OMORI – Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story

OMORI – Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 1 -
OMORI – Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 1 -
This guide is intended for those who started playing the game for the first time and are struggling to beat certain mandatory bosses to progress in the story. The information below details the basics as well as general strategies to defeat each mandatory boss. All information regarding boss mechanics or Skills are solely based on personal observation in personal playthroughs and may be inaccurate. No videos, guides of any type, including the one mentioned in this guide, or pictures from online sources were used to produce the strategies or pictures seen throughout this guide. You may wish to test the integrity of any information provided or report any potential mistakes in the comment section.


About the Writing of This Guide

SKIP if you are not interested in the making of this guide and the strategies provided. 
This guide was created based on a partial speed run playthrough on the normal route, which in all honesty was meant for creating a music playlist to remind me of the sequence of events and the experiences I had. I skipped as much optional content as possible, fighting only bosses, skipping most NPC quests, skipping various areas of Headspace, and skipping many items seen throughout the game. I got all my characters to level 4 before fighting ??? and Earth in Otherworld for levels. The only other optional encounters I did for levels after was Kite Kid in Pinwheel Forest at the beginning of Three Days Left while picking up a necessary key, and the two Rare Bears in Pyrefly Forest and Sweetheart’s Castle. I picked up new weapons for each character whenever it was possible to boost their damage slightly or to unlock a useful skill and a few wearable items to boost specific stats. This run helped me create additional strategies against certain bosses as I would not have certain skills unlocked as I did on previous runs. 
I will assume that you are playing this game as intended and are fighting more encounters than I did. Thus, you will most likely have your team at higher levels than what may be stated in the strategies listed below and have access to other Skills not mentioned in the strategies. Please keep this in mind while reading the strategies for assistance or suggestions on a boss fight. 

The Characters’ Main Roles in Battle

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 
A moderate-high damage dealer. His skill set allows you to exploit an enemy’s Emotion to lower their stats or do extra damage. He is usually the second character to take their turn. Has an intrinsic Persist where if triggered, he cannot be brought down to 0 health for the rest of the turn. Persist only works once per battle. If his Heart is reduced to 0, it’s Game Over, regardless of who is still alive. I have him as damage-support throughout the entire game. 
OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 
A low-moderate damage dealer when used in a conventional manner. Usually the fastest on the team, thus the first to act. Early-game, he will be the source for making allies or enemies Angry to your advantage. Mid-game, he can support allies by restoring their Juice or be a significant source of damage by hitting several enemies per turn. Late-game, he can support using skills that affect all allies or all enemies or become a high damage dealer. I prioritize him as support early-game and change him to damage-support mid and late-game. 
OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 
Mainly a tank as she has high health while still dealing moderate-high damage. Early and mid-game, her happiness rubs off on others (can support allies by making them Happy or set an enemy Happy, which I never do). Late-game, she can help the team do more damage to an enemy or do high damage herself. I prioritize her as a tank early and mid-game and make her a tank-support end-game. 
OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 
Mainly a support. Early in the game, he is a healer support. Mid-game, he can be a tank-support, supporting by restoring Hearts or Juice, lowering an enemy’s Attack, or taking hits for the team. At higher levels, he is a jack-of-all-trades. I prioritize him as a healer or damage reducer. 
Note: I omitted details of their Follow-Up moves here. However, I will mention use of some in the boss battle strategies. Refer to for the list of Follow-up moves and what exactly they do. 
As the game progresses, the typical turn order you will observe in fights when equipping your characters with items based on their roles and when all characters are Neutral is as follows: Kel -> Omori -> Aubrey -> Hero. I will be following this general order in the strategies listed in the boss sections. 

Emotions and Their Effects

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 

  • Strong against Angry 
  • Weak against Sad 
  • Increases Speed (dictates who goes first during a turn after all “act first” moves occur) 
  • Increase Luck (chance of dealing a critical hit) 
    • Chance of critical hits, phrased as “hit right in the heart” in the game, are on a per-hit basis, meaning the game rolls the chance of a critical hit for each individual hit for a move that hits multiple times or multiple targets.
  • Decreases hit rate

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 

  • Strong against Sad 
  • Weak against Happy 
  • Increases Attack 
    • May appear to increase damage by a multiplicative amount in certain situations, but this is just the result of the damage formula based on Attack value versus Defense value. 
    • Decreases Defense

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 

  • Strong against Happy 
  • Weak against Angry 
  • Increases Defense 
  • A percentage of damage received is taken from Juice before Hearts instead. 
  • Decreases Attack 
  • Decreases Speed

You always want to have Emotion advantage. The reduction in damage taken and bonus damage dealt from Emotion advantage far outweigh the cons of each Emotion. Also, the majority of the bosses required to progress the story will have a mechanic to gain an Emotion state. Three specific bosses will remain in that state permanently, but only two of them will be discussed in this guide. More details will be provided in these specific boss sections. 

