Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – List of the best equipment in game

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – List of the best equipment in game 1 -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition – List of the best equipment in game 1 -

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This is a list with the best equipment to use for your build. Keep looking for the best equipment until you find it. Act 3 is where most of your build comes.




Slot Name Source Description
Weapons Purple Stone Knife* Market Square Act 1 All Evocation spells get +1 to their saving throw DC
Ashmaker** Act 4, Bad Luck Tavern (Familiar Face) +2 bonus to attack rolls, caster level for Evocation magicks

* Your mythic choices or story events may destroy or lose the knife.

** You must have saved the man from the vescavors in the assault on Leper’s Smile act 2.

Chest Mystic Grace Act 4, Wirlong Black Mask loot. Fleshmarkets To overcome spell resistance, +1 DEX and +2 checks are required.

This will raise your DEX to 18. It also eliminates the possibility of spell failure. Win-win.

Shirt Elemental Imbuement* Act 3, Wintersun (Derakni cave) You will take elemental damage if you roll a die that results in +2 damage to your next spell.

*This requires someone to use the White Dragon armor (Act 3, Areelu’s Laboratory), and ideally another backline character as the range is very limited.


Cloak Cloak of Carnage Act 3, Ivory Sanctum. Baphomet statue puzzle +5 to arcana check and +2 saving throw DC For Evocation spells
Gloves Gloves of Arcane Elimination Act 3, Molten Scar +5 to UMD Checks and +4 for Touch Attack Rolls
Head Clemency of Shadows Act 3, Relic Decree (“Stone of Ghostly Pathways”) +2 INT. Casting a spell against an enemy results in them being entangled and taking 1d6+3 bludgeoning injury each round.
Headband of Mental Perfection – 6 Act 5, Skeletal salesman (Magicional Mysterical Specllthingies). +6 Enhancement Bonus to Intelligence and Wisdom.
Accessory Goggles for Ferocious Pact Act 3, Maitresse Olla Devara (Azata court npc) +4 bonus to damage rolls; +2 WIS.
Neck Amulet of Blackened Mirror Act 2, Crusader’s Camp. Horgus gwerm reward +1 to the saving throw DC for any Hex you cast.
Amulet of Unforgiving Elements* Act 3, Chilly Creek The enemy must be able to make a save or take 2d6 elemental damage each time they attempt to deal damage.

* Wait until a visitor to Chilly Creek visits your city, asking you to come back. Next, go to the bottom right corner and look for enemies.

Rings Flow of Water Prologue, Water Elemental room +1 DC to save all your cold spells.
Steady Finger* Act 3, Scrubland by the River Bend (Woljif quest). +3 competence bonus to touch attack roll

* Deval will need payment. (Choose the option “You cannot survive on thanks alone”).

DLC exclusive items:

Bracer Scorching Bracers Act 3, Currantglen (Ulbrig quest) +2 saving throw DC to cast Evocation spells.

This item can only be purchased with the Last Sarkorians DLC.

Other notable items:

A weapon can make cold vulnerable (enemy takes half as much cold damage). It is great if there is enough space in your party to do it. If not, no big deal. It’s not a requirement.

Weapons Winter’s Mark (Double bladed Bladed Sword). Act 4, Wirlong Black Mask If a large or more powerful enemy strikes the wielder for the first round, the enemy must either make a Fortitude saving Throw (DC 30) or be surrounded with frost aura. All enemies within a 15-foot radius will become vulnerable to cold for 3 rounds.

The Sword requires two-weapon combat build, which is very difficult. This is why I created a Slayer character. There is a nice two-bladed bladed sword on Wintersun so you can have something to use while you wait for the real one.

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