Ready or Not – Manual Guide Progression System + Mission XP Rewards

Ready or Not – Manual Guide Progression System + Mission XP Rewards 1 -
Ready or Not – Manual Guide Progression System + Mission XP Rewards 1 -

A manual, player made progression system for those who want such a thing.


I’ve created a little progression system that you can use for fun. I myself like the idea of having a progression system to give me something to work towards and reward performance in a persistent manner between missions. You will need to manually record how much XP you earned in order to track your progress.


1) XP values are based on mission rank. The harder it is to get a good rank in a mission type, the higher the XP reward.
2) When you complete a mission add (x) XP to Current primary class, primary weapon, secondary weapon, and equipment
3) Weapon/gear unlock order is based on general usefulness.
4) AI teammates MUST be equipped with unlocked equipment.
5) Attachments are earned by using that weapon, they are unlocked in the order they appear on the customization menu. I’m a bit too lazy at the moment to rank all the different optics.
6) Primary weapons may have a different class XP requirement to unlock the first weapon, this will be noted above the XP requirement. Current xp for a weapon is shown as (0) following the XP requirement
Assault Rifle—- Current Rifle XP (2,400)
Shotgun XP
TAC700———–4,000 (2,100)
Rifle XP
R7 Launcher——2,000 (300)
Here I have (2,400) Total rifle XP. This means I have access to the R7 Launcher. I have
(2,100) XP for the TAC700, this means if it had attachments available I would have
access to the first 3 optics, the first grip, and a laser sight. It is also implied here that I
have earned 4,000 Shotgun XP so that I can use the TAC700.
7) This was thrown together in half an hour so feel free to adjust this for your own use and HAVE FUN!

Recommendations and reference

Under the current state of the game I recommend using a mod which adjusts the AI difficulty, they are quite lethal at the moment and doing so will massively improve your enjoyment of the game.
For easy reference, here is the starting loadout you get:
Beanbag shotgun
No long tactical (pretend)
No armor
No headwear
No grenades (pretend, or equip CS gas if you think you might accidentally use it since you wont have a gas mask)
Pepper Spray

Mission XP rewards

Barricaded suspects
F rank——-250
E/D rank—–400
C rank——-600
B rank——-850
A rank——-1,150
S rank——-1,500
F rank——-250
E/D rank—–350
C rank——-500
B rank——-700
A rank——-950
S rank——-1,150
Active Shooter
F rank——-250
E/D rank—–500
C rank——-800
B rank——-1,150
A rank——-1,550
S rank——-2,000
Bomb Defusal
F rank——-250
E/D rank—–300
C rank——-400
B rank——-550
A rank——-700
S rank——-1,000
Hostage Rescue
F rank——-250
E/D rank—–450
C rank——-700
B rank——-1,000
A rank——-1,350
S rank——-1,600

Primary Weapons

****Primary Weapons****
Shotgun———- Current Shotgun XP (0)
Shotgun XP
Beanbag Shotgun–0 (0)
870 CQB———-2,000 (0)
M4 Super 90——5,000 (0)
Assault Rifle—- Current Rifle XP (0)
Shotgun XP
TAC700———–4,000 (0)
Rifle XP
R7 Launcher——2,000 (0)
M4A1————-5,000 (0)
SLR47————9,000 (0)
HK416/MK1——–14,000 (0)
MK16————-20,000 (0)
SA-58————27,000 (0)
SBR-300———-35,000 (0)
SR-16————44,000 (0)
Submachine Gun— Current SMG XP (0)
Rifle XP
MP5A2————6,000 (0)
UMP-45———–5,000 (0)
MPX————–12,000 (0)

Secondary Weapons

***Secondary Weapons*** Current Equipment XP [shared] (0)
Taser————0 (0)
.357 Magnum——3,000 (0)
M45A1————7,000 (0)
P92X————-12,000 (0)
USP45————18,000 (0)
G19————–25,000 (0)
57 USG———–33,000 (0)
1st optic——–1,000
2nd optic——–1,500
3rd optic——–2,100
4th optic——–2,800
All optics——-4,000
1st grip———2,000
2nd grip———4,000
3rd grip———6,000
Laser sight——2,000
IR Laser———6,000


*******Equipment******* Current Equipment XP [shared] (0)
No armor———0
No facewear——0
Pepper spray—–0
No grenades——0 (you can’t equip an option that removes grenades, but pretend you dont have them for the moment)
No long tactical-0 (same applies as to grenades)
Light Armor——-2,000
C2 Explosives—–6,000
CS Gas/Gas mask—8,000
Door Wedge——–10,000
Battering Ram—–14,000
Heavy armor/mask–16,000
Breaching Shotgun-20,000


Definitely put this into a .txt document so you can track your progress, I’ve used this a bit and found it to be good fun.

Written by Schmiddy

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Ready or Not – Manual Guide Progression System + Mission XP Rewards, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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