Download Window

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - Download Window 

Key Battle Info: 

  • Speed only needs to be considered for your characters’ turn order. 
  • Download Window will always go last, doing nothing for two turns in a row and hitting your entire team at the end of the third turn. It will repeat this cycle until defeated. 
  • At this point in the game, your characters should be at least level 5 if you beat ??? at level 4 and all team members survived (this is extremely difficult to pull off as you would need to rely on RNG for ??? to not attack as often). If you also defeated Earth after defeating ???, they will be level 6 before facing this boss.


  • Have all character at level 6 
  • If you skipped these earlier while chasing Rosa, pick up the Baking Pan to learn Hero’s Snack Time for future bosses and the Rain Cloud for this fight or another.

Strategy 1: Angry Duo 
This strategy is somewhat risky and may result in a character or two becoming Toast. Skip to Strategy 2 if you prefer an easier fight at the cost of a Rain Cloud. 

  • Have Kel Annoy Aubrey first followed by her Headbutt. 
    • Omori does not need to make Download Window Sad until the second turn.
  • Have Kel Annoy Omori next followed by Omori attacking or making the boss Sad. Aubrey can Headbutt again this turn. 
  • Deal as much damage as you can during turn 3 while having Hero heal Aubrey before the boss attacks, otherwise she will be Toast. 
    • If you’re unlucky and the boss somehow gets a critical hit while not Sad, Kel will be taken out. I did not have the boss Sad when he attacked, and Aubrey had 1 Heart remaining (while holding the Bubble Wrap) since I healed her on turn 2 instead of turn 3 while Kel was below 10 Hearts.
  • Victory should be achieved during turn 4 or 5.

Strategy 2: Rain Cloud 
This strategy is guaranteed to keep all characters alive and has more damage output than Strategy 1 since everyone will have emotion advantage while having some Juice lost before Hearts. 

  • If you picked up Rain Cloud earlier and your characters are all level 6, have Kel use it as he will go first. Kel will be attacking normally afterwards. 
    • If Omori somehow still has higher Speed than Kel and would take his turn first, have Omori use Rain Cloud instead.
  • Have Omori Stab whenever possible to do 70+ damage. 
  • Have Aubrey use Pep Talk on the boss during turn 1 to maximize your team’s damage for the remainder of the battle while reducing their damage taken when the boss attacks at the end of turn 3. 
  • Hero can use normal attacks the whole time and the Follow-Up Call Aubrey to heal her a little while having her attack again for some damage. 
    • If you want more damage in place of the heal, use Aubrey’s Look at Omori instead. It should have more damage at this time.
  • Download Window should be defeated on turn 4 or possibly turn 3 if your characters are above level 6.


Space Ex-Boyfriend

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - Space Ex-Boyfriend 

Key Battle Info: 

  • Space Ex-Boyfriend will eventually become Angry permanently, making it impossible to inflict Sad or Happy on him. When he loses enough Hearts, he will become Enraged and, eventually, Furious. 
    • As he can reach Furious, the third stage of Angry, this will be when he does the most damage and will be most vulnerable. He seems more likely to use his multi-laser attack in this state, which can potentially OTK multiple members of your team in this state. Finish him off as quickly as possible during this state of Emotion.
  • Space Ex-Boyfriend’s wail and multi-laser attack will bypass Aubrey’s Counter by hitting multiple characters and preventing its follow-up attack from triggering. Additionally, Space Ex-Boyfriend occasionally does nothing on a turn, wasting Counter if it was used the same turn this happens. 
  • Space Ex-Boyfriend’s sing will make a random member Sad. If he is already Angry and you do not remove Sad from the affected member, they will be at high risk of an OTK. 
  • Even when your entire team is Happy and one Jacks item is used, only Kel can make his move before Space Ex-Boyfriend takes his turn.


  • Have all characters be at least level 7. 
  • Have Snacks that restore Juice. 
  • Jacks can reduce Space Ex-Boyfriend’s speed to let a Happy Kel go first each turn after use 
  • Seer Goggles or Binoculars to increase hit rate and mitigate the penalty from Happy state 
    • Seer Goggles is received from the Recycling Machine after depositing 5 items 
    • Binoculars is found in Junkyard on the way to the “uwu” spot

Strategy 1: Happy Team 
This strategy plays against Space Ex-Boyfriend’s Emotion. Since we know he will always be Angry and progress to higher stages of Angry during the fight, we can make the team Happy, giving them Emotion advantage and higher critical chance. However, you will need to keep in mind that Happy decreases hit rate, and being Ecstatic will reduce hit rate even further. Performing this set up will also use a lot of Juice early, so have Snacks that restore Juice on hand. 

