Penumbra: Black Plague – Full Gameplay & Walkthrough – Overview Guide

Penumbra: Black Plague – Full Gameplay & Walkthrough – Overview Guide 2 -
Penumbra: Black Plague – Full Gameplay & Walkthrough – Overview Guide 2 -

Hello! I am Mr. Maco and I am going to help you to finish Penumbra Black Plague. This will be the whole guide from the beginning to the end.

First room

So you just woke up and heard some strange noises and a guy getting killed. Behind you should be an office desk. Open the first 2 drawers. In the first drawer there should be a not and in second drawer you will find a glowstick. When you turn around on the left side of the screen you should see 4 lockers. You only need to open the first one and take the coin inside of it. After that, get back to the office desk and put the coin in the vice. With your mouse, squeeze the coin. After you’ve done that, go left and you will see rusted shelves. Move the shelves and open the vent with the coin. Go to the vent and that should be the first room puzzle.

Vending machine puzzle

After the vent you will see a note. You don’t have to read it but if you want to, who am I to stop you?
Behind you are batteries and for now you don’t need them, but later you will. If you still can’t find them, they are behind the 2 black boxes. Now, when you’ve done that you will see a vending machine. On the left side of it is a flare and on the right side of it are batteries(again). You need to get a drink from the vending machine and how will you do that? You can either put the coin in or that a brick and slam the vending machine. I prefer the second option but you can do any as long as you get the soda. Now go in the other side of the vent and continue your journey.

Other part of the vents

So you got in the other side of the vents and on the left you will see text written in blood: “WATCH YOUR STEPS!!” and you should respect that. You need to take the 2 planks on the right side of the text. Before you take the planks, go in that direction and you will find more batteries. Now you can put the planks on the floor and continue. Once you’ve safely crossed that floor you need to go forward. You will see it says freezer and you can’t go there yet. You need to go left and once you drop yourself from the vents there will be a jumpscare so prepare.Go to the room on your right and close to door you will find a thermostat. You need that soda can to cool it down. After you’ve done it you can go back to vents. Now you will get to the laser room.

Messhall entrance

You will see a dead guy and a document next to him. You can also read that if you want. If you still didn’t exit the vents then on your right are 3 barrels. You need only 1 to put in the lasers and cross to the other part of the room. When you crossed the lasers you will see a door and it says that only trusted blood will get through. You need to go right and move the junk so you can get to the door. Now, this will be your first encounter with the alien(that is how I call them). When you enter the room on your right should be a “cell”. In the first locker you will find batteries and in second you will find a flare and a cassette. You can play on the left if you put it the player. The strange artefact(next to the lockers) is a save. On the right shelf you will find alcohol but not for drinking. Now you can exit that “cell” and go right. You need a brick to slam the electric box. And disconnect the cable. The lights will turn on and the first room close to you is the room you need to enter. It should be open now. In the cabinet you will find painkillers and a syringe. Take the painkillers first. After that take the syringe and then the alien will come. I prefer hiding behind the table. When he is gone, rush back to the laser room. Now sterilise the syringe with the alcohol(Combine the alcohol with the syringe). Now you need to take the syringe and click on the dead guy so you can take his blood. Now get to the only trusted blood will get through device and put the blood in. The door should be unlocked


Now you got to the cool room. On the tables you will find a CD and a note but you can’t go anywhere yet. On the right of the note you will see a door and you need to open it. There should be painkillers and a barrel filled with gasoline. You need to move that barrel next to the fuse box on the left(when you exit the room). And pull the master switch on the left of the fuse box. The barrel should burn now and you need to put the barrel under the sprinkler. The alarm should go off and the door will open. Once you’ve enter the second part you will see there are 2 doors. The left one does not work at all and the right one you need to unlock. First go to the kitchen and then left. You will see a computer and a projector. First turn on the projector and write down the text in your notebook. After that get to the computer and put the CD inside. Now turn on the computer and open “CD-Rom Drive”. A video will be played. After the video is done you will see a document named “Password changes.txt”. Open it and remember the code #1167. After that, open all other documents and copy the contents into your notebook. The last thing you want to do on the computer is open the “Doorlock Controller.exe” and click the “Unlock” on the door ID #236 and put in the code. Once you’ve turned on the computer open the first drawer and take the flashlight. Open the second drawer and take batteries. Batteries are used for the flashlight. Go to the kitchen and on the left side you will have to open the first wooden locker and take more batteries. Now you can exit the kitchen and once you have exited the kitchen go to the left door which you unlocked. You will find a flare and in the right front corner you will see a big wooden box. Move it. Now get down with the ladders and you have entered sewers. Congratulations!

Sewers #1

There is only one route in the sewers, so you don’t need me for now. Once you’ve got to the oh I almost got killed by the stones part go right and take the batteries. Now you can continue. So you got to the “pool” and now wait. Don’t do anything, just wait for some time. You got back in the Overture? You are done with the first part of the sewers so now you can get to the other section named Overture part.

Overture part

You got back? No, actually you aren’t back. Turn around and you will see a picture of the almost same room. Put all the items like they are in the picture and don’t forget to destroy the Jack Daniels bottle. If you can’t do it then follow this:
1. Put the bucket on the bed
2. Move the chest under the table
3. Move the chair out of the way
4. Move the barrel next to the other barrel
5. Put the soup can on the shelf
6. Now, destroy the Jack Daniels bottle
You see you aren’t back and there is some guy talking? No, you are not on drugs yet don’t worry. Open the chest on the floor and put the egg on the picture(green light is the location where you need to put it). Prepare for another jumpscare. Then a dog will spawn and you need to put it on the hands.
Now go to the passage. Okay, now here is a harder part. From the locked door to you are arms. The closest arm to you is #1 and the closest arm to you is #4. I hope you understand. This is the order in which you need to lift the arms to open the door with the valve:
#3 #1 #2 #4
There is a limited time to do it!
In the next room you need to pull down the electric switch
This is the first part of the guide there will be more but you need to wait. Thanks for your patience!

Written by Mr. Maco

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Penumbra: Black Plague – Full Gameplay & Walkthrough – Overview Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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