “Jester Hidden item” is all yours. Timing is key, so get that clap in while the balls are up in the air. Unlock those juicy secrets and set off on a journey through Losomn castle that you won’t soon forget.

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