  • You will want everyone to be at least Happy as soon as possible. 
    • I used Aubrey’s Pep Talk on Kel to make him Happy first while having Kel use Jacks to so he can make his move first each turn. This is important for reducing the damage he takes early on from Space Ex-Boyfriend when the boss is Angry. 
    • You should have at least two members in Happy state before having Kel use Annoy on Space Ex-Boyfriend, followed by Omori’s Mock to reduce Space Ex-Boyfriend’s Attack. 
      • Mock’s debuff (as well as any other debuffs in the game) will wear off after 6 turns. Save Omori’s Juice to use it again later.
    • Performing this setup will most likely cause Kel to become Toast if he was hit the previous turn and is hit again when using Annoy on Space Ex-Boyfriend.
  • You can have Aubrey use Counter occasionally while she is Happy and Space Ex-Boyfriend is Angry to potentially protect others from two of his attacks. 
  • Restore Omori’s, Aubrey’s, or Hero’s Juice with Snacks as needed (do you want to deal more damage using skills or heal more often) 
  • Use Follow-Up moves to heal or damage as desired. 
    • Hero’s Follow-Up moves will not heal much this early in the game, but it can still make the difference between becoming Toast or not. 
    • If you are looking to do as much damage as possible, Aubrey’s Look at Omori will make her strike again. She has more damage with regular attacks compared to Omori’s attacks. 
      • As everyone is Happy, Follow-Up attacks can whiff, wasting Energy.

Strategy 2: Double Release Energy 
I found this strategy safer to use and kept everyone alive with it, but it is somewhat slower. You will use the team’s ultimate attack up to two times during the fight. You want to safely generate Energy by having most of your team use Guard and healing characters low on Hearts. Once you hit 10 Energy, have Omori attack and use the Follow-Up “Release Energy” to deal 300 damage. You can use a similar setup to Strategy 1 at the beginning where you can make everyone Happy early while using Kel’s Annoy to make Space Ex-Boyfriend Angry sooner. By the time you use Release Energy a second time, Space Ex-Boyfriend should be defeated or close to being defeated. 

  • You can have Omori and Aubrey attack occasionally to get some damage in before Space Ex-Boyfriend becomes permanently Angry. 
  • You will want to make all members at least Happy before Space Ex-Boyfriend becomes Enraged. 
    • This can be done with Aubrey’s Pep Talk on each member. 
    • Making Omori Happy before using Release Energy on an Angry Space Ex-Boyfriend will result in 450 damage dealt, which is enough damage to move him to the next stage of Angry. 
      • Depending on how much damage was dealt before this, Space Ex-Boyfriend’s Emotion may progress two stages.
    • Use Omori’s Mock to temporarily reduce Space Ex-Boyfriend’s Attack. You may need to use it again after six turns later to reduce his Attack again.

Once you beat Space Ex-Boyfriend, it’s onward to Three Days Left, and everyone’s Follow-Up moves will improve. Try them out before using them in Three Days Left. Since this is easy to miss, before following the trail of footprints to the fields left of the ladder from Sprout Mole Colony, you can visit Capt. Spaceboy’s crew at Frozen Lake and grab a Sno-Cone and Life Jam while you are there. Frozen Lake can be found on the path south of the Veggie Kids walking in a loop. If for some reason you didn’t do so on the way to Basil’s house, you may want to go back to the flower garden to water the dried sunflower. If you skip watering any flowers during any point of the game, they will be dead the next time Sunny sleeps, and you cannot unlock the secret ending. Lastly, you may want to fight Kite Kid in Pinwheel Forest to get your characters to level 9 or 10 before proceeding to Pyrefly Forest. 

King Crawler

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - King Crawler 

Key Battle Info 

  • Do NOT deal all the damage you can right away. A Sprout Mole will always appear at the end of the first turn, and King Crawler will eat it at the end of the second turn to heal over 150 Hearts and become Happy. 
    • This is his only way to become Happy unless Aubrey uses Pep Talk on King Crawler, which is not advised. 
    • I do not bother with killing the Sprout Mole first. It is possible to kill it before King Crawler eats it, but I found it a waste of time and Juice to do so.
  • King Crawler may use a turn to become Angry without attacking. You can use this your advantage. 
  • King Crawler’s chomp attack can take down a Neutral member in two turns when Angry. 
  • King Crawler has an attack that can hit your entire team. When he is Angry, this can be a major issue if none of your characters are Happy. 
    • This attack will bypass Aubrey’s Counter, which will not trigger after. 
    • This attack allows your team to gather Energy quickly for an early Release Energy attack, which is usually enough to end the battle.
  • It is possible for Kel to become Toast in the first two turns if you are very unlucky and do not heal him. Life Jam will address this problem and keep Release Energy available for later.


  • Have all characters be at least level 10 
  • Kel: Annoy and Run N’ Gun 
  • Omori: Mock and Hack Away 
  • Aubrey: Counter and Pep Talk (or Team Spirit if available) 
  • Hero: Cook, Snack Time, Smile 
  • There is a mailbox right before this fight if you wish to stock up on Snacks, particularly the Popcorn. 
  • Cat Ears, which can be found in the area with Mari and the mirror, or Faux Tail, which can be found in hidden section of Pyrefly Forest near the blockade. These items will boost the damage dealt by Kel’s Run N’ Gun since they increase Speed.

Strategy 1: Happy Team VS Angry King 
This strategy is mostly similar to the one used to defeat Space Ex-Boyfriend, except now you will have access to better, more efficient skills. You should only see a Sprout Mole once in this fight, as you will have more than enough damage to defeat King Crawler before another one appears, so you will not need to worry about him healing again after he eats the Sprout Mole. Since King Crawler will only be Happy or Angry, you will not need to worry about having Emotion disadvantage with your entire team being Happy. 

