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Novice, Promising, Establishing, Distinguished


Bounty Kits are class kits in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. You can purchase them by visiting the Sheriff's Office of Rhodes. You can get your Bounty Hunter License from this office to complete bounties, earn rewards, and obtain your Bounty Hunter License. Bounties in Red Dead Online can be found all over the map on different Bounty boards outside of different sheriff's office. We have included all details about Bounty Kits in Red Dead Online as well as their prices in our Red Dead Online Bounty Kits Guide.

Red Dead Online Bounty Kits

There are four classes in the Bounty Hunter job. They are: Novice, Establishing, Promising, and Distinguished. Each class has its own kit, and each one is more expensive than others.

  • Novice Bounty Kits
  • Promising Bounty Kits
  • Establishing Bounty Kits
  • Distinguished Bounty Kits


Novice Kit

  • Viper Belt costs 4 Gold
  • Guerrero Gun Belt costs $125.00
  • Two Breton Horses cost $150.00
  • The Wakeeny Outfit is $250.00
  • Cost of Reinforced Lasso: $350.00
  • Delgado Saddle costs $525.00
  • Schofield Revolver Variant costs $600.00


Promising Kit

  • Blackbone Rings cost 5 Gold
  • The Bullard Outfit is $348.25
  • Bolt Action Rifle variant costs $350.00
  • Tracking Arrow Pamphlet is $500.00
  • Bounty Hunter Camp Theme is $700.00


Established Kit

  • The Undercut Layers Hairstyle is 2 Gold
  • Bullseye Gloves cost 6 Gold
  • Bolas costs $30.00
  • Guerrero Offhand Holsters cost $93.75
  • The Garwood Outfit is $446.75
  • Two Breton Horses cost $550.00
  • Bounty Wagon is $875.00


Distinguished Kit

  • Redheart Eyepatch is available for 10 Gold
  • Emote "I'm watching you" costs $200.00
  • The Carthage Outfit is $545.00
  • Two Breton Horses cost $950.00


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