  • Prioritize using debuffs on King Crawler first, as he will heal himself and become Happy after eating a Sprout Mole. 
  • Kel should Guard for the first two turns, as damage dealt during these turns will be pointless. 
    • Alternatively, if you have Run N’ Gun, you can have Kel use Guard during the first turn followed by Flex during the second turn. On the third or fourth turn, use Run N’ Gun while he is Happy to do over 200 damage.
  • Have Aubrey use Pep Talk on Kel first to increase his chance of survival, then on Omori or Aubrey. 
    • If you have Team Spirit available, use this to make Kel and Aubrey Happy. Keep in mind that using it again for Omori after will make Aubrey Ecstatic.
  • On turn 3, you can have Kel use Annoy on King Crawler followed by Omori’s Mock to reduce King Crawler’s attack while gaining Emotion advantage. Aubrey can use Twirl to make herself Happy while doing damage. 
  • Hero should attack each turn and heal when necessary. 
  • King Crawler should go down in six turns or less.

Strategy 2: Ultimate Attack 
If Omori is Happy and King Crawler is Angry, Release Energy will deal enough damage (900 to be exact) to defeat King Crawler. 

  • Prioritize using debuffs on King Crawler first, as he will heal himself and become Happy after eating a Sprout Mole. 
    • You can have Kel use Annoy followed by Omori’s Mock to reduce King Crawler’s damage before he can attack.
  • Have Aubrey make Omori Happy first, followed by Kel and Hero. 
  • Have Kel use Annoy to replace King Crawler’s Happy state with Angry, giving you Emotion advantage. 
  • All other members should Guard while Hero heals when needed until your team has 10 Energy. 
  • If Omori is Happy while King Crawler is Angry, you can easily end the fight with one Release Energy, assuming all team members are alive. 
    • It is possible for King Crawler to charge two times in a row after healing. If this happens, and all team members are alive, you will finish the battle in five turns.

After defeating King Crawler, it’s time for Sprout Mole Village and Sweetheart’s Castle. You can pick up some items in Sprout Mole Village before heading into the theater or while fixing the blackout in the village. Once you reenter the theater after the blackout, you will be unable to revisit Sprout Mole Village until you defeat Sweetheart. (Fun Fact: There is a dead Sprout Mole in the audience.) 


OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - Sweetheart 

Key Battle Info: 

  • Sweetheart will eventually become Happy permanently, making it impossible to inflict Sad or Angry on her. When she loses enough Hearts, she will become Ecstatic and, eventually, Manic. 
    • As she can reach Manic state, she will have a very high chance of performing critical hits. However, she can frequently miss as her hit rate will be lowered. 
    • If you plan to use Emotion to your advantage and make all team members Sad, you will want to stock up on Snacks that restore Juice, as Sad state causes a character to lose some Juice in place of Hearts.
  • Her insult move paired with her mace swing attack can create a dire situation for your team, especially if Sweetheart is in any stage of Happy. Ensure you have the means to heal your entire team or change their Emotion. Aubrey’s Team Spirit, Omori’s Sad Poem, and a Poetry Book used by Kel is one way for your team to avoid becoming Toast by this combo. Keep in mind when deciding how to remove Angry from your team that it is possible, but very unlikely, for Sweetheart to use her insult move two times in a row and waste a Toy.


  • Have all characters be at least level 15. 
  • Hero’s Frying Pan. 
    • Frying Pan can be acquired from the rack of frying pans after making the cake. This weapon makes Snacks restore more Hearts, making items like Popcorn and Fries great replacements for Snack Time.
  • Have Rain Cloud or Poetry Books to make team members Sad when needed. 
    • Poetry Books can be purchased from Smuggler Jash before the fight.
  • Omori: Trick, Hack Away, Sad Poem, Stab (optional) 
  • Kel: Run N’ Gun, Guard, Flex, Ricochet (if level 16) or Juice Me 
    • Juice Me is learned when grabbing the Coconut in the kitchen where you baked the cake.
  • Aubrey: Power Hit, Team Spirit, Counter, Mood Wrecker (if available) 
  • Hero: Smile, Cook, Snack Time

Strategy: Sad Team VS A Foolish Queen 

  • You will want to make everyone Sad during this battle before Sweetheart becomes Ecstatic. Ideally, you want to do this when she becomes permanently Happy. 
    • Omori will be your only source for this if you do not have Poetry Books or Rain Clouds. If this is the case, you will still want to avoid having a team member Angry using a Dandelion or Aubrey’s Team Spirit or Pep Talk to make team members Happy and avoid Emotion disadvantage. 
    • Prioritize making Omori and Kel Sad to increase Kel’s survivability and to give Omori’s Release Energy bonus damage from Emotion advantage when Sweetheart is Happy.
  • Since Sweetheart can become Happy permanently later in the fight, you will want to avoid using Kel and Omori’s Annoy and Mock combo. You should use Hero’s Smile on Sweetheart instead and use it at least two times to greatly increase your team’s survivability. 
    • Sweetheart will speak directly to Hero at the end of the turn Smile was used.
  • You can debuff Sweetheart early by making her Happy followed by Omori’s Trick, which will reduce her Speed. This will allow your Sad team, with the possible exception of Hero, to act first. 
    • You can opt for the chance of her boasting early in the fight and becoming Happy. 
    • Once Sweetheart becomes Manic, only Omori and Kel can act before Sweetheart makes her move.
  • Even when Sad, Kel can still be a high source of damage with his Flex and Run N’ Gun combo. 
  • Kel’s Juice Me is a decent source of Juice if you can trade the Hearts for it. You can use it to restore Hero’s Juice so Hero can continue to restore the team’s Hearts with Cook or Snack Time. Keep in mind that Emotion mechanics still apply when using it, meaning a team member can take more or less damage than intended for the same amount of Juice. 
  • Whenever Aubrey does not need to protect or buff team members, she should use Power Hit or Mood Wrecker for damage. 
  • If Sweetheart lands enough hits on your team with back-to-back mace swings, you can get a very early Release Energy attack for 900 damage when Omori is Sad and Sweetheart is Happy.

After you defeat Sweetheart, it’s onward to Two Days Left, and everyone’s Follow-Up moves will improve. You can return to Sprout Mole Village or any other part of Headspace (especially Vast Forest to water Basil’s flowers if you did not do so after the Sprout Mole encounter where you got the Show Tickets) before jumping into the huge hole to enter the Lost Library . There will be two questlines unlocked, one in the area right before you climbed the ladder to fight Sweetheart and one at the entrance of the theater. Once you enter the Lost Library, you will be unable to revisit other parts of Headspace until you sleep again. Although this is a small spoiler, you may also want to change Hero’s skills to prepare for two boss fights as he will be unable to change them prior to either of these fights. 

Mr. Jawsum

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - Mr. Jawsum 

Key Battle Info: 

  • Mr. Jawsum has low Hearts but is only vulnerable to damage when his bodyguards are not present prior to taking a hit. Any damage he would have received is instead redirected to his bodyguard(s). You can use this to your advantage by using high, single-target damage skills on him to deal damage to both Gator Guys instead. Also, he will still be inflicted with any debuff associated with a Follow-Up or Skill directed at him. 
  • Whenever there is at least one Gator Guy down, Mr. Jawsum can call in a new one with full Hearts at the end of the turn. This Gator Guy gets to make a move before the end of the turn. Because of this, you want to take down both Gator Guys at the same time and get any hits in possible afterwards. 
  • If any Gator Guy is not Angry, there is a chance that Mr. Jawsum will order an attack and make them Angry. 
    • This will always occur at the beginning of the fight. 
    • This can occur instead of Mr. Jawsum calling in another Gator Guy.
  • The Gator Guys can OTK any character if you are very unlucky. If you are lucky, they will both sometimes do nothing. 
  • Your entire team should be making their moves before Mr. Jawsum or Gator Guys do.


  • Have all characters be at least level 16. 
  • Confetti to make all team member Happy. 
    • You can purchase one from Party Jash in Ghost Party.
  • Omori: Mock, Lucky Slice, Hack Away 
  • Kel: Ricochet, Guard, Annoy 
    • I opted for Kel’s Ricochet instead of the Flex and Run N’ Gun combo since you will fight Pluto immediately after. Depending on Kel’s stats at this time, Pluto can turn Kel into Toast in one turn, especially if you choose not to reduce Pluto’s damage. This can render Flex useless or a risk since it needs two turns to be useful, but you can still use the Flex and Run N’ Gun combo for possibly more damage if Kel has much greater Speed than Attack. Pluto will also speak directly to Kel at the end of the turn Flex was used. 
    • If you use Flex followed by Ricochet, Flex will only boost the first hit Ricochet deals, not all three hits.
  • Aubrey: Team Spirit, Counter, Power Hit 
  • Hero: Smile (optional), Snack Time, Cook 
    • You cannot change Hero’s skills before this boss fight due to the nature of events that take place. You must do this before jumping down the big hole when going to the Lost Library.

Strategy: Aggressive Happy Team VS An Angry Corps 
This strategy plays against the Angry mechanic, and depending on Mr. Jawsum’s moves taken after he loses both Gator Guys, you can potentially end the fight in less than 5 turns. 

  • You will want to use Aubrey’s Team Spirit to make her and another member Happy at the beginning of the fight. 
    • I used it on Kel to give his Ricochet bonus damage against Mr. Jawsum, but you can opt for Omori’s Lucky Slice, which also makes Omori act first, if you prefer Kel do something else. 
    • If you have Confetti, use can this instead of Aubrey’s Team Spirit. If you use Confetti, you can deviate from the suggestions below.
  • Kel can use Ricochet while Omori and Hero use normal attacks to get enough damage in for the second turn. 
  • During the second turn, you should be able to take down both Gator Guys with Kel’s Ricochet and Omori’s Mock targeting Mr. Jawsum, allowing Aubrey and Hero to damage Mr. Jawsum. 
    • It is possible to deal enough damage to move Mr. Jawsum to “second phase”.
  • Mr. Jawsum can call in two Gator Guys or only one during the next two turns. If he calls in only one and makes him Angry on the second turn after being called in, using same sequence as above will possibly end the fight. 
    • If he calls in two, you will need to be careful and do only enough damage to each Gator Guy to take both out simultaneously while getting in the last hits on Mr. Jawsum. 
    • Any member has a moderate chance to become Toast when Mr. Jawsum decides to call in a second Gator Guy. You still have the chance of the Gator Guys doing nothing.


Pluto (Expanded)

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - Pluto (Expanded) 

Key Battle Info: 

  • Pluto is strong enough to turn most team members into Toast in two turns, even when greatly lowering his Attack. 
  • Pluto occasionally does nothing. 
  • Once Pluto is low enough on Hearts (about half it seemed), he will expand. This increases his Attack and Defense while lowering his Speed. During the next turn after this occurs, he hits your entire team for moderate to high damage depending on if you lowered his Attack and if you have Emotion advantage.


  • Have all characters be at least level 16. 
  • Life Jam to ensure all members gain EXP at the end 
  • Confetti to make all team members Happy 
    • You can purchase one from Party Jash in Ghost Party.
  • Skills will be the same as they were during the battle against Mr. Jawsum

Strategy 1: Happy Team VS Angry Pluto 
Due to the battle against Mr. Jawsum, it is more convenient and advisable to use this strategy versus alternative strategies relying on the other Emotions. 

  • You can start the fight off with the Kel’s Annoy and Omori’s Mock to lower Pluto’s Attack. 
  • The following can be done if you have Confetti 
    • Aubrey can use Power Hit to lower Pluto’s Defense. 
    • Hero can use Confetti to make all team members Happy, giving your team Emotion advantage while Pluto is Angry.
  • If you do not have Confetti, have Aubrey use Team Spirit on either Kel or Omori, and use it again during the second turn for whomever is not Happy for Emotion advantage. 
  • You can go all out on attacks and heal team members as needed. 
  • Pluto Earth attack that follows from him expanding should not OTK any team members if each member has over 60 Hearts, Emotion advantage, and Pluto’s Attack was greatly lowered by Mock within six turns.

Strategy 2: Sad Team VS Happy Pluto 
In a new playthrough, I tried this strategy and found it viable. However, all of my characters were level 17 or higher rather than 16. If you remember the fight versus Sweetheart, you will do mostly the same as that fight without worrying about your teammates losing Emotion advantage. This strategy requires Rain Cloud and a Sparkler or Aubrey’s Pep Talk to be more efficient and Kel’s Juice Me Skill to maintain your team’s Juice without the use of items since Sad causes some Juice to be lost in place of some Hearts. 

  • At the start of the fight, have Kel use Rain Cloud to make all team members Sad. 
  • Omori can do damage or use a Sparkler on Pluto to gain Emotion Advantage immediately. 
  • Aubrey should use Power Hit up to three times to greatly reduce Pluto’s Defense. If you did not use a Sparkler to make Pluto Happy, you can use Aubrey’s Pep Talk to make Pluto Happy before using her Power Hit so Omori can reduce Pluto’s Speed with Trick during the second turn. 
    • She may need to use Counter to defend a teammate, though this should not be necessary with Omori’s Trick Skill.
  • Hero should use Smile up to three times to greatly reduce Pluto’s Attack. 
    • He may need to use Cook on a teammate instead if they take too much damage during the first two turns.
  • During the second turn, while Pluto is Happy, Omori should use Trick to reduce Pluto’s Speed so the entire team makes their moves first. 
  • Once Pluto’s Speed, Defense, and Attack are reduced in the first three or four turns, you can go all out with damage and have Hero restore Hearts as needed. 
  • You may wish to use Kel’s Juice Me to restore team members’ Juice to continue to benefit from the effect of Sad or to keep using damage Skills. 
  • The fight should end in less than seven turns. 
    Before you leave Mr. Jawsum’s office, go through the door Pluto broke and speak to him to get Kel 50 Hearts. Before completely leaving Last Resort, you may want to take the Pool Noodle from the mailbox (which you can acquire for free by rejecting their offer over and over) and bring it to Berly to get the Cool Noodle for Aubrey. Make sure to also visit Ghost Party in the haunted pool to obtain the O key or the optional quest from Tophat Ghost. You can also buy several Toys that inflict Emotion from Party Jash. On the way through the Goomen, you can grab Kel’s Beach Ball blocked by a barrel. 
    Underwater Highway comes after Last Resort. You may wish to return to any part of Headspace before proceeding onward (especially Vast Forest to water Basil’s flowers, provided you did so during Three Days Left).


The Slime Girls

OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - The Slime Girls 

Key Battle Info: 

  • Slime Girls have four phases. None of the ones after the first remove debuffs applied prior to each one. 
    • When below 75% Hearts, Slime Girls become angrier. 
      • This does not make them Enraged even if they are already Angry.
    • When below 50% Hearts, Slime Girls will swap all team member’s Heart and Juice values. Excess of either is lost. 
    • When below 25% Hearts, Slime Girls will reduce your team’s stats, remove all Juice, and deal moderate damage.
  • Their chainsaw attack hits the hardest and will potentially OTK an under-leveled or low defense member who does not have Emotion advantage. 
    • This attack hits three times and can generate up to 3 Energy for your team.
  • Slime Girls can throw a bottle to deal moderate damage to your entire team or inflict a random Emotion on each member. 
    • The bottle that deals damage seems to ignores defense since all team members take the same amount of damage. 
    • The bottle that inflicts a random Emotion on each member can occur 0-3 times in a fight. You may want extra Toys or have the Skills to reapply a specific Emotion to your entire team as needed.


  • Have all characters be at least level 18 
  • Omori: Mock and Lucky Slice for Strategy 1 or Trick and Stab for Strategy 2, Hack Away 
  • Kel: Run N’ Gun, Flex, Annoy for Strategy 1 
  • Aubrey: Power Hit, Counter, Team Spirit for Strategy 1 or Pep Talk for Strategy 2 
  • Hero: Snack Time, Cook, Smile for Strategy 2 
  • Snacks that restore all team members’ Hearts or Juice

Strategy 1: Happy Team (Again?!) VS Angry Girls 
This strategy is more a convenience than anything as it plays against the first phase. The first two phases will be a standard fight as second phase will not give Slime Girls any advantage when triggered. As your team will be Happy, attacks can hit right in the heart, but they can also whiff unless you have hit rate boosting items equipped to your team members. 

  • You can start the fight by either setting up Emotion advantage or with an Attack debuff similar to when fighting Space Ex-Boyfriend. 
    • Have Kel use Annoy on Slime Girls followed by Omori’s Mock. Aubrey can use Confetti to make the team Happy while Hero heals or revives a teammate accordingly. 
      • If you do not have Confetti, use Aubrey’s Team Spirit on whomever you wish and repeat this until everyone is Happy. 
      • Alternatively, you can have Kel use Annoy followed by Omori using Confetti so Aubrey can start with Power Hit to reduce Slime Girls’ Defense. 
        • You may want Hero to use Smile two or three times in place of Omori’s Mock in this case.
    • Have Aubrey use Power Hit up to three times to greatly lower the Slime Girls’ Defense. 
    • If the Slime Girls throw a bottle and change a team member’s Emotion to Sad, Aubrey’s Team Spirit or Kel’s Annoy can be used on the Sad teammate to mitigate Slime Girls’ Emotion advantage.

Strategy 2: Sad Team VS Happy Girls 
This strategy is mostly safe, but you will need to keep watch for when the Slime Girls become Angry and when they swap your Hearts and Juice. If your team has low Juice from taking too much damage while Sad and from using Skills several times, they can become Toast at the start of phase 3. You will take advantage of your team taking little damage from high defense or Slime Girls’ attacks whiffing occasionally. You should defeat Slime Girls in less than 10 turns with this strategy. 

  • Have Hero use Smile up to three times to greatly lower the Slime Girls’ Attack. 
  • Hero will be on full support during the entire fight and never attack. 
  • Have Kel use Rain Cloud at the start of the fight to make all team members Sad. Afterwards, you can use his Flex and Run N’ Gun combo as much as you want to deal over 300 damage each time. 
  • Omori can use a Sparkler to make Slime Girls Happy so Aubrey start off with Power Hit. 
    • If you do not have Sparklers, you can opt for Aubrey’s Pep Talk and have Omori do something else. 
    • Have Aubrey use Power Hit up to three times to greatly reduce Slime Girls’ Defense.
  • While the Slime Girls are Happy, use Omori’s Trick to greatly reduce their Speed and let most of your team act before the Slime Girls do. 
  • If you use Release Energy before Slime Girls become Angry, the damage will be enough to trigger this and put any team member in danger of an OTK. Aubrey should use Pep Talk or a Sparkler to make the Slime Girls Happy again for the remainder of the fight. 
  • You may want to have Release Energy available before Slime Girls throw everything they have (final phase). This Follow-Up along with a few normal attacks from the rest of your team should be enough to end the fight. 
    After defeating Slime Girls, you may change your Skills before fighting Humphrey. You team will regain their Hearts and Juice at the start of the fight against Humphrey, so there will be no need to use Snacks after the fight against Slime Girls.



OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story - Humphrey 
OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 
OMORI - Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story 

Key Battle Info 

  • Humphrey has three phases. At the beginning of phase 2 and 3, all debuffs will be removed. 
    • The most difficult phase is the first phase, as Humphrey can easily OTK a character with a move that hits 1-3 times at random and can possibly target only one character. As such, this phase is the hardest when trying to keep everyone alive. 
    • Second phase, Humphrey Grande, is somewhat easier as Humphrey can only hit one character at a time, but very hard. Emotion advantage is enough to prevent any OTKs from occurring. 
      • You can have Aubrey tank with Counter during this entire phase while having Hero use Cook on her as needed.
    • Third phase, Humphrey can attack one character or do nothing. At the end of each turn, he will hit all team members for low damage. 
      • This can easily be countered by Hero’s Snack Time or a Snack that heals all team members while generating 4 Energy for your team each turn.


  • Any debuff or Emotion inflicting Skills according to the Emotion advantage you prefer 
  • Skills dealing bonus damage based on your team member’s Emotion 
  • Hero’s Snack Time, Snacks that restore Hearts or Juice to all team members 
  • Confetti, Rain Cloud, or Airhorn for your preferred Emotion advantage 
    • This makes room for other Skill options for any team member who makes allies a specific Emotion state.

Strategy: Whatever Emotion You Prefer 
As tough as this fight can be, as long as you choose an Emotion for your team and have the Emotion advantage throughout the fight, your experience against the other bosses should be more than sufficient against Humphrey. As he lacks debuffs or buffs, he is more straightforward than most bosses before him. Phase 1 is all about surviving and passing it. Phase 2, Aubrey should Counter for every turn while Hero uses Cook on her. Phase 3, you will take advantage of Humphrey’s attacks at the end of each turn and use Release Energy 2 or 3 times to end the fight faster. Below are some general setups for each Emotion setup you might choose. 

  • Strategy 1: Happy Team (for the last time) VS An Angry Whale 
    If you have already used this setup against at least three bosses prior to this fight, you probably already know what to do. In case you have not, the details are as follows: 

    • For each phase, have Kel use Annoy on Humphrey at the start while Omori follows with Mock. 
    • At the start of the fight, Aubrey can use Confetti or Team Spirit to make the team Happy. 
    • Omori can use Lucky Slice in place of Hack Away for damage. 
    • Kel can use the Flex, Run N’ Gun combo after phase 1 as much as you want him to.


  • Strategy 2: Sad Team VS A Happy Whale 
    If you have used this strategy against Download Window and Sweetheart, you may already know that this strategy leans heavily on Release Energy for the additional damage to make up for the decreased Attack while tanking damage every turn. 

    • At the start of the fight, Kel will use Rain Cloud to make all team members Sad. For each phase, have Aubrey use Pep Talk on Humphrey at the start while Omori uses Trick next turn. 
      • Alternatively, you can have Kel use Sparkler on Humphrey followed by Omori’s Trick to proc this debuff sooner. You will need three Sparklers to pull this off each phase. 
      • In this case, Aubrey will use Rain Cloud at the beginning of the fight to make your team Sad. 
      • If you do not have Rain Cloud, Omori will be making each team member Sad. Kel should Guard to survive phase 1, and Aubrey will still use Pep Talk to make Humphrey Happy.
    • Aubrey can use Mood Wrecker for damage once she has used Power Hit at least two times. 
    • During phase 3, you can have all members Guard after applying any debuffs to minimize damage taken while safely generating Energy to use Release Energy as many times as needed to beat him.


  • Strategy 3: Angry Team (haven’t been seeing this one) VS A Sad Whale 
    I avoided using an Angry team in most boss encounters for a few reasons. The main one is that part of your damage bonus is mitigated by a Sad enemy as long as they have Juice. However, once all Juice is depleted, the Emotion is a major damage benefit. Having team members Angry against Neutral enemies is not much better as you do not have bonuses from Emotion advantage and cannot make use of Omori’s Shun, which is not available until level 19 or 20 (could not confirm since I gained Shun and Painful Truth after beating Slime Girls). Though, with Kel and Aubrey’s combination allowing for an easy, early setup, I considered the Angry team strategy a viable one. 

    • During the first turn, have Kel use Annoy on Omori, Omori use Sad Poem on Humphrey, Aubrey attack normally and use her Follow-Up move Look at Kel, and Hero use Smile. For every phase after, you would only need Omori to use Sad Poem on Humphrey while reapplying any debuff skills on him as needed. 
      • Alternatively, you can have Kel use an Air Horn or his Megaphone Skill to make your team Angry and have Aubrey use Power Hit.
    • If available, have Omori use Shun while Humphrey is Sad to reduce his Defense greatly. Aubrey will not need to use Power Hit for its debuff after and can use other Skills such as Headbutt instead. 
    • Kel can use his Flex, Run N’ Gun combo each turn. 
    • Hero is still, yet again, on healing duty after using Smile up to three times.

Once you have defeated Humphrey, you will be given the last necessary key(s) to progress to the end of the story on the normal route. You can still visit any part of Headspace before heading to Basil’s House to finish any NPC quests available or to explore any areas you missed. Congratulations on beating the final mandatory boss of the game. 


This guide was based only on my experiences in this game and is not in any way perfect. Due to the nature of RNG in some fights, you may need to deviate from some of these strategies a little. Being able to adapt during certain boss fights is a skill acquired from trying several methods and experiencing boss mechanics firsthand. It is my hope that if you are stuck on a boss, you will persevere with this guide and your own bossing experiences in this game to succeed and finish this amazing story. Thank you for reading this guide. Leave any comments regarding incorrect information or suggestions so I can improve this guide for others who may one day use it. 

By Xorik

This is all about OMORI – Strategy Guide for Defeating Bosses to Progress the Story; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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